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... I would rather take percosets all day than taking oxycontin. for some reason honestly, percosets make me feel more normal that an OC does. ... (5 replies)
... I was doing great for a while. I quit percosets and oxy's a few weeks ago. ... (3 replies)
... About two months ago I promised I was going to quit taking pain killers. I went from 40mg's of percosets or 40mg's of oxycontin per day, all the way down to 5mg of percoset per day. That was huge for me. Unfortunately, it only lasted a week. ... (20 replies)

... I have a prescription i been taking for a while for back pain and i noticed that it's been helping me out alot to since i quit taking percosets and oxycontin. It helps with the aches and pains and my withdrawls for percosets and just about over now. ... (18 replies)
... i started off with a vidacin, then two percosets, later on, another vicadin, then another, then another, then two more percosets and by the end of the night at 2am i was washed away. ... (16 replies)
... I started taking percosets on my really bad days just so i can put a smile on in front of other people. Percosets really help me cope with stress, it helps me find the positives and the brighter sides to things and it takes away a depressing day. ... (16 replies)
... I guess I don't even what dosages I have been taking, so this post will be confusing!!!!!!! I have hydro 5/500 now and a vicodin ES. What i had been taking besides the oxy had a pill inscription IP 110. That may help. I am a thin physically fit female and my extreme activity wore my hip out. It's been bad for a few years now. Kaiser had no idea what was really wrong so... (3 replies)
... ble then so I asked my neuro surgeon to take me off of all of that and just keep me on percosets. So that is what lead me to the doctor shopping. The amount of percosets I was prescribed wasn't enough to keep me from going into withdraws let alone cover the amount of pain I was in. ... (12 replies)
... so i went to my primary doctor today to see what she could do to help me quit taking percosets. She said there is nothing she can do! She refered me to a clinic where I would have to see counciling in order to recieve suboxine or anything like that. What she did do for me is prescribe me my own percosets! I dont' get it. I go to the doctor so she can help me quit so she... (10 replies)
... and giving me most of her pills after maybe a week. I've had other friends and family members be prescribed percosets or vics and they've taken them as prescribed, and tapered down no problem after a month or even two. That's what "normal" people do. ... (18 replies)
... Long story short its been 7 years later and have been taking up to 10 to 30mg a day of pretty much any painkiller i can get my hands on, mainly vicodin, percosets and the last few days oxys. ... (6 replies)
Please help
Jan 19, 2009
... d would set it.. I couldn't get the same "high" after a while.. I just kept chasing it and at it's worst I had to take up to 5 percosets at a time to get a good high.. How embarrasing to admit that.... So.. just know.. You are not alone. ... (5 replies)
... all the original prescribing doctor but he will not see me because he is at his patient limit for the suboxone program. So now I have a problem. I have no more percosets and I have the sub to keep me from being sick. I have enough to get me through a short detox of about 21 days. ... (12 replies)
... I went to a mental health clinic and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder within one visit. I was put on Seroquel, Kolonopin, Lithium, Lamactil, and Depakote. I was taking all of these at once, except for a short period of time my doc stopped lamactil, put me on depakote, took me off depakote, and put me back on lamactil. Anyway, it was during this time I started purchasing... (3 replies)
... Hey,nice to meet you, Push2! Theres alot of us in the same boat here...dont feel so bad--we all need to start somewhere and just by you saying how you feel is a good start. I've been an addict in some form or another for many years. I'm 42. Married, 3 girls. Doesnt make for the best husband/daddy,does it... I dont know how many times over the years i have said the... (16 replies)
Pelvic Pain
Jan 22, 2008
... Dec, got a script for vicodin and percosets from a new dr. Not a good idea... ... (10 replies)
... yoss, it's percosets. depending on how much money i have, between 20-80mgs a day (4 replies)
... so i was doing pretty good. got off the oxycontins and only took percosets. I been controlling it, maybe 10mgs at a time twice a day or three times a day. Well today I am pissed at myself. I spent $50 today and bought 10 of them. I bought them at around 2:30pm and it's now 7:30pm and took all of them already. I was on my way home at 3pm and was fine. Then came home and... (2 replies)
... oh hell ya the tramadol is helping you with the withdrawls. I did that one time, probably in the summer I was taking high doses of oxycontin and percosets together, I wanted to quit. My doctor gave me a prescription of tramadol for my back. ... (9 replies)
... tually the head zaps from getting off that was more difficult than the ultram detox. I think maybe this is what fooled me into thinking I could "just take a few" percosets and be fine. ... (5 replies)

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