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... for nearly three years. Never really thought much of it, just took it on a daily basis mostly in the AM. This past January I started an antidepressant which increased my anxiety and pain levels. I have fibromyalgia. ... (28 replies)
... Has anyone found a particular antidepressant that helps with ultram withdrawal? ... (1 replies)
... an Ultram a day as something to be worried about. ... (17 replies)

... depressants for some years before all this back pain started, but now after the ultram horror, I'm determined to get off of all meds. I start seeing a psychologist next week to get some therapy, as my coping skills are gone after all this mess. ... (61 replies)
... at idea since you mentioned that you are actually suffering from depression.ultram is very different from other pain meds in that it actually does have an actual antidepressant quality to it,unlike the other pain meds availiable. ... (1 replies)
... think anyone here can say how's different for everyone. If things don't look up soon, consider going to the doctor for an antidepressant. Did you know ultram has antidepressant properties to it? ... (61 replies)
... think that gave it even more of a kick to my seratonin levels. At the time I first got hooked, I had quit drinking alcohol for a year. So, I was only abusing the ultram at that time but it got to be pretty bad...was taking up to 10 or so a day to try to keep that "floaty feeling".I took it for about 45 days. ... (19 replies)
... n. I was already off it 8 days but the pain did not get better as time passed, it got worse. I was and still am very scared. So, this is what I did. I took my Ultram prescription bottle out, looked at it and cried. I took the 2 pills I normally did in the past and put them on the TV tray next to me. ... (28 replies)
... like that it feels like I'm doing something wrong. By the grace of God I've never had depression or addiction issues. This is one of the things that makes this ultram addiction so confounding..I'm so integrated into these things I find myself taking them constantly. Here's a question... ... (61 replies)
... I took Ultram for about a year (50 mg 3 times a day) for a serious neck problem. The medicine affects serotonin uptake much like an antidepressant, and that probably accounts for your anxiety and depression when quitting. Hope your doctor can help with this. I quit cold without any problems when my neck finally improved, but I know Ultram (tramadol) causes withdrawal... (14 replies)
... Hello all, Just checking in. Its been 15 days now since i quit taking the ultram and i feel a lot better. I am completely out of the physical part and the mental cravings. ... (6 replies)
... Hi there, I am on my 2nd round of being addicted to ultram. The first time it only took 2 months to get addicted.I was prescribed it for period cramps and perhaps because I take an antidepressant, the combo made me a bit high. I increased my dosage to the point of taking around 10 pills 50 mg per day. I had no idea what physical addiction was so I just decided to quit taking... (5 replies)
Mar 19, 2001
... Anyone out there ever took Ultram on a regular basis? ... (2 replies)
... Tramadol cold turkey is horrible. Mostly the depression is the worst. It works on your brain the same way an antidepressant does. You need to read the post on here from the mod about detoxing. There are some very helpful hints there. ... (15 replies)
Ultram Addiction
Jun 9, 2005
... chances are, your Dr, will tell you NO, but if you do a search on this board, you will see, not only IS it extreamly addicting, it is also VERY dangerous to withdrawl off of. I may be wrong on this one, but I believe Ultram has some antidepressant properties, it is an anti depressand AND a pain medication, so when you withdrawl from it, it causes all kinds of horriable... (22 replies)
... strangely enough, it's also used as an antidepressant in parts of Europe. ... (18 replies)
Almost ultram free
Sep 25, 2007
... of prozac, according to my Pain Management Doctor, so you may suffer some form of depression by stopping cold turkey, you might want to look into a small dose of antidepressant to avoid the lows? ... (2 replies)
... I know I can not stay on the tramadol. I did not realize that a high dose of antidepressant medication could stay in your body this long? ... (28 replies)
... Kim, I think I could get away with "coming down" with a bad illness and spending a few days in bed. That's really the only way I could do it...trying to run my kids through their daily routines and activities would be just awful. And of course I would have to face all the people we see on a daily basis. So what I'm saying is the actual physical withdrawal is do-able for... (61 replies)
Tramadol Advice
Dec 17, 2004
... for a long period of time, your body develops that dependancy that we don't have any control over.But here's a real concern.You mentioned that your trying a new antidepressant drug,and clinically, you are NOT supposed to take Ultram with antidepressants!! ... (16 replies)

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