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... Please take my advice on the Suboxone because myself and everyone I have talked to concured. Do a nice slow taper and I mean slow. I tried to do mine over a 6 week period and that was a mistake. My Doctor even advised against it. ... (59 replies)
Oct 13, 2011
... odies need just that little bit of buph to feel normal. I wish my Dr. would have lowered me to a very low dose very quickly after I got on the program and let me taper off asap. I feel that as soon as you get proper counseling and a solid circle of friends who support you the Dr. should take you off the subs. Worst case the Dr. ... (15 replies)
... i have a friend that takes it, your md is suposed toknow the proper taper plan, an i hear slow is good , the slower you taper down the less the wd ,wich will vary from person to person, try other sites about suboxone there are some sites that talk about sub only:) (7 replies)

... As you can all see I decided to slow down my taper a bit because I had a brief relapse with cocaine and other drugs, therefore there was no sense in trying to avoid drug tests and such while coming down. ... (32 replies)
... er, she considered just leaving me. But she didn't and she stayed and supported me and my methadone maintenance. My plan was to only use methadone and eventually taper down and off. But I didn't. That demon in my head kept me using even while I was with her. She found out once that I used and forgave me and said no more. ... (2 replies)
... I don't know your history Ryan. I had a large Lortab habit and my doc put me on 16 mg a day to start. After a while, I was able to taper it to 8 mgs. a day, then, 4 and so on. I stayed at 2 mgs. for awhile and then tapered to where I am now. ... (52 replies)
... At the very least I do feel like you can actually do a proper taper this way, under a doctors supervision. ... (21 replies)
... off the patients. That is the truth, its hard, but its the truth. With the right support and a strong head, you can kick this habit either CT or with a proper taper. ... (3 replies)
... Hi- were both good-take the 1 mgs..and take the smallest amount she can take to hold off w/d-very slow the suggested way to come off the sub-skipping days-taking crumbs-will stave off the w/ds until she gets more time-between w/d and then stop. I agree w/ your plan-of not switching to methadone-its not nessecery esp. where she did not use large... (6 replies)
Beginning Subutex
Jun 14, 2006
... all my own info regarding sub. Its NOT a pro or Con post but it may shed some light.. Buprenorphine is the active ingredient in Suboxone, Subutex, and Buprenex. Suboxone has a added ingredient called Naloxone. ... (20 replies)
... As an addict, the slow taper is next to impossible. It was for me anyway. As someone that was dependent on the medication, the slow taper was easier but still hard to accomplish. I know the difference between addiction and dependency is blurred but there really is a difference. ... (3 replies)
... I actually went the taper route myself for awhile. It's just that I couldn't handle it, I did well for awhile but its just nearly impossible to control the urge. ... (5 replies)
... With the amount that you are using and the method, I would highly recommend that you see a doctor that specifically treats addictions. You are going to have to taper quite a bit to slowly get down to manageable levels. I wouldn't even know how to convert nasally ingested Oxycontin to an equivalent dose of oxycodone. ... (13 replies)
... subutex can be used for maintenance or taper. The naloxone instant taper part essentially only works if the pill is converted to injection and it dose not pass well into the blood strean from a sublingual application. ... (6 replies)
... I do wish you well with your taper efforts. I'm beginning to look into Suboxone. Perhaps that might be a good alternative for you as well? ... (13 replies)
... n to stop because my pain diminished. For the amount you are taking, I would suggest you consult your doctor and work out a plan. Personally, I do not like the suboxone approach, because it is substituting one addictive opiate for another. If you want to be clean, you need to get off all opiates. ... (34 replies)
... Many people also take the suboxone route and especially with stronger meds like Methadone, this may be something to consider. ... (9 replies)
Jun 28, 2013
... I am now, a suboxone survivor. So, this withdrawal game isn't new to me. ... (0 replies)
Oct 26, 2003
... and a proper taper plan. The crappy part is that my back has really been hurting lately. Worse than it has since before I ever started these! ... (9 replies)
... ory a little before replying. Yes, I think you did the right thing, since there was not going to be a doctor on hand for 4 days. You have the right to have the proper medical treatment available. Then again No, since you only have enough pills for one more day. ... (26 replies)

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