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... up a couple times by using only one time but recongnized my "need" for it and stopped before it went too far. Fast forward to today and I now have alot of health problems and I am only 26 years old. I have nephrotic syndrome that is monitored closley for further kidney damage, severe depression. Not even sure if its depression. ... (2 replies)
... This is my second time around with alcohol after quitting for a year and a half. I drank a case of beer every day for almost two years until I finally quit cold turkey. ... (5 replies)
... th grade on i was doing everything i could to get high or drunk. by the time i hit college it just all went down hill i could bearly remember sober moments. Then after a few hundred dollar bet with a friend to stay sober i found my self just freaking out all of the time. ... (4 replies)

... I have had similar problems; horrible anxiety, my appetite is fine, though my hands tend to shake a lot. It is kinda annoying not really much i can do though or is there? I am taking herbal supplements; im not a dirty hippie not yet at least. The adderol i am prescribed to doesnt help since stimulants increase your anxiety level yet i am affraid to stop taking them... (11 replies)
... i agree lethargy creates tiredness,try just going for a 15 min brisk walk tomorrow or today our time difference? and post me how youu feel,as the mother of a recovering addict i think if you are capable of kicking addiction you can do anything,putting my money on you,love,sad mum (2 replies)
... I used Meth for 10 years until I was 29 (15 years ago) and I went through alot of health issues, mostly minor, that cleared up over time. All except for my teeth which I had to have about half of replaced. I found incredible support through AA/NA. Yes I gained alot of weight, not as much as you but alot. I forced myself to go to a gym daily to combat it and found that... (2 replies)
... survived to only screw me over for the next 2 years. Cheating, cheating, cheating. At the same time, my dog died. My parents seperated, and finally I got into problems with my boss and dealt with him giving me hell for 3 months until I quit. ... (7 replies)
... trusting of your own inner feelings when you know that they are coming from a clear mind. My addictionologist told me to make no major life decisions for a year after quitting, so that is a testament to how messed up your thinking can get during withdrawal. ... (58 replies)
Detox time line
Jul 7, 2005
... and they advised I stay on it, but if I insisted of quitting morphine then they wanted me to try OXYCOTIN!!! Talk about not listening to the concerns of the patient. ... (27 replies)
... I expect. I was prescribed some high dosage codeine tablets for pain relief about three and a half years ago, I was only supposed to have them for two weeks, but after that I started getting my own supply because I enjoyed the high. Fast forward 3.5 years and I have only gone two days without in all that time. ... (9 replies)
... d won't last much longer than a week or two. After the first 5 days I would think that each day would start feeling better and better.... ... (8 replies)
Quitting Smoking
Jan 15, 2007
... Good luck quitting after a year clean! It took me 14 years to quit after getting clean! ... (5 replies)
... idn't realize that it was converted to morphine in my system and it was chemically related to heroin. i was not able to taper properly so i had to go cold turkey after about a two day taper which was better than nothing but still hard. i was taking 80 to 130 mgs of hydrocodone daily for about 2 years. ... (4 replies)
... but I do it socially, with friends who do have problems with it, and for pain relief. I have fibromyalgia and.. yeah.. various other illnesses and maladies that cause me pain. ... (3 replies)
... ich yourself and keep busy but not just with anything, something that feels rewarding so you know if you do drink you will jeopardize all you have. I use to have problems with addiction but I have found peace in building a life outside and away from that addiction. ... (5 replies)
... few times before, but it has been a couple months now. Basically, I posted a while back explaining a little about my history with drug addiction, and my current problems with hydrocodone. ... (8 replies)
... Your making so much sense, thank you I have made an appointment with a Specialist in all areas, but it's 5 weeks time, He deals with drugs too, i'll tell him everything, i have much more confidence in him because i have much more confidence in his abilities since he's a specialist I know it may be small and pety but i'm very paranoid nowadays, even me seeing little... (55 replies)
... problems are still there waiting for us, but now we lack the coping skills to deal with it all.Our first response to problems was to grab for the pills or the joint or the bottle.So right now, in the early stages, reality sucks,but it slowly does get better. ... (55 replies)
... ay, now you have a chance to catch up on all the movies you didn't see this year. I remember having all those questions and being terrified when I found out that after day two things actually could get worse. My withdrawal was probably abnormally long, but you can get through it. ... (32 replies)
... lood cell counts to be off. I had blood tests a couple of months ago on day 5 of wd's and my white and red blood cell counts were out of whack. I have always had problems even a couple of weeks after quitting and swear I had some kind of virus or something but it was always after effects of wd's. ... (8 replies)

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