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... Please help guys! I still have not really cheated. Went 17 days only cheating one day with two 7.5's. Anyway i took a pregnancy test today and it showed up positive! THought no way so went out and bought another and positive again! Wow, i am in shock. My husband and i are usually careful but i guess not enough. Everyone is so excited here but i am scared. i prob am... (13 replies)
Hi I'm new
Jan 21, 2004
... Don't think you are alone or unique with your problems. Even the people who have overcome their addictions to both ultrams and loritabs are still a large part of this "community" and look forward to helping others do the same. ... (13 replies)
... Pez, You will have to take an awful lot of Ultram to get even a tiny remote feeling of what the Vp's gave you. Be careful with that- Ultrams can cause seizures if you take too many. When you decide to quit, definately get the Catapres patch, some Xanax or Valim for the anxiety and crawling skin (just use as little of this as possible, as it is very addictive), Ambien or... (5 replies)

... Okay--I don't know how long I can write because my daughter may need the computer, but...I've got like a 20 a day habit of the vp's too. I can tell you the ultram will help (sorta). I did really good last week and was actually being able to taper and I ran out. I got like 30 today and that normally wont last but 2 days if Im lucky. I was out completely Sat. and Sun. and... (5 replies)
... Hey--Julie, well, no I havent ordered YET. The one that has the vp is the one you said took like 3 weeks and it looks as if you need to send documentation. Is that so? I will get a FEW tomorrow and then more on Wed. but....not enough to do a full blown taper. Given the way I do I would not even think about tapering but last week I was able to get mentally right to taper (I... (35 replies)
... Thanks sooooo much guys. I think they are each 30 mgs...Bear in mind I throw 7-8 hydros 7.5's down at a yall are saying start out with say 4 and dose up from there? I just got home (I had to take my mom somewhere and swear to God Im about to shoot somebody)...My last hydros were this morning, Im okay....but just irratible as crap. Okay-I understand about the... (35 replies)
... but I just wanted to congratulate you on your taper. That never worked for me, so you must realize you DO have the strength to do this. I did take the Ultrams once when I tried to taper of the hydrocodone. ... (35 replies)
Me & My OxyContin
Oct 10, 2003
... Hi everyone. I'm new here, but I have been reading all of your posts over the past couple of months, and I'll tell you, I can really relate to what you are all feeling! I have had a debilitating knee problem for 2 1/2 years and have had three surgeries as well. I have been on Percocet for a year, and I have been recently switched over to OxyContin because I was taking 50 5mg... (6 replies)
... Hey guys, I have been on Ultram/Tramadol since 1998. You will have w/d if you take more than prescribed. It is the only thing I can survive if out of Narcs. I can handle not having Lortab or perc,(8-10 daily 10mg and getting 120 monthly) but being out of Ultram for me is the worst (50mg 120 monthly) Not that being out of Lortab isn't a killer. I also take Soma with the... (31 replies)
... vike and a few ultrams left and the past few days I have only take 2 750's at night. I am quiting because I am so disapointed with myself. ... (6 replies)
... I keep hearing a-lot of folks ask about Ultram for withdrawals. I was trying to get off oxycontin a while back and switched to ultram for a few days. Well like I said it did prolong my withdrawals BUT even though it was tuff switching from oxy to ultram, the ultrams did keep the real bad withdrawals at bay what I'm gonna do some... (17 replies)
Aug 19, 2003
... Ultram,Ultram Ultram, you asked the person, I thought the ultrams would help my withdrawals but In fact Phil is totally right, it will just prolong your withdrawals, because Ultram effects the opiod sensors in your body the same as norco, just not as strong, but it does keep the withdrawals away untill you stop taking them, so If you want of the pain pills leave ultram alone... (14 replies)
Hey Philster
Aug 2, 2003
... Wow, I gotta say last night was not too good,had to take 2 ultrams at 3:00am just to get my arm to be still, its crazy, well Im out of ultram so lets see how bad it gets now I geuss? (11 replies)
... Hey guys, Autumn, hang in there hon. Tim youre doing great!! Proud of ya! now as for your question autumn, i do have a legit reason for taking hydrocodone, soma, ultram, and darvocet cause of a condition I have. Still, i do detox every so often ,,I guess so that I dont build a tolerance to them and have to increase the dosage which is what I was having to do already.... (11 replies)
... I went to Lenoir Ryne College in Hickory. Just curious.. Hope all is well with you. And be careful 50 ultrams could be fatal, I had a best friend who took 25 a day and had seizures. Are they an opiate? ... (23 replies)
... Hi, I too was taking loratab with ultrams. It would give you a great high for about 2 hrs. Then had to pop some more. I did this for 2 years and stopped on my own. I can't say it was easy, but i got through. Godd luck to you! ------------------ chris (5 replies)
... ng of reality, when I finally came back to it, I found that it wasn't so bad, and I was much stronger clean than I was when I was under the influence of about 45 Ultrams and 30 vicodenES's. ... (5 replies)
... good grief!! i did not know about the seizures. when i relapsed from my first attempt to clean up, i was getting ultrams for pain...which of course ended up escalating into other things....they didnt know as much about them as they do now....and i took lots!!! yeech!!!!!!!!!!! ... (9 replies)
... Hi David, thanks for your reply. Well, funny you should mention the seizure thing. She had a seizure in the car on the way to an AA meeting. Thank God I have seen a seizure before, so I didn't freak (also thank God I was sober, or who the heck knows what would have happened.) Anyway, after she came around which seemed to be about 35 or 40 minutes, we had the... (9 replies)

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