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... Hi Janni, I hope you are doing better by now. I suggest that you buy some valarian root, 5-HTP and melatonin. Both are natural supplement that will help you relax and sleep. The valarian root is all-natural supplement that is non-addicting and non-habit forming that promotes relaxion. The 5-HTP is like tryptophan (like when you eat turkey). This little combo works for... (5 replies)
Valerian Root
Jul 26, 2007
... Be careful not to take too much. Follow the directions. In some people , the ones who think, well if two work, maybe I'll take four, Valarian can have the opposite effect and keep you awake. If taken properly , though, it does help a lot of people. ... (9 replies)
... coming here. You will certainly minimize your discomfort. I know that Klonopin helps and so does clonodine. I have been using epsom salt baths for my aches. Valarian root is a natural form of valium if you don't want to take a benzo. ... (2 replies)

... Hey O, glad to see ya still hanging in there w/your taper! I was researching online yesterday on an old thread on a different board [Google "checking into the hydro hotel"; include the quotation marks. Found some information that just might help with w/taper. Read where folks tapering had reported good success boosting/extending the effect of their taper dose by also taking... (17 replies)
... C for energy, Valarian Root for anxiety. There is a list of supplements and advice for kicking this habit at the beginning of these forums under a sticky. ... (16 replies)
Mar 10, 2009
... It seems to me certain things work for most going through wds. Valarian root helped me, it was something that helped calm that frustration. Melatonin helped with sleep, you know that lack of sleep I mean. Hot baths helped with sleep. ... (4 replies)
Valerian Root
Jan 15, 2008
... This is very true , I have started using Valarian in tinture form, I got some on my hands and my cat nearly had my hand off. ... (9 replies)
... If that is the case, that is why the panic and derpression and hoplesness you are feeling. Give it a few days and it WILL get better. Get some Valarian Root which is the vitamin version of Valium. Crawl into bed and just sleep this off. Don't give up, you can handle this. God doesn't give is what we can'thandle! ... (24 replies)
... tryptophan and natural valarian root will help, with malotonin get the 10 mg tabs and take 40mgs before bed and you will sleep but no more than 40 mgs. ... (6 replies)
Valerian Root
Jul 30, 2007
... lium and working off it, my doctor said it would be ok to add in a little valerian but even still I am waiting a bit to get down to just 1mg of valium. Too much valarian and benzos will be too sedating on your system. ... (9 replies)
... arts of water per day with lemon, 2 multivitamins, calcium, 3 vitamin C, green tea, chamomile tea, 1 tbl spoon apple cider vinegar with water, immodiane,valarian root to sleep, taking 2 baths a day to help the hot cold sweats, so far so good. ... (30 replies)
... eally refreshed, i think all of the W'D are gone! I actually slept last night, i stopped the tylenol pm, i read on the internet this can make RLS worse, i took 2 valarian root pills instead and i had zero RLS woo hoo! i am actually starving as i write this, i have not been starving in 4 days. ... (3 replies)
... tagamet can also help, valarian root tea, and vitamins. Not sure which ones. I know there is a detox recipe here someplace on the boards. Maybe a search will turn it up. ... (35 replies)
... How much valarian root did you take to sleep? ... (30 replies)
... ecause it can be very addictive. Take it only as directed and not for too long a period. It can be a very uncomfortable insomnia withdrawal for days. Try some valarian root to help you relax and sleep. A jacuzzi or hot bath can do wonders at least for awhile. ... (40 replies)
... hi sweetie, proud of you but a little worried about the ativan it it a sister to xanax it is a lot less potanit but still addictive Ibuprofin is a pain reliver it it okay to take 800 mg a day. the other one I would have to look it up unless you have a generic name for it but it sounds like some kind of codie but I could be wrong also try some herbs for relaxation lavender,... (40 replies)

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