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... I hate to say it but you are addicted to the percocets, if you are talking more then you should..............That was my D.O.C. and will get a hold of you so fast you won't know what hit you I took them for pain and also liked the way made me feel and " perked me up " they were great but remember this there are 3 steps while on perks 1.............alot of fun ... (15 replies)
... The addict in me would love to have a doctor like yours... ... (15 replies)
... Thanks Blast for not making me feel like and addict. i have an open relationship with my Dr. which is why I was able to DENY the Oxycontin. Most people would have jumped on that idea. ... (15 replies)

... Hello Young I am prescribed percocet for legitimate pain and I admit I have taken it for the energy boost it gives me. I know my body is dependent on it and that is different than addiction Young, in all kindness, the first time we take a pain pill for other than its prescribed use, we are crossing the line into abuse and addiction. Percocet is never prescribed for an... (15 replies)
... t consider yourself an addict................I might be missing something here so fill me in if I did. ... (15 replies)
... t I have taken it for the energy boost it gives me. I know my body is dependent on it and that is different than addiction. My problem is that percocet will give me the "high" Euphoric feeling and that I do abuse it in this manner. What is the safest was to "come down" so that I can sleep ? ... (15 replies)
... are on the pain pill rollercoaster.i started with shoulder injury and two vics a day that was few years ago as of last week i was up to 150 10 mg perks 150 10mg vics a month and was just shut off from my dr and day one was tuesday of this week. ... (3 replies)
... depressant. Everyone I work closely with knows that. The higher up bosses were probably oblivious to anything that was going on with me. I would never tell any employers or prospective employers of the addiction. ... (27 replies)
... 2young2hurt... you do realize that oxycontin contains exactly the same narcotic drug as percocet???? The ONLY difference is that oxycontin is a controlled release drug, meaning that part of the doseage is immediately released, with the remainder being released into your system in about 6 hours. But the narcotic drug is exactly the same in both: oxycodone. Actually, in... (15 replies)
... Blasterboy, I would hardly call having an open script for pain killers or heavy drinking a hobbie, I mean it`s not like model airplanes. I respect your opinion but I think you can better help people on the boards by calling it the way it is and not lead someone to believe that there actions are no more than a hobbie.:cool:peace.fitz."Another day another opportunity in which to... (15 replies)
... Just because you abused a few pills you are not nessaserily an addict (but you could be.) People at time go through periods of heavy drinking and then they get a new hobbie. Continue to be you need a counselor also etc. (15 replies)
... Fitz- Isn't that what I said?? To look at the root of the problem. "A bandaid on a bullet wound"? You should think before you type.:confused: (1) Said antihistimines were for SHORT TERM use only and would only lead to dependancy. The idea here is to get a few good nights of sleep and that's it. Also advised against Ambian. (2) Suggested she examine her diet as... (15 replies)
... 2young2hurt, Get yourself a different doctor! WORD......fitz.:cool: (15 replies)
... I am doing fine. I am forcing myself to take as needed and NOT get to the total abuse of what I have. I basically have an open script--go to Dr and get a RX for 120 7.5 mg every month or two but I am pacing myself. I recognized the danger signs. Funny thing is. when I talked to my Doctor about my concerns about how much I was taking he said my next stop would be the Oxycontin.... (15 replies)
... Young, How are you doing?...............we have not heard a reply from you No one here is trying to scare you, we are just trying to help So please let us know how you are doing We will be waiting :) (15 replies)
... I think we should address the problem and not put a bandaid on a bullet wound.............peace,fitz.:cool: (15 replies)
... As a general rule, over the counter antihistamines work well for SHORT TERM sleep. Be sure to take the suggested amount, which is no more than 1-2 pills. I'd be very careful with any kind of Rx sleeping aid. Ambian is some pretty powerful stuff. Plus, any type of Rx will more than likely turn into one more dependency issue down the road somewhere. You may also want to... (15 replies)
... that is were it may begin. (15 replies)
... Ok this is what I think if you are taking them for other purposes such as a "high" then you probably are addicted to them. Yes dependancy and addiction are two seperate things but if you take them for the boost and like the high you are probably becoming addicted. I agree that you need to not take them close to bedtime. I would speak to your doctor and tell him your side... (15 replies)
... I have tried valerian root and melantonin.. no good. But I think I will get some of that sleepy time tea as well as Cammomile tea. I have heard that works great. (15 replies)

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