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... d's . i know what i am doing isnt wise but i'd rather be taking one ultram vs 25 vikes a day. I plan on stopping the ultrams this week what can i expect? ... (0 replies)
... Thanks to all of you that have posted. I find it very comforting that i am not alone! i am starting a vitamin regimen today i will be trying to replenish what the drugs have taken away before i quit the ultrams. I too am very surprised that the one 50mg ultram is holding me off the 25 7.5 vikes a day habit. I take it a night a few hours before bed around 6:00pm. I have to... (8 replies)
... me, Ultrams were worse than Narc's. My opinion, bad choice. ... (8 replies)

... d's and it's working! i have been off the vikes for 2 weeks. i plann on stopping the ultrams next week. what can i expect? ... (8 replies)
... r situation,as Ultram was my doc for a very long time,and I would take Vicoden to keep the withdrawals away until I could get more Ultrams.Essentially,taking the Ultrams is not going to make the actual detox any easier,you're just replacing one drug with another. ... (3 replies)
... I took 2 ultrams this morning...just to ward off of the inevitable, the WD's...feel also kinda heeby jeeby"ish" this morning... ... (33 replies)
... I took 2 ultrams this morning...just to ward off of the inevitable, the WD's...feel also kinda heeby jeeby"ish" this morning... ... (33 replies)
... Here's the deal...You my know already if you read my other post but here it goes... Mid December Taking 20 Ultrams was taking 15 10/325 the days before but ran out. I had a seizure/stomach pumped spent the night in the hospital. Doctor wrote a prescription for 75 vicodens to ween myself dow 5/500. I am down to just one a my fentanyl patch which I use for... (6 replies)
... I had a huge headache about 3 hours ago and I could of took an 800mg motrin or 2 ultrams. of course I want the ultrams but, Im in real pain and it was hard but, I chose the Stupid Motrin! ... (1 replies)
Quitting the OCs
Sep 12, 2005
... ates. Same ol story around here I suppose. Well I was on about 160mg OC for the last few weeks. I got a few lortabs to ween down off the OCs and now am taking ultrams to wean from everything else. With some valium to help the sleep at night. ... (6 replies)
... I had to consume was sickening in order to keep the withdrawal away.After throwing almost every drug known to man into my body,my warnings are just as strong for Ultrams as they are for any other drug.Anybody at risk for addiction should steer clear of thes unless clearly needed. ... (22 replies)
... What are you taking the Ultrams for? ... (15 replies)
Aug 28, 2003
... nly one at might like you and I was having the MILD withdrawals just like you. Just like you, I could not slep at night,no matter how tired,When I ran out of the ultrams it was not so easy for me. ... (14 replies)
... Another bad thing is that my back is really hurting badd and I have nothing but the 2 ultrams left! ... (2 replies)
... Well I have been clean of the oxys since Saturday and I have been taking some Ultrams since then, I went to my doc and told him everything about wanting to get off these pills but he gave me that catapres patch and that was it. ... (6 replies)
... Ok, I'm on day 4. I've had NOTHING! No, percocets, no vicodins, no ultrams. The last thing I was taking was Ultrams. So the leg twitching has died down some. The diarhrea kicked in yesterday - day 3, but the cough started like day one. It's a very strange cough. It's like there's a little hairball or a trigger right at the back of my throat and I keep coughing and... (8 replies)
Ultram Withdrawal
Jun 29, 2013
... The first thing that comes to mind is did you ever at any time in your life have either a dependency or an addiction to any type of Opiate at all? I ask because I believe the general consensus is that Ultram can cause this problem almost exclusively in patients who have had an opiate dependency in the past. I found this out the hard way many years ago. Now it is on the Ultram... (6 replies)
... If you really want to get clean and stay clean, you gotta flush those babies and you need to tell that doctor that you are addicted to vicodin and not to give you anymore. And tell any pain mgmt doc the same. Just do it. You are playing a game and you won't win til you have no way to get the pills. And tramadol/ultrams are addictive too just so you know. I didn't know until I... (31 replies)
... careful if these Ultrams arent prescribed to you. if you took them before and felt weird, you may be having an interaction with the other meds you are taking.. ... (4 replies)
... I was taking ultram to control my stomach pain from my Crohn's disease. I read post about people taking 10 to 20 Ultrams a day and I just can't imagine taking that many. Doesn't that hurt your stomach taking so many pills in a day? ... (27 replies)

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