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... then perocet then soma and now fioricet.I'm embarassed that I'm 35 years old and can't get control over this. ... (6 replies)
... SE PLEASE go get the suboxone it WILL work miracles for you. I don't know who invented it but they are a genius!!! It absolutely takes away your cravings for the perocet and it will stop your leg cramps almost instantly. ... (16 replies)
... Hey bud. I'm a Jersey guy here. Age 38, and have had quite a few run ins with drugs myself. Including a perocet habbit that had hit 80mg a day. It is GREAT to hear the determination in your voice to make a change. ... (34 replies)

... I used to use herion for about 4years but have been clean since 2004. I recently was perscribed Perocet for pain which I only took 5 of over a 4 day period and now I feel like I am going through withdrawal. Is this possible or is thisin my head? ... (3 replies)
... Try and stop using the percocet earlier in the day and use over the counter stuff closer to bed time. I never liked perocet and could never take it for pain after 3:00 in the afternoon and get any sleep. That may not work for you but you could try that instead of more drugs. Valerian Root, Melatonin, warm milk, sleepy time tea, and/or protein of some kind also help some people... (15 replies)
I quit yesterday
Jan 25, 2007
... were you taking perocet too? ... (19 replies)
... r long term use.Why would any doctor order him all of those opiates especially the one with tylenol in it.The roxicet is strait hydrocodone I think,then you have perocet which is oxycodone with tylenol and then you have methadone.All these drugs taken together in an abusive manner are going to cause your dad all kinds of trouble. ... (5 replies)
... Great Story, thanks so much for sharing. I personally am a over a month clean from a Vicodin/Perocet habit, and I guess I nipped my habit before I got to where your partner's habit was, but one of my suppliers, is a coworker who is now on disability. She has the worst prescription drug problem of any human on earth. After reading the story of your partners recovery, there... (5 replies)
... months. When I would run out, I would panic, and have to get more. I finally just had a hysterectomy on May 2nd, and was prescribed Perocet for pain, but when I finished those, I didn't panic for some reason. I decided I was done with hydro, and you know what? ... (4 replies)
... Hi, First I'd like to say how sorry I am for your family, and then I'd like to say how very fortunate your brother is to have you in his life...really, as an addict, there is so much more of a chance if there is one person in this world that you can tell anything and everything to without fear of reprisal, then chances of success are higher. Of course, he has to do his... (7 replies)
... it led to 7.5's....eventually over about two years i was taking 6 lortab 10's at once to get desired effects......i started taking roxicodone methadone oxycontin perocet anything i could get my hands ruined my life i am taking suboxone and trying to control the cravings.......your not addicted badly yet... ... (16 replies)
... wannabe and captain jack,ive been busy and just now gettin back with ya.first of all i was an EVERYDAY user of hydro,oxycontin,perocet-percodan,and my favorite of all TUSSONEX cough syrup (its heavenly)was anyway,now back to the suboxone,i started out on 16mgs and it worked like magic.i messed up and used a couple of different times and it really set me back and it messes with... (9 replies)
What is Lorcet?
Aug 29, 2003
... Lorcet is 10/650 Vicodin is usually 5/500 Lorcet is twice as strong as vicoden, generally speaking. They are both hydrocodone and its a moderately addictive semi synthetic opiate. If you are taking it for pain and not recreation then I wouldn't be too concerned about addiction. Perocet has Oxycodone which is a stronger semi synthetic opiate than hydro. It considered... (10 replies)
... Okay maybe this will make you feel better...or worse? I was on Perocet 10/650 early last year for about 2-3 months. I took 2 of them at least every four hours for pain. I was never relieved of pain at all. I did get "some" mercy out of it all... it helped me sleep through some of the misery. I had ruptured disk, L5, S1 and permanent nerve damage, two surgeries and... (14 replies)
... HI....I've was taking perocet then lorecet for rib pain due to a car accident. ... (1 replies)

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