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... and, for me personally, none of these methods were sufficient. Suboxone was the only route of recovery I had not taken. Two years ago I decided to take the Suboxone method and I thank God every day I did. The first requirements for taking Suboxone were counseling, drug screens and lots of meetings. ... (165 replies)
... I started suboxone around march 14th '07. i am down to 1mg a day right now and plan to drop to atleast .5mg a day. Ive been on suboxone for awhile but i definately dont want to stay on it. ... (10 replies)
... NE which my surgeon put me on for my chronic physical ilnesses. Anyway 16mths ago i went into detox for 10 day's and got off the stuff and they put me on 8mgs of suboxone "BAD MOVE" but never told me it was more addictive than heroin? ... (165 replies)

... I've read several of your posts and it seems you've struggled with opiate addiction in one form or another for quite some time now. I was an intravenous heroin and cocaine user for almost twelve years, and one thing I learned was that substituting one thing for another never worked for me. ... (165 replies)
... hello you just told my story. I haven't felt rite since starting sub. 2yrs ago. now im down to 1/6 a pill a day but cant seem to go any lower.i must say that since i started this tamper from 1/4 apill aday my sex drive is higher but im still tired all the time.I hate needing such a little piece of pill to function.i think if i didnt have access to them id b ok. your right... (10 replies)
... I thank suboxone for getting my life back in order but to tell you the truth I never heve felt "normal while I've been on suboxone. Suboxone has givin me restless legs, anxiety, irritability, nervousness, and a bunch of other unpleasent feelings but at least it got me to stop using Heroin. ... (10 replies)
... That said, DWD I think you have done a great job tapering off, as have others who have posted here. Personally, I would advise against the crutch of suboxone for any longer than two weeks to detox, because beyond that period it causes its own addiction, as you all have found out most painfully. ... (52 replies)
... he same for awhile. But what ive read on these forums is that the longer you take the pill the worse the Withdrawl will be. i havent experienced withdrawals once while on the pill but i also only went down a quarter of a pill which shouldnt make a difference. ... (10 replies)
... My brother's been in recovery for heroin addiction for 3 years, and recently had another relapse. ... (4 replies)
... and wants to stop taking the drugs they have become addicted to. The Doctor then instructs the patient to stop taking their drug of choice for 24 hours, then he gives them Subutex. Subutex is straight Buprenorphine. ... (12 replies)
... I too was offered a local outpatient program with suboxone and counseling at a local hospital run program....with lots and lots of group counseling. My doctor urged me to get into it. ... (119 replies)
... they do not consider suboxone being clean. ... (7 replies)
... she was addicted to heroin for 5 years too. ... (14 replies)
... So Jan '07 I got into a suboxone program with a doctor about 2 hours away, and i have come so far. I did have a few slips along the way, but i think that is typical. ... (8 replies)
... Brenda I was addicted to pain pills started with hydrocodone and percocet.....then moved onto roxicodone.....then methadone........i was taking any pain pills i could get by the time i went into re hab. ... (33 replies)
... tylenol dose is 4000 mgs. a day, and that's pushing it. If each pill you take contains 325 mg's. of tylenol, at 20 pills a day, you're getting 6500 mg. If you're taking 500 mg. times 20, that's 10,000 mg. Both of those doses are extremely dangerous, and can cause liver failure from just one single overdose. ... (30 replies)
... CM- I have been on suboxone for over a year-and im telling ya-from the will make a huge differance in your life. Most of what you are experiencing is FEAR..and of course-anxiety/depression. All normal symptoms of coming off the pills-you are still in w/d-(post w/d) You need time to stabilise. I understand your fears-cos im scared as heck coming off this-and its... (9 replies)
... but even when I was bad, I was always in control enough to hold down a job, pay all my bills, etc. Last year, in what has to be the stupidiest attempt to stop using coke you'll ever hear, I started using Dilaudid instead. For some paradoxical reason, Dilauded made me feel speedy. ... (23 replies)
What have I done?
Sep 17, 2004
... There is not much I can say to you that hasn't already been written by another poster, but I do want to reiterate what many have said, which is to stop while you can...before it gets worse, seriously. I am so glad you have a place like this to come to and say whatever you want and feel safe... ... (29 replies)
... cided to slow down my taper a bit because I had a brief relapse with cocaine and other drugs, therefore there was no sense in trying to avoid drug tests and such while coming down. I can say that today I am a week clean from everydrug including marijuana. I have a problem with Cocaine but I go to meetings to arrest this. ... (32 replies)

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