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Tramadol Advice
Dec 17, 2004
... Thank you so much for sharing your experience about Ultram with me. ... (16 replies)
Pain med addiction
Jan 14, 2004
... Good 'old Dr. Phil gave us that idea. I do know my mom buys Ultram from a friend. ... (17 replies)
Hi, I'm new
Feb 16, 2011
... First I want to thank all of you for your support and advice. I felt so alone for so long. I started taking vicodin two years ago after gallbladder surgery. I just never stopped. ... (6 replies)

... ways been such a habbit that the first sighn of any pain and im eating pills. I have done pretty good today though. i got rid of the stronger stuff and just have ultram now, i know thats still addicitve but coming from something so much stronger to just ultram i think its really good! The wd's are getting less and less. ... (11 replies)
... Good Morning livingalie, I hope this finds you doing a bit better today. I'm withdrawing from Vicodin - I took my last half of a pill on Monday and then quit cold turkey. Started the w/d symptoms on the road traveling (not smart, huh?) I will say that day three was quite possibly the worst. Getting through that day was a challenge...the nausea, the diarrhea, the pain in... (13 replies)
... It really means a lot to have support during times like these. ... (4 replies)
Jun 28, 2008
... detoxing off 50 ultram a day was horrible, but for me, the worst part was the anxiety. if you could ask your dr. for a few benzo's and some clonidine, you will be ok. ... (21 replies)
... I had Immodium AD, and it's working.. Today, I feel almost normal. I haven't really had a hard time sleeping. Which suprises me. I cannot tell you what your support has done for me. I am now trying to not take any more Ultram, as I think I'm through the worst, as soon as my stomach straightens out.. ... (74 replies)
... I'll post later to let you guys know how I'm doing. You don't know how much your support means right now!!!! ... (74 replies)
... Your post is EXACTLY what i needed today. I am faced with having to come off of Subaxone in next week. My story is a little different (major in some areas) than yours, but the main thing is hearing how you detoxed off the Sub & that it is possible. Long story very short: I have chronic pain (headaches/migraines) daily. Had them since i was 16 & by 24 they were daily. ... (11 replies)
... o ultram is a move in the direction i was hoping life truly is better without the dulling effects of ultram. best wishes on your continued taper . ... (4 replies)
... worry about not getting their drug.. Since Ultram is giving out like candy, I can always get it.. Ofcourse thats not a good thing when you are addicted to them.. ... (13 replies)
... I appreciate the support. I was reading a thing today about baby steps and so I guess that's what this is for me. I started with trying to get off ultram altogether. Had to go back on because I was immobilized by anxiety and 1.5 a day, but was still drinking like a fish. ... (4 replies)
Hydro after oxy
Dec 24, 2006
... remember ANYTHING during those days. And was very out of it for another week. My doc wasnt very happy about that as I didnt tell him my plans. He still gave me Ultram because he thought Id still need something for pain. ... (7 replies)
... I discovered this site today and it is so good to know I am not alone out there. Reading some of the posts have brought me to tears. I would like to, or maybe even need to, tell my story. I am 32 years old and many years ago got into a hydrocodone/ultram habit with my husband. That, I believe, was one of the reasons for our divorce. There was too much bad history. We have a... (4 replies)
... I tapered off Ultram and Ambien. The WD was much easier than off Vicoden which I did last year before I switched to Ultram. I still had the WD symptoms but they weren't as strong. ... (8 replies)
... ompletely comforable taking any chemical that helps my mood. I know, it's a little crazy. I also still attend 3 meetings a week, which offers me the friendship, support and love I need to stay clean and honest. That has been my path. ... (20 replies)
... o the hydro. The anxiety is much less but I have been taking Ultram and that is probably a mistake to do that also. ... (31 replies)
... in visit and I want to tell him that I would prefer to take ultram instead of hydro for the pain. He will probably be very surprised and ask me why. I am TOO ASHAMED to tell him the truth. ... (9 replies)
My back pain
May 8, 2005
... Thanks all. No i'm not seeing a PM doc,I was but he pushed Lortabs on my as if he was doing me a huge favor but instead was killing me, who knows though maybe he just didn't want me to live in pain, maybe he thought I was better off taking tabs than living in pain, I had 4 surgeries in the past, the last surgery they had to put hardware in my lower back to give me the support... (5 replies)

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