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... Thanks for the posts. I went through inpatient detox 12 years ago and had almost 11 years sobriety under my belt before this relapse. When I went through detox before they also suspected eating disorder and followed me around after every meal. ... (21 replies)
Sep 24, 2004
... this was probably a mistake. Also in retrospect I should have asked my doc about meds to help with wd symptoms. I took valium that night but it didn't make a dent. ... (23 replies)
... Hey Sara you asked in an earlier post of yours " if I could come knockin on you door...and give you a personal message...well Sara I can feel your pain/cry for help as I read your last post so hear I am knockin at your door right now and the following is my personal message to you ( in hopes it may in someway be of help/comfort to you )...Sara to make a long story short... (33 replies)

... I can tell you that a quick 7 day or less medical detox in all probabilty will leave you in worse shape that you entered, a gross waste of money. ... (23 replies)
... e a failure because you've slipped and become "addicted" to Valium.You're human,and as addicts we know that relapse is a part of recovery.But on another note,the Valium IS increasing your depression,and really messing with those neurotransmitters. ... (27 replies)
... I hope it's not Valium or Xanax, because those drugs mixed with alchohol are lethal. Once you are detoxed, if you are still having anxiety than you should ask your Dr. ... (54 replies)
... I am NOT sure yet what I will do after my detox contract is finished... ... (5 replies)
... to recovery and a life of SOBRIETY!!!.... ... (11 replies)
Feb 11, 2004
... and the amount that is prescribed is utterly astonishing! Did they not learn from the valium scandal......... and xanax is even more potent! Psychotropic drugs which actually alter brain chemistry!! ... (156 replies)
Jul 22, 2012
... Most people can't and there is no shame in that. The doctor didn't offer you valium or xanax or anything like that? ... (6 replies)
... Hi and welcome, I am a percocet, oxycodone addict and I am in my 3rd day of detox. I took about 6 to 7 percs a day, received a weekly RX for 49 from my pain mgmt doctor. I also developed a dependence on xanax and my psychologist switched me to valium and i have tapered from 80 mg to 7 1/2 mg. I have had no rehab, have not tried to get drugs illegally, been hospitalized. But I... (7 replies)
... pinal surgeries and the most recent one was 4 weeks ago and was a spinal fusion and bone graft. I have two gorgeous children and I must say that the pain of the recovery from the last surgery was as bad as being in labour for 3 days straight. ... (14 replies)
... g to believe me!! He did not know I was an addict or course, I didn't even really know that at the time, I just behaved like one, didn't understand addiction and recovery yet in my life, and this dr. ... (1 replies)
... all the while we must simutaneously be aware that recovery will take weeks, months, maybe even a year. Do not let these thoughts frighten you. Let the thoughts of what is happening to you presently frighten you. ... (1 replies)
... I need to get over these physical withdrawal symptoms first, in my mind, before I start looking into attending meetings. I am reading a lot of different books on recovery that I checked out from various libraries and they seem to be helping my spirits. ... (14 replies)
... that I had a valium drip. Can I make it through an extraction on tylenol and advil? ... (12 replies)
Hi Everyone...
Aug 21, 2004
... my detox contract and so far today.. ... (17 replies)
... Hi guys, thanks so much for your support. I'm alone with the girls tonight, so I must be brief. Banker, I've been thinking alot about you and your grandmother (still trying to catch up on all my reading.) No stomach problems on the suboxone until after my dose was cut to 1mg. 3 days after my highest dose, it hit. Also, I used to do wonderfully on a combo of Wellbutrin... (13 replies)
Sub question????
Apr 27, 2004
... she attends meetings and she has now been thro detox and is trying to deal with all her issues now. ... (36 replies)
... Your making so much sense, thank you I have made an appointment with a Specialist in all areas, but it's 5 weeks time, He deals with drugs too, i'll tell him everything, i have much more confidence in him because i have much more confidence in his abilities since he's a specialist I know it may be small and pety but i'm very paranoid nowadays, even me seeing little... (55 replies)

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