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... First, a little background information about myself. I have been taking Suboxone for the past 8 years, it has been a godsend for me. ... (4 replies)
... on Sunday,the 6th day on it, they dropped me down to 2mg and then took me off it completely!!! ... (2 replies)
... D symptoms and he said let me give you 0.1mg of clonidine and 10mg of Ambien, I was like GREAT!! Well he gave me a script for 5 pills? ... (15 replies)

... After my own failed attempt to detox off Suboxone, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I went from taking 80 to 90 mgs of Oxycontin a day to ONE five mg pill of Suboxone. This drug has a very strong affinity for those receptors. ... (4 replies)
... ct of your fatigue it seems to me like you are on a fairly high dose of suboxone. I find that it does not take a high dose to work for me. Before I began using suboxone I was regulary taking 2 OC 80s a day for a long period of time. ... (17 replies)
... great job on your recovery! I am on day 22 recovering from opiate addiction. ... (10 replies)
... So, I got down to 4 and was feeling it really bad then switched to methadone. My doctor would have prefered suboxone but my VA hospital didn't have it in thier formulary. So, I used methadone for 6 months while my docotr fought to get suboxone added to the VA formulary. ... (9 replies)
... I was addicted to opiates for 10yrs and had 2yrs of complete sobriety. Things were great! Then 11 months ago I was in a racing accident and shattered my heel in 5 places. I woke up 5 pins, 4 screws, and a plate later and it was downhill from there. Pain was unbearable and doctors only prescribed for so long. . ... (5 replies)
Mar 29, 2009
... Granted, I had a serious illness and surgery but that was no excuse for the abuse of those narcotics. That is how I rationalized it. So I started on 12 mg of suboxone a day about 6 months ago and have slowly tapered down to the 1 2mg tablet now. ... (10 replies)
... I thank you for your reply. I'm sure, like every drug, everyone reacts differently. The two people I know who have taken Suboxone said it was a lifesaver. Both of them were able to taper off with hardly any WD. One started at 8mg and was on for a total of a year and a half. ... (12 replies)
Suboxone feedback
Nov 20, 2003
... I don't know what it's really like for a heavy narcotics IV user, I'm 39 now, and when I was 20-21 I was bumping Dilaudid 4mg 4 times a day. But what put the hook in me was after surgery in July 1998, was supposed to be on Morphine pump for 2 days, ending up 5 days and they where changing it all the time, plus they where giving shots of demerol every 6 hours, I quit everything... (33 replies)
... using subutex 2 weeks ago. They started me out with just 2 8mg subutex per day. 1 in the mouring and one after dinner. I felt a little discomfort for the first day and a half but after that I have felt pretty good. Just remember subutex is a drug and it will get you high if you take enough. ... (18 replies)
... I am currently on 16 mgs of suboxone a day. I had to stop last month for surgery in order for the pain meds they gave me afterwards to work. The week before I took 8 mgs Monday thru Friday. ... (2 replies)
... However, if you're taking significant amounts of an opiate for a long period of time, suboxone can be a good idea. ... (24 replies)
... Lol, your turning into a fish. Well, I called a friend who had kicked the suboxone habbit. I told him honestly how many milligrams I jumped off of. He told me that it wasnt safe, and then I told him that im 5 days into it! ... (58 replies)
... een addicted to vics for about a year now. i started taking them for back pain i got them from a friend who still takes the regularly now. i was up to 20 to 30 a day as i stated with 2 a day almost a year ago.i found my whole life depending on the pills. ... (23 replies)
... fatema, ok, Ive managed to get my head straight with 6 hours of scattered sleep last night and get myself to a calandar. My last small dose of suboxone was 1 week ago. Very small amount and early in the morning right before my final. However, I didnt go into withdraw for 5 days. ... (58 replies)
... Welcome shayeagle. I just recovered this week from my opiate dependency and I have to tell you that it is something you need to make a goal to do. I feel so much better and I have so much more energy it's unbelievable. I can't speak about taking Suboxone, but I did my research before hand on the drug and I personally did not want to take it. It is an opiate replacement... (7 replies)
... y dangerous to use the sub like you did on top of the oxy's. PLEASE, let your doctor know. before the month of jan. a doctor could only take 30 patients into the suboxone it is 100 and is mandated by the state. a doctor has to have a speacial training to even rx the sub. ... (3 replies)
... wals..,..sweating like i ran a friggin marathon rright in front of the doctor, how embarassing. so after a 30 minute conversation with him, he put me on 8 mg of suboxone a day. 4 in the am, 4 in the pm. i have to say that the withdrawals are completely gone as well as any desire to take an opiate. ... (35 replies)

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