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... Libruim and Provigil will help with detox. I am on my fourth day off Subutex. I dropped 6mg in 3 weeks.I feel like having flu and a stomach bug! When will this end? ... (5 replies)
... Great to hear both of you are doing good. Good Luck with the promotion! OK, guys, today is the first day off subutex. Shall keep you posted. Remember I also have Provigil for fibro patients that gives them energy. It helps me alot. ... (64 replies)
... ady whenever I need it, while my local pharmacy still has to order it and then I only get it the next day. The bigger pharmacy cost me R1400 for a month supply!! Provigil usually cost me R840 and I paid R620 there!! Unbelievable. ... (7 replies)

... I'm unfamiliar with subutox and suboxone but I do know that there a lot of people on this board who have differing experiences. It depends on the individual and the withdrawal symptoms. I would ask you to please wait for the troops to arrive as many struggle with tapering, any drug really. I am tapering off of fentanyl and now norco which is just extra strength vicodan. I... (64 replies)
... May I ask you how did you taper yourself? Did you took any other meds with the subutex.I have fibromyalgia and he prescribed me provigil and it gives ;you lotsa energy,but not in a rush way,It feels more normal. I also drink alpralozam to relax my muscles (64 replies)
Jan 15, 2008
... Provigil helps me a lot with energy.Haven't take that for a while. It is a little expensive,but a wonderful drug and not addictiive! (2 replies)
... d with 4 and my neurologist told me not to go more than 8mg. I still craved and went up to 16mg where I feel I am stable after a month to move to 12mg in one go. Provigil gives you energy and you don't have to take it if not needed and your body don't get use to it very quickly. ... (64 replies)
... very true about the provigil. I also have to keep in mind that I am still tapering so the lack of energy is also due to that. I have to be patient and trust that I will have energy eventually. I did the same thing, not taking it for a day. I didn't realize how much it does help. I can't wait until the pharmacies get the generic. I know it's out just not at the pharmacies. (64 replies)
... catnanny I red on the one or other site you have to be on 12-16mg for at least 6-9 months before tapering. The success rate is bigger. I skipped my provogil yesterday. You only realises how much energy it gives you if you don't drink it. I felt like s...! I always felt tired and lazy all the time, but feels normal now. Maybe it's not your body getting used to provigil,but... (64 replies)
... I have done a lot of research on it as well. I don't know if g8girl has different info. One thing that I ran across on some health site is the longer you stay on it, the better the statistics are for not relapsing. I don't know about the subutox though. Yoss said that it did not have the naltrexone in it. That is what keeps you from getting the "high" feeling. I wonder... (64 replies)
... I was prescribed 100mg for provigil,but I see you can drink 200mg. I drink 200mg now,cause the 100mg also did not much for me. Maybe you should skip a day or two, because the body also gets use to it as with other meds. (64 replies)
Subutex trouble
Nov 4, 2007
... wolfe go back to sub dr and request some clonidine for the w/ds.also ask about a new drug called provigil,that i think is helpful for lack of energy during w/ds.we hate to do it but exercise is the best drug that you can do at this time.the more the you have to work during all this?if not dont worry about it,take your time it will come back.give it 30days and you... (3 replies)
... Hi DJ, First off- my hats off to you for serving and sacrificing for this great country of ours! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! :) What saved me from the twitching that you described and the restlessness and anxiety was a drug called Neurontin. It is actually a drug for nerve pain but is used for a variety of other things (as alot of meds are). I tried... (7 replies)
Twist of fate...
Jun 6, 2004
... t. Went to an addictionologist and he put me on Provigil and Neurontin. ... (16 replies)
... Ohhhh! So I guess if you go to rehab-it's just that you have to hash it out by yourself-with no help? And in Detox, they help you? I'm hopefully trying to understand it. You said you were in 4 days? I wonder what's so bad about doing the other-under anesthesia? So, do you think since I am over those first few days-and the cravings aren't too too bad-should I even look... (25 replies)
... That was my biggest complaint.. just rediculously tired and absolutely no energy or motivation.. the provigil helped big time! ... (7 replies)
Oct 24, 2004
... My dear friend Carly, I was thinking about you today also. I am glad to hear the news on Cymbalta working with your depression. After my many times on Ritalin and adderall , I have come to the conclusion that it worsens the depression. It is a big boost for a couple of hours after taking it but if you don't have more to take you have a big come down and more depression. It... (2 replies)
... I have been on suboxone, heck I'd have to check my first post, GREAT stuff. If you can get past the WD of Narcotics without the depression great just stay away from them. I went 3 years and the depression never went away. When I went on Meth the depression went away but not the slow sometime tired feeling, But to add to the story, I went 3 weeks ago to have my CPAP updated,... (9 replies)

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