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... I am currently taking methadone for my opiate addiction but when I was taking hydrocodone my dr. also gave me tramadol (ultrams) These helped so much when I ran low on my tabs. Be careful though because you may think that they are not working and you will want to take more and then all of a sudden they kick in and you will have a seizure. They aren't horrible ones but... (13 replies)
... and sit in the water and see if that helps calm me down. i went from 5 ultrams to 4 and i will stay on that until i feel a bit better. i think the Valuim tapering is causing most of the depression and neck pain. ... (89 replies)
... Could I find myself having wd's from the Ultrams after 4 days? ... (3 replies)

Jun 28, 2008
... Dear Kellibear, This is what I was afraid of. I have been reading about really tough w/ds from Suboxone and I fear they may be worse than 6 Tram a day. I think you are probably right. I will have to get the discipline and help hopefully of a Higher Power to let go of the Tram little by little. I have be trying to do that but my addict has been winning. However, I am... (21 replies)
Jun 28, 2008
... a day. taking sub for 6 ultrams is like swatting a fly with a bowling ball. ... (21 replies)
... especially when the dr. knows about their previous addiction to opiates. at the end i was taking the ultrams with more lortab and had to use suboxone. a decision i am still ambivelant about . ... (12 replies)
... day, and i had been taking 80 10mg lortab a day or 50 ultrams a day if i couldn't get the lortab. i took 8mg and felt absolutely fine in 30min. i am now tapering and trying to get off asap to lessen the paws. ... (7 replies)
... Syd, I am sorry that you're going through this. But, let me tell you about my brother. He worked at a pharmacy as a tech and was taking oxy's, vicodin(the strongest ones you can get) and Ultrams. He was busted because of cameras. He went to court and basically was completely honest with the judge. The recomended sentence by the prosecutors was 1-4 years. They offered him... (13 replies)
... Well i took my last 2 ultrams yesterday about 1 pm cuz when i woke up yesterday i felt that jitter..eewwww just thinking about what i have done to myself makes me gag. ... (2 replies)
Ultram Devil..
Dec 31, 2007
... Ah yes, the old non addictive ultrams...they are as bas as vicoden! Well, there's no really easy way out of it...can you slowly wean off of them? That will help reduce the effects of withdrawl, although also prolong them. What would you do if you had a terrible flu for a week or two, as far as the kids...maybe you can get some help with them, and the flu is a good excuse.... (3 replies)
Help Needed!
Jun 25, 2007
... e main problem that I had afterward was I could not even get out of bed the depression and zero energy was unreal. I never got better. So I starting taking a few ultrams here and there. Well now I am up to 15 a day. Distgusting. I took my last one yesterday and just felt really tired all day. ... (1 replies)
... vicoden's and Ultrams at the end of my abuse I am not taking any right now and my pain is no worse than while taking the pain pills. ... (6 replies)
Day 3 clean
Jan 11, 2007
... Yeah.. I know about that.. I read the phamplet.. I was taking 25 a day for over a yr, & no seizure.. So I know 20 or less won't cause me to have one I hope.. Like many, I started taking pain meds for the right reason.. I have a bladder disease & ultram really did the trick.. My DR told me they are not addicting.. After taking two, I knew in my gut they were.. They gave me a... (62 replies)
Day 3 clean
Jan 11, 2007
... Please be careful. I never had a seizure until I started taking more than 20 ultrams. They do lower your threshold. Just please be careful...I now cannot drive or watch my son for the next 6 months. I am also on an anti-seizure medicine that makes me loose my thought at least 10 times a day. The great thing about addiction is in the open, I am getting help and... (62 replies)
... s ago who literally threw pills at me for my CP, and then come to find out he about got his liscence yanked and dropped me down to almost nothing. I was down to ultrams and even though my CP is from an auto accident and head trauma, he prescribed them to me, and i didnt know that they caused seizures. ... (14 replies)
... Skeet, Soon from a show I viewed on Discovery HD channel they are doing work to develop pain meds from sea snails that is non addicting and just as effective as opiate based meds. ALso developing pain meds from different venoms that are also just as effective as opiates and non addicting. It will be a ways off but at least there is hope on the horizon. phil (8 replies)
... I have taken a "hydro holiday" with ultram and it works wonders. I only took it for about a week and had NO withdraws when I stopped. Problem was I went back to hydro a few days later due to chronic pain. I wish there was a non opiate drug for severe pain. (8 replies)
... Mr 4022 Not sure if you will have bad withdrawals getting of the Ultram. If you can dial off 27 7.5 vics a day with 1 Ultram then you may be able to dial off easily from 1 Ultram. Like I said we are all so different when it comes to getting off the opiates. For some its a breeze, other (like me ha) its pure hell. Let us know how it goes and if we can help in any way ... (8 replies)
... I once used the Ultram in an effort to get off the hydrocodone. What I found was when I decided to discontinue the Ultram the withdrawal for me, in my opinion was much worse then the withdrawal from hydro. I would always discourage or give advice to not use Ultram to get off hydro but seeing that you are already using the Ultram you may find the withdrawal more intense or... (8 replies)
... it's going t be a little bit better but not much. drink lots of water because you'll be THIRSTY and altrnating between warm and cold shwers will help with the whole beng sick part. I also got really hungry but that could just be me. try takin a few aspirin as the bottle says and stay busy so your ot thinking about it as much. STAy away from other users. And remember to think... (8 replies)

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