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... We just stopped drinking 3 weeks ago. My husband is off the percs and tramadol which was hell. I had to keep hiding my pills and he always found them and would steal them and then I would almost run out. ... (3 replies)
... I guess I should start with your addiction. You said something in your post about finding it unfair to have to taper because you got high once.... Well, my thoughts on that to be honest, I say with respect and complete understanding.... because I am a pain pill addict. ... (3 replies)
... s. The most I took in a day was 4mg and thats alot to me. The funny thing is that I'm 6'2" 290lbs and this the strongest opiate Ive taken. I still get the little high so I look foward to taking it everytime. Ive only been on for 3 days. Hopefully to be off in less than 2 weeks. ... (3 replies)

... everyone my name is chase. Recently the past couple months I have been getting back into opiates and am having a real difficult time quitting. Years ago back in high school i was hooked on oxys up to 2 80s a day. My family and friends helped me quit successfully and bounced back to life rather quickly. ... (6 replies)
... I was about to ask what up geogi.... but I think you pretty much answered it in that sentence.... Ok, so lets break it down for a hot minute. You are on 500 mg of what? Percs, Oxy 80s? Lets assume you are on 80 mg oxys.... thats about 6 per day. I am not condoning it but you are not as bad as you think.. I DONT MEAN YOU CAN AND SHOULD TAKE MORE!!! But at my worst, I was... (20 replies)
... Hi everyone. I need some advice about my detoxing. First, a quick back ground on my 4 year battle with pain and pills. I was given vicodin after my last c-section. Took it as prescribed. 12 days later I woke up feeling like I had the flu, really bad. And when I say the "flu", it was the extreme body aches and nausa. When the pain from the c-section kicked in, I took a... (2 replies)
... se runs and eyes water and your legs kick a little at night....then by the 3rd day you are in full blown withdrawls.....sweaty, achy, stomach cramps, leg cramps, high blood pressure and it will be hard to sleep....but then the 4th day it is more like the 2nd day and you feel very very very little better....... ... (10 replies)
... Hello Sweetie The route taken to get off the Percocet has to be a personal choice. I came off Oxycodone in a long slow taper (months). It was not an easy ride, not at all. I do not foresee you coming off and being capable of working or much else for a stretch of time. I know this is probably tough news for you to take, but detoxing is not 6-8 days by any means. Oh, we... (5 replies)
... Nedofhelp; You are taking the meds for pain and not because you are looking for the "high" ? Thatís the way I read your post but I had to ask. If you are taking them as prescribed for the pain and the Dr believes you are not in need of them any longer because of MRI data but your pain has not gotten any better then you may need to get a second opinion or talk to another... (8 replies)
... roxys for my migraines, like i use to have before this injury that required all this add'l medication, and that is up in the air. I have had percs for migraines for at least 8 years for pain control. Things have been difficult since I am now in a different area and cannot access my old neuro. ... (43 replies)
Jun 30, 2008
... w times, it was very mood altering. I felt great and even a little high. I was very relaxed and happy. My brother takes them once in a while to come off vics and percs and he told me one time, "I like the sub better then the percs, it made me feel high all day". ... (21 replies)
I'm back!
Jan 11, 2008
... ing improvement. It was tough to stop buying the OC's and I told the person to never sell me anymore so it's been a few weeks since I had any and now i'm buying percs but I "personally believe" that OC's are a much more dangerous addiction that percs are. ... (3 replies)
... The Percs were CALLING! ... (55 replies)
... Hi and welcome, I am a percocet, oxycodone addict and I am in my 3rd day of detox. I took about 6 to 7 percs a day, received a weekly RX for 49 from my pain mgmt doctor. ... (7 replies)
Second Go
Jan 16, 2011
... ing to the land up there, begging it to take my addiction away, begging it to take it and leave it up there!!! it was intense. and the was the land is, its like high mountains all around so it seems as if your in a kind of 'cradle' in the earth. I got comfort from that as well, like I was being taken care of by the universe! ... (219 replies)
... t wouldn't stop, so I had to find him some help. I found a doctor about an hour away from me that offers suboxone treatment. He went almost 48 hrs without taking Percs and was having serious withdrawals. ... (18 replies)
... I'm not glad, because that means there is someone else out there going through this hell too, if that makes sense. I was hardcore into addiction through part of high school and some of college thanks to my knee surgeries and chronic pain issues. Like I said, the only thing that had gotten me to stop was joining the Corps. ... (13 replies)
... i am just curiuos as to the actual Rxing directions you were given when you got the actual rx from your doc.was it actyually written so you could take that many percs a day? ... (4 replies)
Suboxone questions
Oct 11, 2005
... uboxone i felt great i finally felt normal.Recently i decided i didnt need to take the suboxone and i just stopped taking it.I have also started using pills like percs of oc or vics. ... (1 replies)
... The docs knew I used percs for my back and migraines so they thought it was that. I needed a long acting med and was given morphine in place of oxyconyin. ... (3 replies)

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