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Day 3 clean
Jan 17, 2007
... astic results. All opiates are chemically similar, opium contains morphine and codeine in a ratio of about 10 to 1. The greatest risk with opiates is respiratory depression failure. I'm still sneezing, once or twice a day. I think that is the upper respiratory flushing out the clogged debris. ... (62 replies)
... am tapering on the ultram. I am down to 2.5 50mg pills a day starting yesterday, down from 3 per day....sometimes going over by 1. Oh and I also take lexapro for depression and anxiety. I think this is why the ultram was a bit of a high for me because it does boost the seratonin. ... (8 replies)
... But VERY are going to have to be committed to the max. It is SOOO worth it though. When you come out on the other side in about 4 days or so, the depression will lift, you will actually be HAPPY... ... (19 replies)

... Buckeyetim, we must have been posting at the same time this morning! I didn't see your post until I checked back until now. So, thanks for writing! ... (25 replies)
... Hey sas, glad you posted. The tight-knit groups on here come and go, I've been here since last summer and there's always a new crowd! And then some people who are always around who are our saviors. I'm recently benzo/ambien and still in w/d but I've also been addicted to hydrocodone. I think some people here will answer your questions better about the hydro so I'll let them... (6 replies)
... Very intersting post/thread.. i used to think the same thing..i wasn't THAT bad cos i was a functioning addict-i did not steal/prostitute..yes..i lied. You refer Snowdog-to our puritanical are right-we were founded on staunch morality-yet..presently we live in a "drug society"-so many people are now medicated..whether prescribed/or self..medicating-starting in... (23 replies)
... a blood pressure patch for 3 weeks. It helped tremendously. The exercising builds back up the Endorphins in your brain that the pills were disabling. There is a detox recipe on the board. I would suggest following it. You can get all of that at a supplement store. ... (9 replies)
Im Back :)
May 29, 2005
... Hey Everyone!! Well, The last time I was here (if anyone remembers me) I wasnt sounding so good. But I just wanted to let everyone know I am now 15 days oxycodone clean and I feel great. I finally have my energy back. Mornings are a little rough for me and sleep isnt what it used to be for sure. But things are going good!! I am in outpatient therapy/counseling 3 days a... (7 replies)
... I was on a methadone clinic for a few years and the WD's were complete hell for me! It was much harder and lasted so much longer than the drug I was put on it for to begin with. I know a few people who have also gone the sub route and have said the same thing about the WD's being worse and lasting longer. I do know for sure that if you are on either of these meds for a long... (9 replies)
... hours, it just stays in your system. Not only that, it clings on to your receptors as mud, with a very slow detox from your brain cells. The depression and lethargy just kills you. ... (33 replies)
Hi Everyone...
Aug 21, 2004
... my detox contract and so far today.. ... (17 replies)
... I am NOT sure yet what I will do after my detox contract is finished... ... (5 replies)
... After my arrest, I entered another rehab. In addition to battling my addiction, I was also battling depression and shame, and guilt, and humiliation, and feeling like the lowest of the low for what I had done. ... (20 replies)
... Thanks Lisa. How long did your detox last? ... (10 replies)
... I am waiting for the 2 detox programs I talked to to call me back re my insurance benefits. ... (58 replies)
My story
Jan 30, 2004
... here. Perhaps my exprience can give someone encouragement. I believe this first post and subsequent interaction will help me in my effort to stay clean... ... (6 replies)
... Really I am just posting because I need a shoulder to cry on. I am 28 years old and have been taking Lortabs since Nov. 2002. I went into inpatient detox in Apr. and was clean for three months. I started taking again in July and have progressed past my maximum that I was taking in April. ... (30 replies)
... Would you mind offering me some help w/ a plan. I have 80 10/500 Hydro that I just got today. I have been eating this size 10-12 a day for a few weeks. For several months (maybe 8)I had been taking 10-12 a day of 5/500's. In my wisdom I thought that if I got the 10's maybe I would only take 4-6 a day, but that is not a good plan for an addict. A couple of months ago... (5 replies)
Is this true???
Jul 1, 2003
... People OVER USE the word mental. Cravings are mental, depression, anxiety, pain "post" drug use, that is all physical. Your body needs to chemically adjust, detox isn't like an exorsism where they are casting the drug back to hell. ... (11 replies)
... e pills and the less amount you take, the easier it is on you. For me, it doesn't matter, I went on Suboxone a few months ago and I felt great. When I tried to detox off of it, I lasted 6 days. The fatigue was unbelievable. I could not move! I think that was the worst part of it, oh yeah and the depression. ... (26 replies)

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