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... Mohegan Sun is awesome, i was just there a few weeks ago for a Tire Convention. We have been to a ton of shows there, great venue. 4 days without pills......not bad WD's i must say. staying busy to avoid thinking about them. I have had pretty bad pain in my foot and leg and feel like my brain is trying to "fool" me into getting more pills. nice try mr. Brain!! it is... (10 replies)
... Well let me say congratulations first off because not calling is the first part of staying off of the pills. Secondly, I want to let you know how my w/d's have gone in the past.....usually the first day is full of anxiety.....then the 2nd day your nose runs and eyes water and your legs kick a little at night....then by the 3rd day you are in full blown withdrawls.....sweaty,... (10 replies)
... My W/D's started about 24 hours after my last pills. (10 replies)

... i have been toying with the idea of stopping the pills for quite some time now, well i ran out on Saturday and i havent called my neuro. ... (10 replies)
... the next day, he wanted to think about it. I spent 24 hours terrified that he wouldn't prescribe the Suboxone again. I don't want to be on the vicodens! These pills run my life. I want to run MY life. ... (16 replies)
... n our finances. That is so sad you let things go so far as to get your phone turned off. I know if she didn't and I were on my own, I probably would be charging Vicodens on my credit card online and getting myself way in over my head. Let me confess to you some of the crap I had to pull to get my drug money. ... (59 replies)
... t had in so long and found out that I prefer, I went a little overboard. I had 3 major final exams for school and was very stressed, so my husband allowed me 3 vicodens and 1 perc, and I ended up taking an extra vic. ... (20 replies)
Time to quit
Mar 2, 2004
... oard has gone through, probably a million times before. There is no easy way to detox. If there was, nobody would be addicted. We would simply stop taking the pills when we didn't have them and start when we did. ... (15 replies)
... t think differently than I ever did before. Maybe suboxone isn't for you, but it has done wonders for me. As addicts it doesn't matter how long you stay on the pills each time you go back, I think the withdrawal is the same. However I do know that many years ago, say before 1994 I took prescriptioni vicoden for back pain. ... (28 replies)
... a pretty cheap one if you have the right connections. I would barter services for Vics. I am very good with my computer and I would do projects for people for pills or pill money. It's funny when you really realize you have a problem when you start lying to your suppliers. ... (59 replies)
... a few vicodens on the weekends, fast forward 4 years and I'm an addict. My drug of choice is definately oxycontin. ... (4 replies)
... I started taking pain pills March 2005. Was prescribed by my primary Hydrocodone and Oxycontin. Continued taking these on and off but mainly on until Nov 2005. ... (14 replies)
... My freind had given me 4 vicodens of his farthers and I NEVER HAD that issue again. I begain to reley on them when we had sex, me and friend was the only ones who knew. ... (2 replies)
... My freind had given me 4 vicodens of his farthers and I NEVER HAD that issue again. I begain to reley on them when we had sex, me and friend was the only ones who knew. ... (5 replies)
... I pick suboxone. I also understand why someone would want to get off of it too. Depression wise. I withdrew 2 times cold turkey. First time, I was on the pills for 2 years. About 30 10mgs pills daily. ... (14 replies)
Oct 6, 2003
... aintenance is okay for me. I never go over 2mg a day, except when I exercise a lot and sweat and I think the suboxone comes out my pores so he prescibes 5 extra pills a month just in case I need to take an extra quarter of a pill here and there. ... (19 replies)
... for 30 pills and I take 1 day. Substantiallly cheaper. I had horrible mood swings on the vicodens. Some days I felt like my skin was crawling. ... (8 replies)
Day 10 - no roxy
Sep 9, 2012
... Hi all- So I'm on my 10th day off roxy. This is the longest ive gone in a very long time. It's pretty cool. Im very happy to have run out of my meds early, even though of course it's not easy. I felt fine physically the first week which was weird, but then crashed a few days ago and had trouble sleeping, feeling sick in all ways to my stomach, exacerbated pain symptoms (for... (0 replies)
Apr 4, 2011
... supporting the fellas responses here man. I started out taking percocets (similar to vicoden in ways). You are early in your stage of use it sounds, and you have picked the perfect time to reach out and do some processing with us former-addicts here. If you stop now, Bigggzz said it, hot/cold sweats, insomnia maybe for a day or two, some aggitation probably for a week or two,... (14 replies)
... Hello everyone, although I am not new to the board I have not been on for several years. Basically since I started taking Suboxone. I started out in 1996-1997 as a heroin/cocaine addict. Went on methadone and got pregnant. Tried to get off the methadone and withdrawals were so bad, got hooked on vicodens! I took 20-30 vicoden's a day for about 6 years, then in 2003 or 2004 I... (9 replies)

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