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Tramadol Trouble
Oct 24, 2011
... Thanx Pridki! Any support is great! ... (13 replies)
Ultram Blues
Mar 31, 2010
... Don't worry about me I have given up alcohol, pot, cigarettes, and have also gone off my meds to change to another. I got off the patches (very strong) and tried the tramadol but it didn't help me at all any more so I started a small does of Oxycontin before ending up at 2 x 40mg a day and I have to take other types of medication to assist in giving relief of severe pain and... (5 replies)
Ultram Blues
Mar 29, 2010
... I used to take 200mg twice a day but that is not even close to helping me now. I am a sober alcoholic 8 years now and it is very hard to stop. I needed support and a program to change my life but here I am now taking strong medication for a spinal injury but I am having an operation at the end of the year and hope to be able to taper off my meds also That is if the... (5 replies)

... I was fascinated by reading your experience. I have used Codeine/Tramadol for various pains for over 15 years but this few last days, enough was enough. I had no more refill and I was tired to go from one MD to another MD/Pharmacy. I had to go cold turkey and this is day 4. I feel like pup. My legs hurt, constant diahrea, snizzing, no NRG, no desire to do anything but after I... (11 replies)
... neck is on fire and thats that. the anxiety is worse then the pain. i have been here befor and i know it passes. just have to keep my chin up. i think the ultram is contributing to my flu like symtoms, it usually does that to me if i stay on it for to long. need to start a tapper on that again. ... (89 replies)
... I have been up since 2am. Anxiety through the roof, nightmares, crazy thoughts, flu symptoms. Is this more withdrawal. I know benzo with drawl can go in waves. I feel crazy!!! Maybe its the ultram. Maybe its the anxiety about going home, loneliness?I want to get my hands on "somthing" (89 replies)
... I really think you need to give the bottles to your friend or you will be constantly tempted to take a pill. Having it out of he house and in control of your friend will help curb the urges. Just having the pills at all where you can eventually get them is a problem in itself and you will have to cross that bridge one day about throwing them out. So long as you have the... (89 replies)
... im not going to come down any more off the ultram until next week. ... (89 replies)
... hit me faster. it taste so gross and its ridiculous because i have never felt it hit me faster because of the chewing. i have been doing that with my morning ultram and my tiny bit of valume. ... (89 replies)
... hing to calm down, but i'm not going to. will try to stay busy and keep myself away from my home where i get most tempted. i going down another quarter off the ultram tomorrow, i feel pretty ok about that. ... (89 replies)
... Hello. Talked to Doc today and she wants me to start in tiny bit of cybalta. She said I could go on now even though I'm still tapering off ultram, but then how will I know what's withdrawal and what's cybalta? Hmmmmmm (89 replies)
... i will be going down 50mgs in my ultram today, and i will stay on this dose for a week. ... (89 replies)
... s because i took the extra valume, how can such a tiny drug cause so much trouble. i really dont know what is going to happen to me when i start coming off the ultram faster, i cant even think about that it make sme want to check into a rehab just thinking about it. ... (89 replies)
... My story- I started out on alcohol as a teenager and turned into a functioning alcoholic through my late teens, and all through my twenties. Into early thirties. It almost cost me my life in a few cases, my freedom for driving while intoxicated, my career for coming to work while still intoxicated from a night that ended just hours before arriving at work. It almost... (2 replies)
... m it, recovery from narcotics is a long slow process unfortunately but your doing excellent give yourself a big pat on the back and keep posting theres plenty of support on the addiction and PM boards. ... (9 replies)
... developed plan to get out of it works. Without a lot of help to detox and a lot work in an aftercare support of some kind, it leads to death. Addiction stops, or it leads to death. ... (21 replies)
... We are not here to judge you!! pretty much everybody here has abused something and that's why we are here to support eachother. I was on tramadol also and tapered off of it. It was hell on earth!! ... (2 replies)
... Thanks Emsmom, I really appreciate the support, I feel like a wimp after reading all of the other posts. I just want to be able to finish my own sentences and be able to work and be productive LOL. After 14 years on different opiates fentanyl, morphine,lortab and others. Vicoden was my choice it kept me working and in the evening a beer or two with it to take the edge off. I... (7 replies)
... Hey flushed, i am glad that you are here for me and don't get sick of me, lol, i am going to need alot of support right now. as i Posted above, i have not been pill free for over a year now and I am so mad at myself and very disgusted. ... (15 replies)
... Redhead I was just reading your posts. I'm so sorry , I know what you are going through..or were" so are you back on the Tram now ? If you have a lot of pain issues you're dealing with and you opt to use Rx meds , no matter what they are really...down the road you're going to feel SOME type of physical/mental withdrawal symptom(s) when you attempt to quit them or even... (28 replies)

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