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... Well you are taking benzos and opiates..benzo withdrawels can kill you if you go cold turkey it is the worst withdrawel. opiates will be hell too but not like benzos. if you are doing this on your own you'll need to quit opiates first than the benzos valium xanax etc... ... (3 replies)
... neurologist put me on vicoprofen a year ago for chronic headaches, which worked great at first, until the pain started getting worse. Then my doctor told me that opiates can intensify pain, and that the drugs were the cause. ... (5 replies)
... orum by a special person who really cares about recovery, and moving on in life.. but i tell ya'll, dem PILLZ have got ahold fo my life. the pills i speak of are Opiates and Benzo's. Percocet, OxyContin, Xanax, Valium. anything in that type of catagory, i'm on it, DAILY. ... (3 replies)

... I have been addicted to opiates for years, too. I have an appointment Thursday to start Suboxone to treat my withdrawals.....I was just curious how you got out of your addiction. ... (4 replies)
... nt to try it again. It took me over a year to get the courage to stop this time. I don't want to be a slave to that little amber bottle anymore. Doctor shopping, pill popping, pharmacy stinks. ... (62 replies)
... how many days has it been since I stopped the pill popping? ... (7 replies)
... Ive been a pill popping drug addict for 6 years. It started with one pill and it end with 50 a day. Opiates were my drug of choice. Im in recovery, looking for help, support, advice. ... (4 replies)
Lucky NA vs AA??
Aug 23, 2003
... I think it's imp to break the cycle of pill popping, but I don't want the cravings of that cycle to mess me up. ... (14 replies)
... days clean at his funeral is what I know he would want to see from me, but along with his funeral comes all the "pill popping wanna be friends" looking for their next fix, wondering if he might have had a stash hidden somewhere. ... (7 replies)
Ladies & Kinda!
Mar 7, 2004
... the result of my own experiences........ and I really do think that so many people are kidding themselves too about benzos in here. If you think that coming off opiates is hard............... just wait till you try to give up those little pills that have been so helpfull for years and which are not addictive! ... (47 replies)
... o opiates girl!!! Girl,you really gotta get off that stuff,I'm telling ya.... ... (15 replies)
... hi! i was diagnosed with attention defecit hyperactivity disorder (adhd). alot of adults that weren't diagnosed for whatever reason as children are being diagnosed now. i think that i was looked over because i am a female, and when i was little, adhd was mostly associated with boys. they know alot more about it today. i think that has a lot to do with my drug abuse over the... (22 replies)
... Replacing sub with Tramadol is a really bad idea. Tramadol works on our brains receptors just like hydrocodone does, so you might as well be popping Vicoden again. If anything, a tincy bit of suboxone when things get really tough would be a better idea, but agin, that will only slow down the healing process. ... (48 replies)
... I started on the opiates by popping a few Vicoden or Lortabs here and there. A few quickly became many. Evening and weekends quickly became all day every day. ... (20 replies)
... the suboxone is positive is because it is different. Yes you are taking an opiate but you are not getting high. As much as I think that wd and staying clean from opiates is physical it is also mental. Like when I was tapering I tried to change the way I took the pills. ... (37 replies)
... I have learned that opiates do not alleviate the initial problem of pain, but mask the brain sensing the pain. ... (2 replies)
... and want to truly enjoy the time we have with them. I'm so sick of being so tied down to a pill bottle. Counting pills, making sure I've got enough to get me through to the next refill, checking my watch to see if it's time for me to take my next dose. ... (28 replies)
... JB, I need to gently help you correct some thinking here. You are depending on a pill once again to do all the work and do not seem to be willing to do your part to allow the medicine to work. ... (6 replies)
... he makes discouraging comments like I am rushing or am not ready. I do feel way better of on suboxone then i was before it but I just traded one pill for another. ... (12 replies)
Suboxone on Sun.
Aug 9, 2003
... e injectable for 4 years before they even came out with subutex and does seem like a miracle drug but it is a opiate just like any opiate pill and the only good it does is break the cycle of taking large volumes of opiates...ive been reading alot of these posts lately and it got me thinking... ... (11 replies)

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