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... night to eat. I never did this, I rarely thought about food before I got sick and got on all these medications. I also am tired of having to remember to take my percocet with me, not being able to drive because I cannot pay attention, and being high around my family every night. ... (5 replies)
... I have been using vicodin and percocet for almost 6 years now. It started with a back injury. ... (2 replies)
... I went to see a pain management doctor, who then put me on Percocet 7. ... (11 replies)

Percocet Addiction
Sep 25, 2009
... Back in January of 2007 is when it all started. I had some real serious back issues and was prescribed percocet for it. Ladies an gentlemen, I was hooked right away. ... (12 replies)
... I have a question about taking percocet's & vicodin's. How many is to many to take at one time? My bf has a tooth that needs to be pulled. His insurance is waiting for prior approval before he can get it pulled!The dentist is giving him percocet's. They are the (5mg/325) The vicodin's are (5mg/500)I believe i have the dosages correct. He takes 3 percocet's & 1 vicodin in... (3 replies)
... e saw it. She just had an operation three days ago and she's my number one priority right now making sure she's taken care of. Of course, the doctor put her on Percocet also. ... (14 replies)
... Also, what is the strength of the Percocet that your doctor gave you? ... (1 replies)
... I am a 20 year old female, and I've been taking percocet on and off for the past two years. It started with an injury at work, I had never taken any drugs, and hardly ever drank before my injury. ... (10 replies)
... that I have. She had four back surgeries and developed an addiction to vicodin that she battled with until her death. Currently, I obtain a prescription of 90 percocet and t4 every other month. I use percocet for 2 weeks and t4 for two weeks. This was my idea that I gave the dr when I was developing the tolerance to t4. ... (3 replies)
... I am on percocet for 8 herniated discs, nerve damage, MS and pain is rediculous. HOWEVER, percocet and oxycontin control my every move. I take 2 30mg percocet every 4 hours and an 80mg oxycontin in the morning if I cant get out of bed from pain and another every 8 hours thereafter but rarely take the 80 mg oxys. ... (1 replies)
... Hello, For the past several weeks I've been reading this board with an intensity bordering on obsession. I've been weaning off Percocet. I've got to say that being able to see what others have gone through has given me a strength that I otherwise would not have had, so Thanks to all! Several years ago my back went out on me and I ended up in the ER. Up to that point I... (2 replies)
... I have some questions regarding the allowable dosage for Percocet. I had an addiction problem last spring with Percocet and found myself visiting clinics to get Rx's for migraines when I didn't have one. I had finally had enough of myself and came clean with my Dr. ... (1 replies)
... Hi ! I am so desperate for some support.. my husband of 3yrs left me a week ago, he was extremely emmotionally, verbally, mentally abusive. I endured so much pain from this man yet he had me so obsessed that I felt that life is over without him every time he left, he has left alot. This time he took all the money and left me with a big rent bill in less than a week and no... (3 replies)
... This may be a stupid question but why are you taking a percocet if you are on Suboxone? ... (5 replies)
... little relief, but kept pushing through. in the process though, i got addicted to percocet and ambien. i take neurontin, ultram, percocet, and ambien. ... (1 replies)
... My brother had a tumor removed from his kidney on September 25th. While he was in the hospital they gave him percocet and morphine for his pain. To date he is still taking PERCOCET because he complains of acute pain. ... (8 replies)
... weeks I have been down to one Percocet a day. ... (14 replies)
... but eventually built up to 2 percocet every 4 hours due to increased pain and tolerance to the medication. ... (3 replies)
... I have been taking 5mg percocet for the past year because I have two slipped discs.. it started with two a day, then 5 a day and the past 3 months, I take 10 a day but all at once. its usually around 9PM. I was prescriped 60 oxycontin 10mg last week. I went through those in three days. thats when I realized and decided not to take anymore, im tired of depending on... (3 replies)
... y back. i go to pain clinic and do facet blocks and other things too. i have not gotten an answer as to where my pain is coming from..anyways my pcp took me off percocet and basically stopped treating me altogether. i now get tramadol from the pain doc. i have heard that tramadol is more addicitng than vicodin or percocet. ... (2 replies)

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