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Why Suboxone???
Oct 13, 2007
... Can I ask why some of you chose suboxone to come off of your meds? ... (8 replies)
... more time in between those doses until you are able to drop the dose down again. Remember a couple things some of it is in your head you get used to taking the suboxone and part of it is your head not your body telling you, you need it. ... (37 replies)
... tenths of a milligram. What this means is, if you take a 1 mg. piece of sub and divide it into ten equal pieces, I take two of those pieces. I tapered to this from a 2 mg. a day. It has taken me two months to get this low. I have no w.d. at all waiting sometimes more that twenty four hours between. ... (52 replies)

... ny smaller without it breaking up into a powder. It is hard to put this powder under your tongue. I went and read sub. info on these boards, and found an entry from an addiction doc. in the U.K. He stated that they have been using the sub. ... (52 replies)
... and finally asked an addiction doc for help. He wanted me on it for at least six months, but I chose to stay on for about a year. I am now tapering the sub. and am down to about .02 mgs. ... (3 replies)
... From what I've read the people tapering or coming off their Suboxone are going through significant withdrawls. ... (3 replies)
... Well, Ive been looking into that as well at other forums and here.I was planning on being on a long term maintenance with suboxone but the more I hear about it I am thinking about other options. Most of the positive feedback you see on it is from new pts in the firs month or two. ... (8 replies)
... d and tapering off. ... (59 replies)
... correct in what he said about the time restraints.24hrs is the reccommendedtime to begin taking SUBOXONE after the last dose of narcotics. ... (84 replies)
... For what it is worth, I would not go on the Suboxone unless you feel that you would relapse once off the percocet. Like Percocet, Suboxone has an opiate base and there would be a struggle to come off that as well. ... (3 replies)
... I got down to 2mg from way up when I first detoxed off the oxy. I stayed on 2mg for some time. It was my security blanket. ... (16 replies)
... ebird and Sverge....maybe you weren't on the suboxone long enough to feel the withdrawls that bad. You were very lucky. I was on it from Sept. 2 to Nov. ... (71 replies)
... Yes suboxone can be addictive. For me it helped me transition from a life of drugs, to a life without street drugs. It has helped me stay away from illegal drugs, and get my life back in order. I do not get high from it. Suboxone is a partial opiod agonist and is a derivative of opium. ... (3 replies)
... who's telling you that tapering off .25mg was easy? ... (48 replies)
... Giants20 good to hear things went well at the docs. I remember when I went to get my script filled I found out my insurance wanted a pre authorization from the doc, and so I could not get my suboxone until after that happend, and as I was the last appt of the day there was no way that was happening. ... (37 replies)
... moved into private practice and i cant afford to travel that far plus pay his outrageous fee! please help me find a doctor I can contact to help me, I am out of suboxone as of today, and I am scared. I take 8mg once a day! dont know what 2 do? ... (52 replies)
... w and I do feel a little differant, its hard to explain, I just feel differant than before.And yes the headaches are still pretty bad, but I have always suffered from headaches so I dont know the differance. The E.R. experiance was awful! They treated me like a typical junkie, and they had no idea what sub. was. ... (14 replies)
... Please read my story as I am now 35days off of Suboxone and it took me about 20 days to feel better. I too read this on other posts that it took a month or so and was petrified. ... (5 replies)
... I have never taken suboxone, but I did taper from first Oxycodone and then from Xanax. I can tell you that I had headaches throughout the tapering process and for a while after stopping completely. ... (7 replies)
Why Suboxone???
Oct 13, 2007
... So suboxone works for pain relief? ... (8 replies)

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