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... First of all, I've been taking valium for 4 years, 30mgs a day. I also have been drinking alcohol for about 5 years but have been drinking everyday for the last 4 months. ... (18 replies)
... n rehabilitation. She survived to only screw me over for the next 2 years. Cheating, cheating, cheating. At the same time, my dog died. My parents seperated, and finally I got into problems with my boss and dealt with him giving me hell for 3 months until I quit. ... (7 replies)
... are essentially the same. Valium is booze in a pill and vice versa. They create the same effect on the brain in the same area of the brain. ... (18 replies)

... Hello, I have taken valium for 10 years. ... (7 replies)
... Hello, I have taken valium for 10 years. ... (7 replies)
... i definitely agree that seeking out a therepist to help you deal with all that you are experiencing and feeling would probably be very beneficial to you at this point.they can also help to guide you through the med thing too. ... (7 replies)
... to help my ex, he disappeared again, is going through some mood swing. Its just insane. I have no friends to talk to no one around. Not only do I feel abandoned and just alone and miserable but Im worried that he's gonna die any minute. I dont know how to pull it together I feel like Im going to snap! ... (16 replies)
... due to his addictions and his Dr. ... (16 replies)
... benzo in the family. In fact, in my area of the country it is very rarely prescribed anymore because of it. However, ativan and xanax still is. But valium is the big whopper and addiction occurs extremely rapidly within a few days. It sounds like you really already have your own answers. ... (7 replies)
... f the valium, but I never mentioned alcohol. He told me that he really didn't have any experience with people coming off medication. He wrote me a script for the valium and a script for celexa. I've took just about every SSRI there is. Last one being lexapro, which from what i've read is about the same thing as celexa. ... (18 replies)
... Okay, finally got around to do it. Its amazing how I am getting sober and finding time to get much more done in my personal life. This went by the wayside. ... (29 replies)
... As for the dosage she has been on, I know she has 10mg and 5mg pills, she takes several doses per day, I guess I could safely say up to 100mg per day. Maybe more. She drinks alcohol every day. ... (18 replies)
... Hi Shay, I caved in and took 10mgs of valium and i feel alot better. I'll be going to the Dr. tomorrow to get a refill for the valium. ... (18 replies)
... If you like, go ahead and read my previous posts. But yes, I was on the valium the night of the accident. And yes, I am clean and sober today. ... (11 replies)
... I have been reading your thread and want to applaud you for thinking and wanting to get off valium and booze. These are wonderful thoughts. ... (18 replies)
... I am embarrassed to say I couldn't do it...I just woke up and started crying , looking around my house how much of a disaster it is, how I haven't kept up with there is sooooooo much to do in so little time... ... (22 replies)
... I am so very proud of you for addressing your issues with alcohol. I am living with an alcoholic and everyone in my family has a problem with it. I lost my brother to this dreaded disease 2 years ago as well. ... (8 replies)
... absolutely i want and need to quit. thats not the problem. the problem is I go through hell when I try to quit, I have been going through hell on them because of tolerence. ... (7 replies)
... ine then you'll be fine.It's when you mix a benzo with opiate pain killers or alchohol that you can have respitory failure.I've been on methadone for 4 years now and every time we hear of a death of a methadone patient from an od, it almost always comes out that they were abusing valium or xanax ect. ... (7 replies)
... I need some support. I am so at a loss right now, and don't know where to turn. ... (11 replies)

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