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... I'm new to the board, so first I just wanted to say hello. I am in the process of recovering from heroin abuse for the third time. ... (2 replies)
New To Suboxone
Nov 7, 2004
... Hi Folks, I am new to this site, and new to suboxone.So new I lost my first post and cannot find it anywhere. My doctor just prescribe sub to help me with Vicodin withdrawal. This should be tea time considering the fact that oxcycontin was the last opiate I detoxed from four years ago. ... (2 replies)
Suboxone Taper
Dec 22, 2003
... I think we are all forgetting how awful it is to be using pills again. If I had it all to do over again I would! Suboxone has truly saved my life, I know for a fact I would be dead right now. I dont ever want to go back to that kind of life. ... (27 replies)

... There is a drug called Suboxone that some doctors who are trained can prescribe to help get you off of the oxy without withdrawl symptoms. Some docs use it for short periods of time for just detox and others for maintenance. ... (6 replies)
Apr 12, 2004
... since I was in my early twenties and I am now 41. About a year and a half ago I started using heroin, snorting it. ... (10 replies)
... It's just like methadone except you don't get a high from it. However, it makes the withdrawals go away and the cravings. You also don't have to go to a clinic every day. I went to my doc and he gave me a month's worth. I just went back today for my refill and he gave me three month's worth. ... (6 replies)
... hi there tested faith and welcome. congratulations on your decision to become clean. i completely understand what you are going through. every person is different in their decision on how to stop using. ... (46 replies)
... Then read it back to yersel DO YOU REALLY CRAVE THE BAD TIMES? ... (165 replies)
Oct 24, 2006
... our really not. You will be okay, hang in there!! it will get better!!!!!! I am glad your taking the Sub route, I think it will be good for you until you can get to the " root " of the issue as to why you use. ... (10 replies)
... Hi and welcome to the boards. I detoxed many years ago from about 800mgs. ... (3 replies)
... I have been taking sub now for close to 12 weeks. I had started a 2 mg taper every week until I was down to 2 mg. ... (25 replies)
... The "sub" you are asking about is the suboxene they gave you in the hospital and the reason you felt great there was that suboxene is an opiate and binds to the same receptors in your brain that the hydros did. ... (26 replies)
... I too apologise for falling off the planet for a bit. Was great to hear from you Iain and thanks for the explanation of how to read your language. I love it. I can hear you talking in your accent when I read what you write. ... (165 replies)
... minated all drug dealer numbers from my phone, threw away all OCs in the house, and locked myself up for a week with a ton of food in the fridge so I didn't have to go out. ... (165 replies)
... y got off the opiate. So I will review EXACTLY how it went for me. Remember, it will be different for all of you, but If you are taking Oxycontin, it wont vary to much. ... (8 replies)
... Sorry Mounty....I was replying to your previous post. ... (39 replies)
... and was only able to taper down to 10 pills. Went cold turkey and had a really bad 48 hours then met the suboxone doctor. ... (5 replies)
... ttle at a time until you are completely off them. Sometimes the doctor who prescribed them will help with this as I don't think it's terribly uncommon for people to become dependent or to have withdrawl symptoms even after taking them for legitmately and as prescribed. ... (4 replies)
... track. So just hang in there. CT will be rough because of the amount of time you have been using. I had a heavy oxy habit and have been clean a couple of months. Suboxone really saved me. Many of us get so fed up we think we have to punish ourselves and go cold turkey. You really don't have to do that. ... (6 replies)
... Hey, I'm glad you posted... I've been 'thinking' about starting to taper as well, simply because of the weight gain. Have you gained weight? ... (9 replies)

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