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... your CT from OXY is already repaired! You got back on track in light speed! ... (6 replies)
... Thanks for the post. (3 replies)
... It says alot of you that you will post your true actions. I know I have wandered off my taper a few times and I guess I think if I don't tell anybody that it is not as bad. ... (6 replies)

... em. She was taking them for her sinus headaches at first but then when she didn't have a headache, even though she didn't need them, her body would go through withdrawl so would take a couple of oxy's to stop it. I was so proud of her that she came to us as soon as she realized she was having a problem with them. ... (1 replies)
... all of a sudden went into withdrawl automatically and I didn't realize it and either did my doc. ... (6 replies)
... t and hasn't been home since. This is the same guy that I went on that al night binge with a week ago yesterday, last Thursday, that I wrote about in an earlier post in this thread. He is also the firend that I am trying to get clean with. Me for opiates and him with cocain. ... (17 replies)
... now. My habit was oxycodone 30mg and I was at 30 to 40 a day. I say I was at that habit for 5 months, prior to that I was on perc's 10mg 20 a day along with 4 oxy 30's for about 6 months prior to that I was on vicoprofien 7.5 mg 30 a day along with percs 10mg 10 a day for a year. ... (8 replies)
... is why i always liked tapering. But then there are some that consider that torture. Do some searching back on some of our old posts, and ask questions. Post, post post....newbies are welcomed here with open arms, we have quite the family here, you are gonna thank God you found this site. ... (2 replies)
... acting oxycontin and OXY IR, he is going to feel horrible no matter if he is an 'addict' or 'normal. ... (12 replies)
... I am off of it now after 30 days and am still reeling from it, not sleeping at all but I don't have any more withdrawl symptoms except for not sleeping!!!! ... (11 replies)
... at this point pretty much anyway you do it, its going to be hard. i remember the withdrawl, i was on as much OC as you were a day for about three years, chewing it all. now im nine months clean - thanx to NA meetings, sponsors and therapy. but one of the things that keeps me clean when i start getting that desperate craving, is my memory of the withdrawl. ive never been... (17 replies)
I need advice
Mar 31, 2004
... just wanted to sleep, so a friend hooked me did take off the edge...and i did get a few hours rest...but is that considered cheating, will that make the withdrawl process longer...another question i have...a friend of mine gave me a duragesic fentanyl 100 mg patch...i know it is a pain medication... ... (4 replies)
... story...i am new here this is my first post and im doing on my phone cuz its the only internet I have so hope it works. Reading this board has helped me so much... ... (1 replies)
... You're not a failure thinking that is just ridiculous. That's like seeing a bed ridden sick person as a failure because they cannot walk you have an illness and that does not make you a failure. You need to continiue getting help and it takes time. I have been depressed most of my life and I started using opiates 7 years ago to self medicate through my depression. I was on... (3 replies)
... GOOD Luck to you KIM. Did you post this before and then change it? ... (12 replies)
... If you are talking to me.....Not too Great!!!!.....But, not as bad as I thoughtit would get......I have been on Opiates for over 20 yrs....was not very clear on first post....but Doc said my "Level" was low for Oxy's....Ok for all others...Anyway, did Finally get pretty good night's suppossed to be in School today....think I'm taking off!!!!....Gonna try and get... (6 replies)
... well cant beleive i got myself in this position I have read alot of post here and now alot of you have come clean off of oxys or any narcotic for that matter doc says go to a slow taper . ... (45 replies)
... He said aroud two tablets a day. 80Mg tablets twice a day IS alot,chewwed or un chewed. (8 replies)
... Just wanted to post, although I did go cold turkey and don't know allot about using m.. Taking 2 oxy is not allot, it seems that eventually you could take 1 for a couple of days, then 1/2 then 0...does that not work? (btw; stop chewing!) That would be the best way of tapering, rather than risk getting addicted to m. B,Y. (8 replies)
... So he put me on Clonidine. I was withdrawling for 36 hr when I saw him and when I put the 7day patch on I was withdrawl free in about 15 minutes. I am now 8 days free and have lead a normal life since the day I put it on. ... (17 replies)

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