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... t's what started me on the oxycodone. Since then, it's just been one medical problem and surgery after another. The pain hasn't let up and therefore I've been on oxycodone pretty much the entire time. ... (1 replies)
... I've battled chronic back pain for 3 years and have been on Oxycodone for 9 months. I just had posterior lumbar fusion surgery which I think is going to work. ... (0 replies)
... could sort of do the same thing with the tapering. I have been all over this site reading everyone's stories and really relating to some of them. I too have an oxycodone dependence. I get a legitimate script. ... (42 replies)

... I, too, am physically dependent on oxycodone. Welcome aboard. This message board is giving me great hope as I battle to come off the med. ... (23 replies)
... Yup. that is what I meant. Thanks! :) (21 replies)
... Tolerance and withdrawals can be present without the negative impacts. Such a person is not an addict, but is physically addicted. ... (21 replies)
... table and tired for a week or two thereafter but it should be very minimal. The dose is not excessive and the duration is just beyond the point where you become physically dependent. ... (3 replies)
... Dear kim, When in pain & have meds prescribed for pain our bodies can become physically dependent on the meds just like you said but technically thats not addiction because we didnt reach for them because we just wanted to start taking narcotics but they were prescribed for a medically valid reason. (6 replies)
... Dear kimmer, I am going to tell you what happened to me a pm/anes dr i had to see in my regular drs absence kept me on two of my same pain meds & was pushing epidural injs which i cant have. He told me i would need an intrathecal morphine pump & i would have to go to rehab to get off fentanyl patch. A dear member on hbs told me "No way!" Because it will go on everything in... (6 replies)
... Whether you can get off Bupe or Subutox is dependent on your personality and whether you are addicted or physically dependent because of the pain treatment, as well as your physical nature. I can't tell based on what you wrote, and would not be compentent to judge you in any case. ... (8 replies)
... re u dealing with withdrawls, you are also dealing with the pain that caused the doc to give them to you in the first place. Also, you need to decide if you are physically dependent or emotionally dependent on them. Most people who are emotionally dependent are usually taking a way higher dose and do not cut down like u have. ... (8 replies)
... I really thought I could handle the pills and was actually not physically dependent on them when it just so happened that I met a guy who I learned was doing heroin. It wasn't long before I started doing a little but here and there. ... (2 replies)
... o withdrawls. I am not however phsycologically dependent on them to get "high". ... (5 replies)
... I had been on 80mg of oxycontin and 15mg of oxycodone daily for six years due to a fall from a ladder where I shattered my right foot. ... (29 replies)
... lol....I know physical shape has nothing to do with it. He is emotionally strong also. Did you know that heroin and oxycodone are a lot alike. I was reading that somewhere. So I guess we do all have a little in common. I felt better today. ... (94 replies)
... are just going to have to get used to a different kind of people. Sometimes we don't realize what a negative influence some of our friends have on us. I became physically dependent on opiates due to a legitimate pain issue. However, i was around 39 or so when i started them. ... (6 replies)
... rom percs to lortabs. he said it shouldnt bother her because it is all the same. Well I don't know if it bothered her she never said but i know i can't go from oxycodone to hydrocodone. it eases it but only fractionally and not for very long. of course i am going from roxi 30 to lortab 10s so maybe that was it. i hate lortabs. ... (24 replies)
Feb 23, 2011
... Hey Musicman glad to see you are okay. I don't think cold turkey is a good idea for anyone. I am taking the same medicine you take. Pure oxycodone without tylenol. I take 120 mg's a day. I am 42. I wonder if our age has something to do with all of this craziness. ... (38 replies)
... ke them according to label though.There are two types of addiction and if your husband is indeed taking them according to label then he probably is what's called physically dependent on them.Though his behavior would indicate otherwise.Denial is a warning sign.Be grateful he takes them as directed. ... (10 replies)
... The hard part is that whether dependent or addicted, withdrawal can be difficult. What you described on Day 3 each time is typical of withdrawal symptoms. ... (3 replies)

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