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... i live in minnesota and i know there is a special fund set up by the county or state that pays the treatment center for those who are has saved countless lives....i know this fund exits because there were lots of ppl there who could not afford to pay and all they had to do was petition the state and it was a slam dunk.....good luck......peace (16 replies)
... My ultram and pain pill addictions are ruining my life. Im extremly depressed and Im afraid some kind of rehab might be my only hope. The problem is I have no health insurance and very little money. Does anyone know if it's possible to get into a rehab without insurance? ... (16 replies)
... Hi Kristi, I can feel your pain. Literally. I have done medical billing for Medicaid and can tell you that most facilities if any wont accept that or participates in the Medicaid program. What I can sugesst is to go to the ER WHILE you are in WD's and request the "Marchment Act". The dr, by law, has to assist you in a facility for detox and possible rehab. At the very... (16 replies)

... Kristi, How much ultram are you taking? I was taking btwn 6-8 per day and then detoxed for 2-3 weeks as you may have read here. The depression and anxiety is what killed me. I just couldn't deal with it anymore. I am back on 2 per day only now and have been able to keep it at that for a few weeks. I was doing ok for a bit, but lately have been really anxious and depressed. I... (16 replies)
... Anyway, I don't want to go to rehab again, as I came out severly depressed, worse than I went in. I do have therapists, but haven't been totally honest. ... (7 replies)
... Hi Amithyst, it's kdp_k, you were the first one to answer my first post, and you helped me a lot. Now I would like to say, yes the Detox with help you, I am waiting for a bed as well, and I just got a call to go in tommorrow.The nurses are trained professionals, who will administer meds and vitamens to make it as comfortable as they can, they have counsellors and of course the... (16 replies)
... Please post to me when you get home. I'll be praying for you and yours. Your Friend, Marilyn:wave: (16 replies)
... I am. THANK YOU I have been waiting for the nurse to call me but I think I am just going to keep it a suprise and GO. I know that I am a very strong person and that once I set my mind to it, I can accomplish anything. Thanks for answering that :) (16 replies)
... Yes Honey, they will keep you comfortable. You will do just fine. Just go. It does not depend on the facility. You will be just fine. Go. Your Friend, Marilyn:wave: (16 replies)
... Thiswasyourlife......... have a question: I am about to go to detox do they really make you comfortable or at least help thru the w/d? Or does it depend on the facility? Thanks (16 replies)
... Dear all, I am emailing the FDA with the news I am hearing. They SERIOUSLY need to reclassify this drug. I am but one person and there is strength in numbers. Dear MsMinn, If you explain where you are from, I would like to provide you with an option. Take care God Bless:angel: (16 replies)
... Call your local Alcoholics Anonymous Central Office or a Narcotics Anonymous Central Office and tell them you need to go to some place to detox and if they have any suggestions for you. Ask for a place that specializes in pain pill addictions. Since you are not paying a fortune to detox you may be asked to clean a toilet or two. Do some janitorial or kitchen work, that is... (16 replies)
... Dear Kristi76, You can start by contacting North Carolina Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services (NC DMHDDSAS). Explain your situation to them and they should be able to direct you accordingly. With respect to Ultram; the FDA may not view it as addictive YET but if they read the research I have lately, they will soon be... (16 replies)
... Krisit, I know what you mean. Ultram is low grade, I have tried it and it didnt do ANYTHING for me. I am on VICODIN and HIGH doses. I suggest you dont take that if at all possible. You think the w/d from ultram are bad...vicodin (for ME) is the most horrible thing that I cannot even describe. Anyways, I would start by contacting someone in the yellow pages in your area that... (16 replies)
... I live in North Carolina. Doesn't medicaid take a while to kick in? My problem is mainly with ultram(tramadol) and Im afraid there are alot of places that don't consider it addictive. I think I need to be medically supervised for any kind of detox as I tried it once by myself and I felt like I was going to die. (16 replies)
... Kristi I am in the same situation and I was able to find help. I do not know what state you are in, but the first thing you need to do is look in the yellow pages for DRUG ABUSE. I found a detox center (in tex) that goes by sliding fee scale, and if you dont work (i am stay @ home mom) then it is funded by the government. You can call any of the 1-800 #'s and ask if there... (16 replies)
... Dear Kristi76, Where I am from (U.S.A.) there is a governmental plan called Medicaid that pays for medical services rendered. I will be able to provide you with the proper info once I know where you are from. Take care God Bless:angel: FTM (16 replies)
... Hey Kristi, I'm not sure about the area you live in. I can tell you where to go to find the best answer for this. Go to an NA meeting today and ask that question. There will be someone there that could point you in the right direction. Seriously, there has prob been people in that meeting that are in the same situation you are in right now. (16 replies)

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