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... effects or bad withdrawal, but i dont have a prescription for it. Don't know if phenylalanine withdraws... ... (3 replies)
... I do know that phenylalanine is used to treat depression and also used as an appetite suppressant. ... (3 replies)
... Some things that helped me immensely to kick the withdrawal were some supplements called DL-Phenylalanine, Taurine, and a muscle relaxer (Flexeril) which must be prescribed by a doctor. The DL-Phenylalanine will allow your body to make the much needed dopamine that it just cannot produce anymore from the years of drug abuse. It will get your body to start making it... (12 replies)

... I was taking Percocets for only 3 weeks and when i ran out...i started to suffer withdrawl about 6-8 hours after my last dose. i know that oxycodone can cause withdrawl symptoms, but thought that would only happen after being exposed to a higher dose (i was only on 50mg. a day), and only happen after being exposed for longer than 6 weeks.. i have severe sweating (cold... (2 replies)
... Ouote: "MAN WHAT DID I DO?" You didn't taper! Like I posted before, you can do this detox cold turkey. Your not on such a high dose, so use the home detox plan and get it over with. Don't forget the most important part of aftercare program or you will find yourself back with the same issue. Cam, I know it is a scary thing but you can do this. Post Sample Home Detox Plan... (4 replies)
... SAMPLE HOME DETOX RESCUE OPTIONS Substance Abuse in any form substantially depletes your body of nutrients. In order to be effective during WDs most people state they needed to increase doseage levels beyond the recommend dose level; some substantially. Levels are for intensity of Detox WDs; post-detox WDs would be less. Use your own judgment about your needs and what you... (0 replies)
... Jenna, I copied & pasted the "Sample Home Detox" From The Board Thread For You. SAMPLE HOME DETOX RESCUE OPTIONS Substance Abuse in any form substantially depletes your body of nutrients. In order to be effective during WDs most people state they needed to increase doseage levels beyond the recommend dose level; some substantially. Levels are for intensity of Detox WDs;... (41 replies)
... Important message: I am not a medical professional. These are only options that worked for me during my own personal detox. They are posted in an effort to share information regarding possible OPTIONS that worked for me and may help others. They are NOT recommendations. Each person's body chemistry and risks are uniquely theirs. Therefore, a personal detox plan needs to be... (1 replies)
... Hey Arman and anyone else interested. Some important supplements you can take after being addicted to pills are listed below.. you have deleted vital things your body needs to heal: If you are going to only invest in one product I was recommended DLPA because you will get immediate results. #1 DLPA ( DL- PHenylalanine - 500mg 1-2 capsules 3 times a day) - immediate... (6 replies)
... Okay. I went to the store and I will have to go back when I get more response here. My brain is fried! I have a multi vitamin that you take 3x a day but the post says to get a multi-mineral as well? WHAT?? I bought St. John's because I was almost positive my meds werent SSRI's?? Didn't take it yet. I have nyquil and benedryl but dont know about taking that because... (12 replies)
... Hi Angie, Thanks for your reply. So sorry to hear about the trouble you're having. Are the seizures under control? What is that like? It's only been a couple of days, but I think that I'm going to stay on 1/2 for the month of September and then start to drop 1 mg every two weeks. I seem to be okay compared to last week and hope that the worst is over from the 1 week of... (11 replies)
Oct 21, 2005
... I will try to help. Everyone is different so things that work me you may not work for you. I went to a addiction center where they gave me seven days worth of suboxone. Tapering 8-8-4-4-4-2-2. They also gave me flexeril and clonadine. That helped a lot. My cravings yesterday were hell to get through. Some how I managed. I think you need to get you mind ready first. Then tell... (11 replies)
... I think the Tyrosine works great, but I wouldn't recommend taking it until after one has been clean at least a month from opiates. The reason being, when you are going through opiate withdrawal, your brain is overly-flooded with norepinephrine, which is responsible for a lot of the nasty withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, anxiety, sleeplessness, restless leg..Etc. The... (8 replies)
... Hi- I am one of the people who has been using Nutracleanse and finding it extremely helpful. BeginAgain thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and informative post today. I will definitely take that into consideration. Anyway...the helpfulness of it got me doing some investigation of my own and I wanted to share some info for what it is worth. There are a couple of... (8 replies)
... DLPA is DL Phenylalanine. It is an amino acid and you can get it at most any health food store. I find the capsules work better than the tablets. Use a search engine, and don't believe everything you read. There is one web site with great info, but unfortunatly I can't give it to you. There is also an out of print book by Arnold Fox, MD and Barry Fox, called "DLPA To End... (15 replies)
... Have you tried DLPA (DL Phenylalanine)? It is an amino acid, which you can get at your health food store. It can take several days to work, but when it does it can give you a lot of energy, and is good for tapering, or detoxing. Of course, then there is good ole caffeine! LOL (2 replies)
... I didn't even intend to get "high" originally, however I posted here just in case getting high from this stuff could pose an addiction problem. It was a friday night and me and some other friends who were already drunk (I wasn't doing anything other than phenylalalnine) were going to a party and I figured, why not try it since it looked as unpainful as it was to bump. The... (3 replies)

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