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... Is Pethidine incredibly addictive? ... (4 replies)
... Is Pethidine incredibly addictive? ... (7 replies)
... Try it Stevie, it's great. After 2 1/2 years of using it under prescription I'm now sitting here cold and clammy at 4 am on my 2nd night free, feeling ****, shaking. You wan't to get like me? Get a life and get a hobby. Do something worthwhile instead of ruining your life with Pethidine. (7 replies)

... Pethidine is demerol. It will take you down a bad road. It's an opiate. (4 replies)
... Rick is right Steve!!!!I took propoxyphene 26 years ago and loved it.So much so I lost the next 22 years to opiate addiction.Now I'm on methadone probably for the rest of my life.There are greater highs in life but without having to take something to feel it.Just take the experience as it was and move on.You don't want to get addicted believe me.Good luck....Dave:) (7 replies)
... NOWWWW it all makes sense,thanks guys,marcia (7 replies)
... In this country it is called Demerol. (7 replies)
... he means Pethadine; a really strong painkiller, with a very fast action. It's used in the UK and commonwealth countries , but I've never heard of anyone in the USA talk about it. (7 replies)
... just what exactly IS pithidine?the only info i could find on it states it is some sort of hormone??i am thinking thats not it.what is the active drug in this?thanks.just want to know what it is you were actually discussing here thats all.thanks Marcia (7 replies)
... Stevie, maybe you have some sort of obsessive tendency and you are playing out a drama on this drug. Of course it is a powerful drug and very addictive, but unless you are abusing other drugs like alcohol etc, I would just look to talk to a counsellor for a couple of sessions and that should help you understand why this is happening. Now is your abusing alcohol (be honest... (7 replies)
... Don't play around with these things. Somone I knew had a cathader implanted for the sole purpose of shooting this stuff up. You never know where or how these things end and just a quick glance around this board should dispell any romantic (or even self destructive) impulses/notions that you or anyone may be entertaining. Makes little diffirence where the dope comes from... (4 replies)
... Don't Touch It Steve, It Is Merely Heroin In Disguise And It Will Destroy Your Life. Please Just Walk Away, You Have Developed What I Refer To As "opioid Morbid Curiosity Syndrome" It Begins Small And Escalates Until You Shoot Up So Much Junk That You Cant Even Get High Anymore. So Tell Me Whats The Point - Don't Mess Up Your Life Like I Did. If I Could Go Back Six Years... (4 replies)
... I am sorry Steve I have never heard of that. Is that a street drug or something you got during surgeries? If it was something you got at the hospital, well yeah it was probably morphine or something, makes you feel good as hell, for a few hours, and after a few times, you are hooked, just like heroin. How could you consider shooting up, and you dont even know how? Please... (4 replies)
... haemia, ureteric colic and acute trauma. Good results have been published for cancer pain management with tramadol in several studies. The potential for abuse or addiction seems to be minimal, and serious complications have not been reported. ... (1 replies)

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