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... I haven't posted here in a while,but I kicked the Ultram habit coming up on seven months ago,and it has definitely been a nightmare. ... (21 replies)
... The bad thing is that I also added on an ultram habit a couple months ago, thinking it would "help" me I was addicted to it once before when I was sober from drinking. ... (8 replies)
... Hi, I think you will find, at least I did that Ultram is just as habit forming and addictive as the Lorcets. ... (3 replies)

Ultram addiction
Mar 22, 2006
... but, there is still a habit forming chemistry with the drug itself regardless. The drug by design is an opiate derivative intended to impact the body's opiate sensory receptors. ... (50 replies)
Ultram Help
Jan 27, 2007
... I think you got some good information on here. This caught my attention because my doctor offered it to my last week. Ultram IS a synthetic narcotic and IS habit forming. So, if you have problems with addiction, anything habit forming should be carefully thought out. ... (10 replies)
Ultram addiction
Mar 22, 2006
... hello all, just adding my two cents in. I commented early on in this thread and then was gone for nearly a couple of weeks for surgery. Everyone's body chemistry is uniquely theirs. Therefore, those who have taken tramadol/ultram and did not experience problems should not assume that others did not experience legitimate problems or that they somehow caused their own... (50 replies)
... About the Ultram and how some folks cant see it as addictive. ... (10 replies)
... Hey Carla...welcome! ;) I will tell from first hand experience, ultram/tramadol is VERY addictive. There are instances where people do not get addicted to it but mostly because they do not feel its effects in the first place (just like some who take oxys and don't even feel that). Since tram stops your WDs then you're looking to substitute one drug for another and from... (3 replies)
... I used Ultram to get off of oxy, but am still taking 2 a day. ... (9 replies)
... I am trying to get off Ultram right now. However, am an abuser of the drug and don't really need them. I am getting off these by tapering. ... (3 replies)
... This is what nightswan would tell you if she was here. (12 replies)
... I got started on Ultram because it was "safe". ... (3 replies)
... I was under the impression from the Medical field, that Ultram is not a Vicodn, Darvocet, Lortab, the rest of that family. ... (17 replies)
... sleepy from Ultram and that wore off after a week or two. Plus the fact that I took it for seven years..... ... (22 replies)
... hi, i took tramadol (ultram) on and off for a couple of years and have been through my share of withdrawals from as high as 25-30 a day. first of all, please realize everyone is different. i cold turkey withdrew from 5mg of Xanex per day and had no problem - i would not recommend this to anyone - however, tramadol was hell for me. i would suggest a tapering, but it sounds like... (3 replies)
... day Vicoprofen habit and seem to have ZERO self control. I've told myslef 100 times that I would taper and never stuck to it. Well, here I am. ... (22 replies)
... Ultram is really addictive to people showing addictive techdancies to opiate drugs. Your best hope is to go to NA and seek the support of people who've been where you've been and have now recovered. (3 replies)
... HI... I'm a 39 year old female whos been addictive to codiene for the last 7 years.... I have tried to stop many of times but end up having really bad WD and just to make myself feel better I always go buy more.....I usually take about 5 lorcets plus (7.5) a day.... untill recently when I was giving tramadol 50mg....(ultram)..... Taking the tramadol has stopped any withdrawls... (3 replies)
... ultram habit with my husband. That, I believe, was one of the reasons for our divorce. There was too much bad history. We have a 4 year old daughter. ... (4 replies)
... ight, and then I went online to research the drug. I was very upset with what I found, because I discovered that the drug is very much like an opiate and can be habit forming. ... (15 replies)

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