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... The bad thing is that I also added on an ultram habit a couple months ago, thinking it would "help" me I was addicted to it once before when I was sober from drinking. ... (8 replies)
... To answer your question "Am I playing with fire...? ... (8 replies)
... rs are prescribing things that they misunderstood and mismanage. I realize that doctors are human and will mistakes, we all do. I am just not willing to gamble with an issue of dependency at their mercy. ... (18 replies)

... My dependency issues centered on Ultram and Xanax. I got hooked on Ultram pretty good about 6 yrs. ... (42 replies)
Ultram addiction
Mar 22, 2006
... Hi Blaster, well I can't imagine that many would have had a worst WD experience than what I went through with Tramadol. ... (50 replies)
... I was addicted to opiates for a long time. At the same time the doc had me on klonopin which was to help my restless leg and anxiety. I never had a problem with those pills I take them as prescribed. All they do is knock me out at night and once in while if I feel jittery or nervous I will take one. ... (8 replies)
... he medications you are on. I just went to a new Psychiatrist to start getting off of some of the anxiety meds, and she was horrified at what my doctor has tried with the various SSRI's and said she disagrees with the majority of my care in the last four years. ... (8 replies)
... problems, and I am just uncertain of how to feel normal. Like my Psych said, don't go off of everything wandering around the earth sick if you really need help with an RX for anxiety or depression. But, for me, I need to start from scratch since I was being treated at the same time I was addicted to hydros and alcohol. ... (8 replies)
... I can't comment on your specific condition, but I have in the past had an issue with hydros and alcohol. ... (8 replies)
... Marty, since it's not like a benzo (valium, xanax etc) or an anti-depressant, but more of an opium drug, I can't say that I know what kind of schedule to use, but for me, at 2 a day for 9 weeks, I just kept cutting back a little at a time. DO NOT go cold turkey. You may not notice any w/d at all the first week & then it could hit you when you least expect it. Try cutting... (61 replies)
... drawing from Ultram again. It was 100 times worse than the Hydros. ... (24 replies)
... Now speed ahead 25 years, and I have not used any drugs at all until last summer. Back pain became severe along with insomnia and I started looking for a doctor to rx pain killers. The health clinic would only give me Soma and Ultram. ... (5 replies)
... Yes I aggree, if I would have took as prescribed 1mg 3 times a day, I would have bigger trouble. It just seems that I need .25 to .5 of Xanax to get through the day. I somehow have to break that trend. I hate that I let the Ultram drag me to this point. ... (24 replies)
... I am on day 16 of detoxing from ultram today. ... (9 replies)
... smell is a very strange part of xanax WDs. ... (8 replies)
Ultram addiction
Jun 24, 2005
... arch before I decided on Hazelden in Minn. If I were in your shoes, I would check them out either online or by giving them a call to find out specifically about Ultram withdrawal. ... (5 replies)
... She helped detox...rubbing my legs, trying to make me eat. Washing towls since I was in hot showers for about 3 days. And would stay up with me because I could not sleep. I have no wife... ... (6 replies)
... I am 12 days clean from addiction to Ultram, Vicodin, and Darvocet. It is really hard. I still crave the Ultram the most. ... (24 replies)
... I am new to do this so please bear with me...I have had chronic pain due to a car accident and was on Oxycontin and Fetanyl...I eventually got to just Ultram and onl 50mg every 24 hours but if I try to go cold turkey from their it is unbearable. ... (6 replies)
... some xanax for the anxiety. When I was prescribed ultram for menstrual pain, my doc knew I was on lexapro so I am assuming it is ok to take with it. ... (5 replies)

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