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... yet the last i was getting off of 90 mgs of methadone and 80 mgs of oxycodone together. that was one of the lowest dose combos i have ever been on. i have been taking methadone for 12 and a half almost 13 years. ... (3 replies)
Need Help
Aug 10, 2005
... Hey Diva....well my first question you crush/snort/or chew? This will make a very big difference in withdrawal as i have went thru them abusing them and went thru w/d swallowing them. Either way it is no picnic. The w/d is alot worse than coming off of norco or vikies, in my opinion. You are gonna be VERY irritable, sleepy but yet suffer from insomnia, the runs,... (12 replies)
... I only got a quick glance at the post before the phone rang. I just loved what Lynn said about the methadone being a drug you are NOT abusing, but using to bring you closer to the freedom you so yearn for. ... (2 replies)

... no beating yourself up over the ultram for your pain. ... (2 replies)
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May 16, 2004
... Maybe i'm foolish for considering this option but when i was on methadone for chronic pain it's the only thing that alleviated this pain the only way i abused this medication was because my tolerance went up and it frightened me i have a whole story some where where i thought i lost my pills but found them later and flushed them i ran out early due to my tolerance but never dr... (10 replies)
... This is where a board becomes a menu of information, thoughts and choices/opportunities. There are a number of opinions and suggestions. Iíve told you what worked well for me and I chose a path that was the result of extensive research on my part as I like to make well informed choices, even while in the throws of addiction. Thatís why some detox clinics use benzoís, others... (16 replies)
Suboxone Taper
Dec 20, 2003
... i agree with ya all the way body depending on the drug and habit that you had it may take 2yrs to taper off this stuff but i have never heard of this yet.i agree that it was marketed so us addicts would think of it as a miracle cure and it is by far not a miracle drug like all the internet sites said it was in the beginning.i would think taperin down 1mg per month would not be... (27 replies)
Suboxone Taper
Dec 20, 2003
... At this point from my own experience, I believe a detox off of suboxone will be at least as long, if not longer than methadone. With me, the taper down from 16mg to 8mg was very easy. In fact I felt better at 8mg than at 16mg. When I tried to go from 8mg to 6mg is when I started to have trouble. I waited 6 weeks for my brain to adjust to the drop. It never did. Now I am... (27 replies)
... Can u try tapering 5mgs every 3 days? That's what I did, I was on 120 but missed going to the clinic for 3 days and they dropped me to 30mg, got arrested the next day and they detoxes me in jail from 30, 5mgs every 3 days. After my last dose I was mildly sick for about a week and hot showers gave me a lot of relief (1 replies)
In need of answers
Apr 21, 2012
... weirdo's I've been a chronic pain patient for 25 years, been on just about every narcotic there is, have abused a few and had to detox off of them. Getting off Ultram and Percs was pure hell. ... (8 replies)
... For the last 4 months i started using methadone just 30mgs.per day for 2 months to not use heroin or any narcotics.then the last 2 months been using suboxone 3 to 4 mgs.per day this is my 2nd day with no subs. ... (1 replies)
... also, have ultram but am afraid to take it!!!! this is my new ? ... (16 replies)
... There is such a thing as opiod rotation where you switch to a different opiod medication such as fentanyl patch, Oxycontin, Morphine ER. I was going to say Methadone but maybe that's not a good idea since you have abused that before. Another thing I looked at was whether you were a man or woman. ... (74 replies)
... Thank you so much. I feel so much better after reading this. the bottle says to take 2 every 6 hours. So far i have taken one. im not sure what the mg is though. it says 375 mg/37.5mg? I did flush a lot of them down the toilet though because i was angry and scared. so i went from having almost 60 to 14 but i think thats ok. i would rather deal with the pain and hopefully the... (6 replies)
... I did have some mild withdrawls, but again, NOTHING like when i came off Methadone or tried to come off subaxone. ... (6 replies)
... ine below, your story could be my story, mine started with a hyster and 2 other repair surgeries after that one, you are doing great, I am trying to taper off of Ultram myself and started it to get off of vicodin, percocet and methadone, and started the 20 a day habit. ... (6 replies)
... d off of Methadone and that was beyond bad. ... (11 replies)
... I wish you the BEST of luck getting off the ultram and will be curious to hear how the detox is working for you. Maybe they will give you suboxone or some benzo's? ... (17 replies)
This sucks!!!
Nov 6, 2006
... Hi Minn, DONT TAKE the ultram!!! It has the same stuff as methadone and that is a ***** to kick. Stay on your path and they say to make it as comfortabel as possible so maybe up it a LITTLE just so you dont feel so bad and when you taper do it very slowly. Good luck and hang in there!!! mara:wave: (9 replies)
... d's and other things with the methadone and now your going through it with the sub. This is very unfortunate. I guess we have to be more advocates with our health care then our drs are. ... (59 replies)

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