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... Doctors are just far too eager to put us on one drug to the next just chasing symptoms without taking time to sort out whether the symptom is caused by a body biological imbalance OR by an externally supplied drug source. When the source of symptom is the later, to me it just makes no sense to keep adding more drugs; just change/eliminate the drug causing the symptom when... (18 replies)
... My Dr had to put me on Xanax and Ambien because of the Tramadol effects parts of the brain that causes anxiety. I only take . ... (24 replies)
... Saw my psych doc yesterday. He said all the xanax & klonopin I was popping at random while in pain, also has me in withdrawal from those!!!!! He lowered the xanax, but put me on a regular schedule of it now & said my nerves are in a tailspin from all the meds I was on when they put me on the ultracet. I do feel better today & in 2 weeks he's going to put me on a taper... (61 replies)

... I'm a firm believer that NO benzodiazapene should be taken for a long period of time,and if it is required to be taken for a long period of time you need to be carefully monitored by a doctor.NO,Xanax may not be addictive to EVERYBODY,but it DOES cause a PHYSICAL dependancy when taken for a long period of time,there's no way around it.And yes,benzo withdrawal,especially after... (14 replies)
... Hi There Nice to meet you and wishing you well in your efforts to get off the Lortabs. I am going to be gently upfront here when I write that I believe it is not the wisest choice to use Ultracet to get off Lortab. Ultracet is so very addictive. It hits the same receptors as most opiates. And yes.... truthfully, I feel you will have the withdrawal regardless of using... (10 replies)
... Our story is so not new... only to us. Doctors hear and deal with this all the time. It is possible that becuase there was not a legitimate presciption for the Ultram that you will be referred to an addiction specialist. Not a big deal. ... (21 replies)
Ultram addiction
Aug 20, 2007
... Hi Linda I have never taken Ultram, but I know it was marketed in a very deceptive manner to doctors. It was touted as non addictive and that could not be farther from the truth. So many people on this board can attest to that! Anyway, Linda, tapers worked for me, but I did it much slower than you have planned. I don't know how to compare drugs at all and I tapered from... (2 replies)
... yrs ago i tried a sample dose , i was frustrated at taking so much advil 800mgs x 4 day.. the one 50 mg dose of ultram did work...and they were "safe" . im in health care and getting samples or speaking with the drug reps was easy... ... (6 replies)
... I am ready to do it. I need to get off the rollercoaster. I've been taking ultram for 4 months now and I've been tapering the last few weeks. Some days aren't as successful as others but overall, I've kept it to around 2 or 3 per day lately. ... (6 replies)
... irana...thats the side effects of hydrocodone...its a gives the feeling of euphoria at first...after awhile tolerance develops and so does the the side effects and withdrawal symptoms,restless legs,diahrea,ect when your body does not get the satisfaction of the opiate...also,benzo's are very addictive and hard to get off of...klonopin is a weak... (5 replies)
Ultram addiction
Mar 22, 2006
... Hi Blaster, well I can't imagine that many would have had a worst WD experience than what I went through with Tramadol. For me, the worst WDs were associated with Xanax; followed by Tramadol; then least among them was Vicodin...aka Hydro Hell. I have never been diagnosed with clinical depression, nor do I feel that I have clinical depression. I have only experienced... (50 replies)
Ultram addiction
Jun 25, 2005
... Yes Herbal ... Seizures are one of the dangers of stopping Ultram too abruptly, and can of course be dangerous. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Marty, the w/d symptoms can vary from person to person. I had that same tingly feeling in my thighs, so it may be that you are just experiencing it in your neck & shoulders rather than other parts of your body. I never had the restless leg syndrome but have read of many that have & it seems to be a common symptom. Heck, I had enough others, guess I was spared that one.... (61 replies)
... about how ultram has effected so many people. she said it's not supposed to be addictive but is very much so. ... (61 replies)
... NEED SOME ADVICE,HELP, Support,ETC. :eek: Newbie here,I have read alot about all the reports on the withdrawal on the ultram, I have been on them for almost 7 years.. I never abused them in anyway,I was at one time taking 8 a day to get by, when i was working,but i have retired and have got down to three a day..i have been trying the past six months to get off them all... (7 replies)
... o sick. Tapering is a good idea. I didn't drink to much while on the pills so I can't help on that part. I think if you start feeling like you need more of the Xanax then it is probably time to back off. I hope this helps. ... (8 replies)
... Scare story? Ummmm, when you are vomiting continously, breaking out in pustules all over your face and other parts of your body, incontrollable jerking and twitching that nearly tosses you off the bed, etc., I hardly think one can imply is may be mind over matter. (8 replies)
... The research on Xanax and Ultram is very clear. Both are quickly and highly addictive with risks of extensive WDs for most people. ... (8 replies)
... isn't it amazing how different the human body can be from one person to another, I've come off both Xanax and Ultram (not abuse levels though, although short to mid term use) without any noticeable W/D's and yet many people have awful stories to tell. I hope things calm down for you soon, try alternative care, it's the best source of treatment at this stage of W/D I think. (8 replies)
... will be so glad to get this out of my system for good, even though i suffer from chronic pain. It is just too tempting to take more than i need. I am also using ultram for the pain. ... (2 replies)

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