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Finally posting
May 6, 2007
... n and how they "mimick" chronic pain symptoms. I have taken everything for chronic pain over the last couple of years. First was vicodin for a few months, then ultram for about a year, nortiptyline for a few weeks, MS contin for a few months, and then oxycontin for a year. ... (5 replies)
... ed to go cold turkey, I made it 4 days but happily talked to my doctor and I asked my doctor to reduce the dosage and now take 5mg methodone 4x a day along with ultram 4x a day. My doctor moniters me and makes sure I only get 1 script every month but that dose not stop someone who abuses. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Michael - I haven't posted in ages but for some reason I logged on tonight to find your post. I'm so glad you found us! As a recovering addict and alcoholic for over18 years, I too was prescribed Ultram as an alternative to more addicting substances (yeah right!), for pain relief after multiple surgeries. It was always crucial for me to NOT take more than... (17 replies)

Jan 12, 2007
... Hey Miss... Still here. Finally got through the physical withdrawals. I now face the mental stuff... I hope to be off these forever. I don't have urges at the moment to take any at all, so that is good. I tried to get my head screwed on for this round and knowing what will happen has made me stronger, though there is nothing to prevent physical withdrawal. It was the mental... (1 replies)
... narcotic', but it binds to the opiod receptors just like vicodin, and can cause withdrawals just as bad as the vicodin. you know in your heart that you are doing the right thing, and that the suffering will pass soon. my son is now 26 yrs. ... (15 replies)
... Hi Jam338, I am hoping you might be able to shed some light on my problem. Just to give you a little back ground info, breast cancer surgery 2003,put on norco for pain from the bone damage chemo did and the surgeries I hacve had. went up to 6-7 per day. Last monday i realized i was addicted and cut back. i saw your post and slowly went from 6 to 5 to 1 1/2 to 1/2 on last... (38 replies)
... unable to conceive of living my life clean, without taking pills to help me get motivated to get on with my day. It sounds to me that you can handle the physical withdrawals of getting off the drug, which is a big plus. ... (3 replies)
... By the way,I've been reading alot on this forum about Ultram addiction and that's how my whole nightmare started. ... (5 replies)
... I don't think that one would have withdrawals after taking a medication as directed for only two weeks. I have used ultram after dental work for about ten days and there was no tolerance built up in that time. ... (6 replies)
... am in withdrawals now. IT's horrible. ... (7 replies)
... she had a terrible seizure from Ultram a few months ago. ... (10 replies)
... Ultram to hold back withdrawals if I was lucky enough to have access to them and if not, I SUFFERED. ... (10 replies)
... to get in touch with a doctor who runs a program that includes suboxone and therapy to help my addiction. I am getting full relief from the suboxone. I have no withdrawals and am only taking 2 mg.. I may even take less tomorrow as I feel this is too strong after I talk with my doctor. Sometimes you can not do this alone. ... (14 replies)
... o make the choices. Remember that... YOU are your own savior. That's a really powerful perspective that has helped me. Pain sucks and I've had my fair share. Ultram has addictive properties but isn't nearly as addictive as most other opiates. My mother, who has fibromyalgia, has found a lot of relief with it. ... (7 replies)
... I was reading your posts,and keep hanging in there.I cringed when I saw you were taking the Ultrams,they will stave off the withdrawals when you take them,but in essence,just prolong the process because they act in a very similar way to all the other narcotics. ... (29 replies)
10 Days Now!!
Aug 26, 2004
... d from over 15 Ultram a day for about 4 years and my taper when i quit was from 15 to o in a week. But the emotional withdrawals are still with me. And that was months ago. ... (27 replies)
10 Days Now!!
Aug 20, 2004
... I stopped taking ultram right when I got down to 1/4 pill in the morning and 1/4 at night, some days I just took a 1/4 a pill a day, but that seemed to prolong the withdrawals, so I thought enough is enough I'm just not going to take it anymore. The first I would say about 5 days was the roughest, the agitated, nausea, muscle aches and pains, etc.. but then as each day went... (27 replies)
10 Days Now!!
Aug 20, 2004
... Kim i'm trying to get off the ultram also been on them for 7 years was up to eight a day, but have got down to 3...but can't seem to get below this amount, the withdrawals after an hour or two is just to much for me to take...I will beat this but i was wondering How you got to where you are NOW..? ... (27 replies)
10 Days Now!!
Aug 20, 2004
... because I couldn't stop because of the withdrawals and also because of my pain. ... (27 replies)
... Hi Dan! If you have been on the sub for a couple of weeks now and are dropping the dose for another couple of weeks and so on, that is long enough to experience pretty bad withdrawals. NOT TRYING TO SCARE YOU- so glad you are feeling normal and I am so proud for you, but, I was on the sub for about six weeks (the first go round) and when I stopped it was ROUGH! I have... (26 replies)

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