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... Hello Friends I was researching a friend of mine, Philster, whi was very key in my survivng withdrawal and then working on tapers. Just being curious about his story. here is something that he wrote on 8-26-03: Last night Iím thinking many folks think Iíve done so well in beating my pain medication addiction and they probably think Iím just sailing along in cruise... (5 replies)
... Okay Philster...where are you hiding. We are all wondering about you. Hope all is well. (16 replies)
... Thanks Philster, I think that I am going to just take some Aspirin and a huge bottle of Aqaufina with me. I think a good long shower may provide some help. We are meeting in a resuraunt and I suppose I could order a glass of wine. I am not much of a drinker but maybe this maybe an appropriate occasion. But either way I am going to pass on the "silver bullet." Wish me luck,... (3 replies)

... Philster since you seem to have a handle on alot of this I need some help. Today is day two without the vikes I was taking 2-3 a day 5/500 consistently for over a year, and I feel about as should be expected, fairly lousy. I don't go back to work until Monday. I have a business meeting today at 3.30 which will take about 45 minutes to a an hour I have to look sharp with the... (3 replies)
... philster glad you are back and i thought i read where you had a relapse and was wonderin if this was true.-spark (4 replies)
... philster ole buddy where are ya at.cant find a post from ya nowhere.-spark (4 replies)
... hey don't be so sad,look what you have done 30 to 20 already,that in itself is hard,good for you. Is there anyway you can get 10/325 for your taper,they would be better for you,sometimes all that tylenol will make you feel worse than you really are,just a thought,plus it will help the liver. I know you have alot on your mind so good luck. huppy (6 replies)
... Thank You Michelle I went to the movies and felt ok.I was happy to here from you and knowing you care.I will take your advise until I here from Philster.Thank You Tina I feel tired so I will check in tommro and update you Thanks again (6 replies)
To Philster
Feb 1, 2004
... Hi Philster, If you are lurking please say hello!!! I haven't heard from you and I so hope all is well with you. Take care and please respond if you can!!! I must admit that I am worried about you my friend! :eek: (11 replies)
... Where is philster???? You are the "old Sage" of this Board! The "GOOD Merlin", who has probably helped more people with just your knowledge alone, than some of them there Pain Doctors!!!!! Sorry, but we miss you, and want you back. Just check in, and say your tired or something...... Kinda-unwell (5 replies)
... Philster Hi there. I've been lurking here for quite some time, and just now decided to post because I saw something you'd written about going through the process of detoxing from the patch and norco. I am facing the same thing right now, and I'm wondering if you could share your experience. This patch is so damn tough to get off of..Its all or nothing, since you can't... (7 replies)
Oct 19, 2003
... Haven't heard from you in a while Philster, just wondering if you were ok. Take Care! Belle (2 replies)
... hi philster, rockstar thought you you might be able to help me--maybe not though.. what's the best way to kick an opiate habit? i'm currently on duragesic 25 and take vicodin for bt pain i have thru out the day. if i am not wearing a duragesic patch my body starts to go into wd every 3-4 max hrs. how do i start to wean down, do know? i do take pain meds for a reason, very... (4 replies)
Help Philster
Oct 4, 2003
... Philster,I have had little success from my taper plan.I know I was taking 18 and could go slowly back to that in a matter of days.I want to go to the store get everything I need for my jorney and go cold Turkey.I have on my list tea,bath salts,vitamins,soup and warm hot pads for the leg cramps.If I left out anything please let me know.It is Friday here 11:30PM and I wont start... (8 replies)
Help Philster
Oct 1, 2003
... go in to withdrawls on my surgey day beings I can not take anything the morning of.I will be given pain meds and I will be careful.I WANT TO COME UP WITH A PLAN PHILSTER BEFORE I come home. ... (8 replies)
... jeffie, imthatguy and philster, You're right, I didn't say anything about wanting to quit. Over the last year and a half I've checked myself into detox (where they told me my 11 pill a day habit was hardy considered an addiction and advised my insurance company to not admit me) I've checked myself into an emergency room (where I stayed for 3 days with no drugs and went... (2 replies)
... philster I have been reading your posts for a bit now,I am new and need some help,I truly admire you and trust you.Well I am not going to go on and on.I started with pain meds 2 years ago norco of and on no big deal truly used them for pain.Well about three months ago after not taking any for 6mos. didn't need to well chronic bursitis got the best of me so I started taking... (11 replies)
... Phil, what an incredible journey! I knew that 1 "here's my story" type of post was needed in order to let EVERYBODY know a taper off plan can work. I also knew that your precise, "tell it like it is" manner of addressing this subject would be a great start to this thread! TY so much for your story, I was glued to every word! So true, precise thinking, knowledge re: all of the... (8 replies)
... rawal and reach for joy and happiness. From that point on, I began to view every rotten symptom of withdrawal as a symptom of healing, a symptom of restoration. Philster was clean, Philster had joy and happiness again, Philster had what I wanted so badly. ... (86 replies)
... For example, Philster wrote to drop from 3 pills at lunch to 2,...... ... (6 replies)

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