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... of one tab total a day and should be off totally very soon. ... (72 replies)
... I am new here and will be seeing a Dr. about the best way to taper off of 100mcg of Fentanyl. ... (4 replies)
... Ok...I am tapering off of 10/325 percocet. I have been on 80mg's daily up until the past couple weeks where I went down to 4-5 daily. This past week however, I made a jump. It was to be 3 daily (30mg's) Morning, Noon, Night. I did this on Monday & Tuesday but on tuesday night I lasted from noon until 8pm (big task for me). Then however on wednesday I got a bit... (1 replies)

... loose bowels and feeling like I could jump out of my skin was how I felt in addition to body aches. The Klonipin makes me very tired also. If you have enough to taper a little slower, it would probably be best but ultimately you will go through the withdrawal as you are now. ... (1 replies)
... For the past several weeks I've been reading this board with an intensity bordering on obsession. I've been weaning off Percocet. I've got to say that being able to see what others have gone through has given me a strength that I otherwise would not have had, so Thanks to all! ... (2 replies)
... She told me I have to start tapering off the Vicodin or I may end up in rehab. ... (1 replies)
... He told me to taper down my usage. With that small of a prescription, I assume he means pretty quickly! ... (8 replies)
... I did a really long slow taper off of Zoloft about five months ago. ... (2 replies)
... Initially I wanted to get off as fast as I could. But doing a slow gentle taper has been much easier on me. ... (4 replies)
... I have been using vicodin and percocet for almost 6 years now. It started with a back injury. ... (2 replies)
... I am a 20 year old female, and I've been taking percocet on and off for the past two years. It started with an injury at work, I had never taken any drugs, and hardly ever drank before my injury. ... (10 replies)
... Thank you all for your thoughts and input. I really kinda needed that today. This Xanax taper is so very weird for me. I run these crazy cycles of hyperness for a couple of days and then exhaustion for a couple of days. ... (34 replies)
... Hi, I am beginning my perc taper today so maybe we can detox together. I am using the detox recipe at the top of this board and tapering 5 mg. percocet a day. i presently take 5 10mg tablets a day. I know that doesn't seem like very many but i am physically addicted and love the feeling of well being. ... (2 replies)
... prior to Rheumy Office Visit, I asked his RN "do I taper off my meds or do I stay on them"...the RN stated "OH NO, don't get off your meds, wait til your visit." AT my Rheumy visit, he states "You have Fibromyalgia but that pain management style is not my methodology" therefore, no meds. ... (2 replies)
... I am embarrassed to be starting yet another thread about trying to taper from oxycodone. ... (74 replies)
... Just wanted to congratulate you on your efforts thus far. You really seem to have determination there. You have said you want to wean off these, right? ... (72 replies)
... What Suboxone does is it fills your opitate receptors with Bupenorphine, which is also an opiate but not a full opiate antagonist like Percocet or Vicodan so you won't get high. Since those receptors are filled with the Bupe, even if you took any other opiate they wouldn't do anything for you. ... (10 replies)
... I have had depression for over five years. My father has a condition that requires him to take percocet daily for the last fifteen years. During the first year of my depression I took some of his percocet for a sports injury. ... (12 replies)
... tabs and so on. I started off by doing a dual taper...oxycodone and xanax. When that first cut was way too big and I was in terrrible withdrawal was the week I saw the psychiatrist. ... (72 replies)
... My story began with a cervical spinal fusion 2 years ago in October. After getting out of the hospital, I was prescribed Percocet for about 2 months. I was so afraid of being addicted that I asked my surgeon to prescribe something less potent. ... (9 replies)

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