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... You say tomato and I say... It doesn't matter. It's not going to get or keep anyone clean and/or sober. (19 replies)
... Using psychiatric drugs only trades in one dependancy for another even if at a physical level only rather than addictive level. ... (19 replies)
... ells, and makes you pretty much brain dead, like your pretty much like this duh what did you say!! i only tried pot and dust 2 times!! i stopped cold turkey from drugs 2 years ago, because i never really liked drugs, they didnt mix well with my psychiatric drugs. ... (8 replies)

... Bipolar Girl, you asked if pain pills are as hard to come off of as the psychiatric drugs. Are you taking pain pills as well? ... (5 replies)
... d every saturday. We both go to college, so I like to read books about the medical feild, because I want to be either a social worker, or someone who works in a psychiatric facility. He wants to be a radiologist. I have changed my life around so much in three years that its fantastic. I dont smoke cigarettes anymore. ... (4 replies)
... I would venture to say that fear is the one greatest obstacle to successful withdrawal from psychiatric drugs. ... (10 replies)
... I would venture to say that fear is the one greatest obstacle to successful withdrawal from psychiatric drugs. ... (2 replies)
... but nothing I heard about those harder drugs was certain until earlier today. ... (14 replies)
Hydros and Zoloft
Apr 26, 2004
... I reiterate that taking psychoactive drugs is not always the answer and maybe my vicodin use was a phase, I don't know. One thing I do know is that I dont want to go there ever again. ... (29 replies)
When does it end
Apr 20, 2004
... psychiatric drugs. I do understand there comes a time in extreme circumstance that maybe these drugs are helpful, but I'm talking extremely violent, disturbed, hallucienating or psychotic individuals.... ... (359 replies)
When does it end
Apr 20, 2004
... Ah, yes, anger is an appropriate response. I was angry for a long time...actually, I still get angry now and then about the whole ordeal I went through. Well, what can you do, except warn others. They are prescribing psychiatric drugs for everything but sneezing these days (thank goodness for Claritin or maybe that wouldn't be true) and it's sickening. But at least some of... (359 replies)
... I've been on heavy psychiatric drugs for the past 5 years,and finally found a Dr. ... (5 replies)
... Many of the drugs you name can certainly cause memory loss. ... (5 replies)
Message to Halls
Sep 27, 2004
... ROQUEL, and i cant fall asleep on my own. i can only fall asleep if i take my seroquel. i am dependent on this drug. Thats why these doctors who prescribe these drugs for us shouldnt be in business! Why should they have there dr licenses? ... (0 replies)
Hydros and Zoloft
Apr 25, 2004
... The world seemed to do fine enough before these complex psychiatric drugs. I see no point in taking real risks unless one is in a most severe state. ... (29 replies)
... I took this class of psychiatric drugs for more than 2 decades on a continual, chronic basis for panic disorder and severe GAD. ... (3 replies)
... Hey halls, My name is Christina. Iam 20. I can relate to u big time. You can read all about me on the post of sara's on board 2 of this baord. That sara was addicted to pain pills than she finally admitted it to her parents. I wrote all about my life on that thread. WEll Halls, I have been on Psychiatric drugs for 9years do to my father not wanting to deal with me being... (5 replies)
... Hey Sara, I did go back on that drug seroquel. I stopped it for a month and a half 6 months ago, because i would get panicky from it. After that month in a half and all the weird side effects i got and i still get I decided to go back on. Im back on seroquel now for 6mnths now. Im on serqouel, trileptal, topamax and trazadone all new meds. The doctor wants me off seroquel,... (4 replies)
... Hey everyone! I think Im addicted to serqouel. 6mnths ago, I stopped this med. cold turkey for a month and a half and I couldnt sleep that whole time period. I guess this medication made me become insomniac. I have been on this med for 6 years straight. By stopping this drug so abrubtly I developed a problem with my peripheral nervous system. I developled weird sensations,... (4 replies)
When does it end
May 6, 2004
... are hurting a lot of people, especially when such contentions are stated so a matter of factly. The truth is, according to Ashton, is that many come off of these drugs with no problems and the rest typically are fine within 3 months. ... (359 replies)

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