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... But the pink cloud doesn't last forever and you could begin to suffer withdrawal at that point. ... (4 replies)
... Hey, Buddy... I understand exactly what you mean about coming down from the Pink Cloud. And it is not only okay, but a good thing. For me, there was some excitement about the withdrawal and detox and getting better. ... (141 replies)
... I did the pink cloud when I got Sober and I loved it. ... (7 replies)

Day 23
May 21, 2007
... Girl, you should be so proud of yourself! CT!!! You are so much stronger than i am......i envy your strength. So you really don't have any physical w/d's since you stopped? That is amazing! Depression is to be expected at this point. You have to remember that opiates cause the chemicals in your brain to go haywire & it takes a long while for things to get back to normal.... (10 replies)
Phil and Tim
Aug 5, 2003
... nd its been very nice since then. For some reason the last couple of weeks has been nothing short of outstanding. Seems like I've hit a new "pink cloud" and this cloud is unbelievable. I was telling my wife the other day, I feel better then i have ever felt in my life! ... (10 replies)
... Lane, Thanks for your kind words and CONGRATULATIONS on your 90 days. Those good feelings you are having right now (I think they call them... pink clouds(?)... blue skies(?)... something like that, well anyway, that was always what motivated me to come back after I would relapse... just the thought that I could have those feelings without putting a substance in my body was... (9 replies)
... I keep hearing people talking about how "great" they felt after they got sober and how they were "floating on a pink cloud", etc. I feel cheated. Where's MY "pink cloud"? ... (11 replies)
... I think the pink cloud ..just dissappeared..i can't even think straight..woke up in tears.. ... (32 replies)
Day 29
May 14, 2005
... UK - I was just wondering if the sneezing, watery eyes, etc might be eased if you took an over the counter drug for allergy-type meds. Although the drug wouldn't specifically be for withdrawal symptoms...maybe your body can be fooled into thinking it is suffering plain old seasonal allergies!! (I assume you don't normally have allergies?) Those racy legs must be... (8 replies)
... am. Enjoy your clarity and the pink cloud! ... (4 replies)
... Hi Sweet honey with the beautiful, healthy, going back to work foot! It's Sara, and knowing what you mean about the up's and downs. As soon as I have a down day... if I don't get to a meeting...Im thinking It's me, Im the one who is making myself have the bad day. Silly huh? I never liked being on that "pink cloud". Because coming off of it is such a bummer, and the pink... (16 replies)
... The pink cloud thing was something I heard in an AA meeting a long time ago. I remembered it because my senses where heightened and I got really upbeat. ... (141 replies)
... But that cloud does go away and you need to make sure you have a support system. ... (58 replies)
... and those choices, as long as you are actively using will cloud your judgement. My advice is to check into a detox or rehab, it is confidential and will be extremely helpful. ... (9 replies)
... Here is one more thing I hope you experience. The Pink Cloud!! ... (1 replies)
... I'm in the Pink Cloud right now. When I quit drinking they said that is what it is called, The peeps at my meetings. ... (14 replies)
... Thanks to all for the encouraging words. Milksnake - I'm definitely NOT refilling my prescription. I would just rather not have the option should I be feeling weak somewhere down the line, you know? Sort of like throwing out anything I'd stashed, I just know that I'm not going to be trustworthy for a little while. I definitely am just pushing through. No WD symptoms... (51 replies)
... g well holy day one not to bad .by day four yes. just dont forget where you came from .you may think that feeling to good is not possible. have you heared of the pink cloud stage ,be careful that wheres off. then theres this thing called life. put your recovery first . ... (51 replies)
... If you call the NA hotline they can give u an up to date meeting list. Some lists are out dated. But I wanted to share with you in the beginning you are on a pink cloud and you can go along period of time without a craving. Then Blam it will hit you like a ton of bricks. ... (26 replies)
... Thanks for the support Ping. I was riding on that pink cloud and smacked me. I told my sponsor about all that is going and am calling ppl. ... (39 replies)

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