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... tenance because you will only take on a stronger addiction then. And like I said before, it is expensive, even with insurance. If I was you I would switch to the ultracets and taper yourself down if you wanna totally come off them. If you still need something everyday, 6 ultracets a day would be a safe and minmaly addicting dose. ... (61 replies)
... you have to be careful with those,they are not the same as vicodin,dosing is in no way the same,you can get away with taking 4-5 vics at a time if your tolerance is at that,but not with ultram,,ultracet. Ultram carries with it a high seisure rate at large doses especially,so be careful and just take 1-2 every 6-8 hours to help with the wds,please don't play with that like it... (3 replies)
... i was still wondering how many of the ultracets should i take at a time if they are 37.7 of tramedol,if i have been taking 4 in a half of the 500 ml of vicodin at a time 2 a day. ... (3 replies)

... n as possible. i ran out of vicodin today. i am taking the 500 ml of regular vikes, i take 4 in a half eacht dose and i take tqwo doses a day. well ive had these ultracets for a few days and was saving them for a time liuek this. ... (3 replies)
To john 3:16
Mar 13, 2004
... hi there you are very helpful to me in your tips in. i greatly appreciated im so happy you people are here. anyways i was wondering how many i should take of the ultracets. it has 37.7 ml of tramedol, and 325 of tylenol. for the last two moths ive been taking andwhere form 5 to 6 of 500ml of regualr vicodin. so what do you think will be enough of the ultracets, hope you reply... (4 replies)
I have a question
Mar 13, 2004
... i was wondeirng if anyone knew if ultracets would help witht he withdrawls from vicodin. i only have enough to last me until today. and im really worried casue i never go a day with out them. ... (7 replies)
... acet and actually took some during one of my last attempts to get off Lortab and they seemed to really help with the leg pain. Does anyone have experience using ultracets as a way to avoid th terrible withdrawals? ... (10 replies)
... I was sober for about 4 months about 2yrs ago...and i found a few Ultracets in my drawer and took them thinking they weren't addictive, but i knew the moment i took them that they were by the way they made me feel. ... (18 replies)
... d's, I'm prepared. That way I don't even have to worry about weaning down from the Ultracets later. I'm just trying to do this as easy as possible. ... (25 replies)
... Hey, El... It seems that we have a few of the "oldies-but goodies" back on the Board, and it caused me to Think of YOU... How are things.? Anything new.? I hope your Health is okay.! Do you still run the meetings in Manhattan.? That is soo generous of you, to "give back", in that kind of way... I remember you had some difficulties with the Ultracets, yes.?... (0 replies)
... Wow guys...I sitting here in tears that you all actually noticed my absence!!! They are happy tears, though. Well, I could write a freakin' book on everything that has gone on lately, but I'll spare you the details for now. All I can say is that I need some major, MAJOR help. I need advice, I need some guidance. I'm up to 20-30 pills a day, and at this point..I almost wish... (27 replies)
... Oxy- What a vicious cycle you are in,one I know too well as I'm sure many others do,too.The lowdown,ultracets will help somewhat,they are a reduced amount of tramadol(37.5mg)mixed with acetominophen,but I can't recommend the amount you should take to help keep the withdrawals at bay because high amounts of tramadol carry a pretty good seizure risk.Lortabs would also help,but... (7 replies)
... I am getting ready to go thru oxy wd's, ONCE AGAIN. I have 14 oc's and 30 ultracets to get me thru until Monday, when I can get an oxy refill. Will the ultracet help AT ALL with the dope sickness? ... (7 replies)
... Hey Banker, Thanks for the encouragement. I wish me and the vikes never met. I remember when I first took them for legitimate pain they made me feel good kind of like I took a shot of tequila and since I had had a battle with the bottle in my old life it made it that much harder to want to quit. The ultracet did help with the pain, and I think since I did abuse vicodin... (7 replies)
... You can do this. It doesn't sound like you've been on ultracets long enough to where the wds will be that bad. I think it's great you are tapering and then next week, you will take it one hour at a time. ... (7 replies)
... keith i'm sorry about your situation i did the same thing when i came off methadone they prescribed me tramadol for my back pain so i took them and i didnt get a buzz but ifelt normal because i was a phychological :angel: mess at the time and i said to myself this is messed up so i reasearched and could not believe the horror stories i read you didnt intentionally take these... (14 replies)
... am starting all over again. I have to go to work and I have an opiate hangover and probably will go through some more wd's again. I have thrown out the other two ultracets that I had left. This sucks and I am really depressed right now. I worked hard to stay off of vikes and now I feel like crap. ... (14 replies)
To hope12
Mar 16, 2004
... Openly addicted, Hi,me,too,sorry, I didn't see this post until just a minute ago,not feeling too hot today.The "sub" you see everyone talking about is actually another drug,that's part opiate,you don't get a "high" off of it,but it helps ward off withdrawal and makes you feel "normal" so you can function.It's given a lot to chronic opiate abusers who chronically... (2 replies)
To john 3:16
Mar 15, 2004
... Suzanne, Wanted to ask you a few questions-What is it you take-4-5 vicodins at a time?Or 4-5 throughout the whole day??(You said you were tapering?)Just a little tip about the Ultracets-They contain 37.5mg of tramadol(as you know),and the "limit" to take for a day is 400mg's(of tramadol).Stay within those guidelines at first after you run out of the vicodin's-and then taper... (4 replies)

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