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... and she does order Ultram over the net for over a year, I think, and we both think she is addicted to them. We were thinking that maybe the Ultram wasn't working anymore, and she decided to start taking the OxyContin for herself. What are all of your opinions and views on this? ... (12 replies)
... ds away untill you stop taking them, but when you stop I promise you the withdrawals will be waiting on you, there is no easy way around it!!! ... (17 replies)
Aug 20, 2003
... d's. I'm pretty sure it's the same drug as Ultram also. It's not a narcotic. I was wondering if I'm going to have to withdraw from the ultracet too, and if so, are they just as bad? ... (9 replies)

... i have read on other boards ultram can have really bad withdrawals!! i only had ultram once and broke out in hives,, thank god the pharmacist only had 8 pills left and i didn't have to pay for my whole perscription cause they were pricey!!!!! ... (8 replies)
Aug 19, 2003
... ot recommend the Ultram, it has a long half life and when I tried that route I think it just prolonged my withdrawals. Now you will get varies opinions about the Ultram so choose your solution. The xanax will take the edge off, I'd go max strength for the 1st 3 days or so then back off over the next 2 days. ... (14 replies)
Hey Philster
Jul 31, 2003
... Hey man, got some questions for ya. I stopped taking oxys about 4 days ago. I felt really bad the first day so I took some ultram and the next few days I felt ok, but I couldnt get past the couch! ... (11 replies)
... Im ready to try something but I know I cannot stop cold turkey, I just cannot stand the feelings at all I went through 4 days one time about 2 months ago and each day was as bad as the day before, I mean I never felt as if it was letting up at all? Im not going to take any more oxys right now and see if the pain is tolerable and Im gonna take ultram for a while, but while the... (3 replies)
... to use ultram to help with the withdrawal since I didn't get the high I wanted with it. I didn't get withdrawals so I thought I was okay after about a week on it. Wrong! As soon as I quit the ultram I was back shaking and slipping off the toilet from the cold sweats LOL. ... (8 replies)
... is that it is Highly Addictive and the withdrawals from it are some of the worst that can be found. Many addicts that have been addicted to various substances have said this about this drug. ... (1 replies)
Methadone help
Sep 24, 2008
... we dont have ultram in the UK. If you use the search feature on these boards then you'll find a number of posts giving advice on things to help alleviate the withdrawals etc. ... (1 replies)
Today is good...
Feb 23, 2008
... I've posted once on here before about a seizure I recently had which can only be explained by the fact that I had been taking approximately 10 Ultram a day for a few weeks. I didn't realize addiction could happen so quickly, but it did. ... (3 replies)
Tramadol addiction
Sep 17, 2007
... ULTRACET has acetaminophen in it, ULTRAM does not, I was on Ultracet, but was taken off and put on the Tramadol, because my Dr was concerned with the acetaminophen in the ultracet. ... (10 replies)
... Well only you can answer this question. You really haven't gone through the worst of the withdrawals yet, and I think you will find that the Ultram is just prolonging things. With a whole new bottle, my bet says you will end up taking them. ... (4 replies)
10 Days Now!!
Aug 18, 2004
... Hi, well today is my 10th day of stopping ultram, The horrible major withdrawals are finally over with, but My feet keep tingling and I feel really agitated/anxious all of the time. I hear that it can take up to a month before my brain chemistry goes back to normal (whatever that is??) haha If I can do it, anyone can do it!! I tried quiting numerous of times, but this... (27 replies)
... Thanks for sharing! Spark and I posted back and forth some conversing about the sub and getting off. My doctor just put his foot down to me being on it and the Xanax (and I only take about 1.5mgs throughout the day, maybe 2mgs). I was a little prepared for the withdrawals- I did think in the back on my mind it would be easier though. It was rough- I did alot of... (6 replies)
... s away, but they make me feel so funny, like real tired and dry mouth, also I have 10 demerol pills left over from surgery but I dont know if they will help with withdrawals or not, does anyone know? ... (7 replies)
... well its now day two with no oxycontin and so far so good, but I did take some darvocet yesterday so I dont know if that prlonged my withdrawals or what? ... (8 replies)
... IMO its just like anything else we consume really, and from what I have observed it stems from your personality type, i.e. type A or tybe B, etc. I for instance have a very analytically mind which I like to keep occupied at all times with things like wood working, automotive, remodeling jobs, computer repair, electronics, you get the idea. My mind is always working and I... (13 replies)
... Hi sawthelight, glad that you are on your way to be come sober! I'll pray for ya. The withdrawals can kill only alcoholics but with that crazy bp you need to monitor yourself. ... (16 replies)
... and my ortho then had prescribed me Percocet and OxyContin for 6 years straight. Back then, I would finish 50 pills in less than three days, try to deal with the withdrawals for maybe a day, then cave and call my doctor's office. I would get a rash of sh! ... (13 replies)

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