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... mbien, sonata, lunesta, also work on the gaba receptors. the problem with coming off of the klonopin directly is that you can't break the pills down small enough to do a smooth taper. ... (26 replies)
When does it end
May 31, 2004
... and the percentages would gets higher the more you go down. People say slow taper but just how can get tedious and some coaching is needed. They now make what is called "Klonopin wafers," .125 tabs that are cross scored. ... (359 replies)
... I tried to taper many times with professional help. I could not do it. If I had access..I took them and then expended much energy finding ways to get more more more. Full steam ahead. ... (29 replies)

... valium stays in your system much longer than ativan so its easier to taper. with ativian you go and up and down every 5 or 6 hours. Once you crossover to valium, you can taper it without such bad side effects. Hydroxyzine is atarax and you can find information about it on line. ... (22 replies)
... Ask the doc to switch you to valium cuz valium is much easier to taper. ... (8 replies)
... of valium for post op. muscle spasms for a few months. I have successfully gotten myself slowly down to 2.5 mg. ... (7 replies)
... Anxiety, my last post to you is to say that we are all different in how we react to taking drugs and to going off of drugs. Some people withdraw from heroin and have no problems doing it, but not the vast majority. ... (23 replies)
Sep 2, 2003
... I got my measurements wrong Yinksy quoted them right. A switch for me would be to go to 5 mil of valium and taper from there. ... (11 replies)
... You're best course of action would be to taper slowly off the Percoset first, and then begin gradually tapering off the valium. ... (4 replies)
Xanax Weaning
Oct 28, 2004
... With a name like that you have to be from New Orleans or Louisiana. Xanax cutting is very difficult and many simply cannot taper the stuff. That large of a cut is too much. You need to get your doctor to convert you to VALIUM as it stays in your bloodstream longer and is easier to taper. ... (45 replies)
... ct your doc asap and ask him about the clonodine. Withdrawing from the patch is worse than withdrawing from Morphine. Fentanol is extremely potent and you need to talk to your doctor about not only this, but also the xanax issue. He needs to tell you how to taper down from xanax. ... (1 replies)
... Thank you for all the good advice. I am going to see my PM doctor this coming Tuesday and I am thinking of asking him to write me a script for Valium to use to help taper off of the Klonopin. I was on Valium before the Klonopin. Does Klonopin come in a .5 mg dose? ... (26 replies)
When does it end
May 31, 2004
... hat at it now. For one thing, forget the steak knife. In fact, you may consider giving it a rest for a few weeks and see how you do at the 1 mg a day. When ready to taper that, it is going to be very difficult to taper Klonopin with the .5 mg pills. Tried that... I would not bother slicing over edges, etc. ... (359 replies)
... Check out the Ashton Method. I used it to taper off of xanax onto longer acting valium. It is much easier to taper. ... (1 replies)
... I went to an addictionologist and he was a kind man. He stated to me that it is actually easier to get off of a higher dose of narcotics then what I am taking. ... (15 replies)
When does it end
May 31, 2004
... hi howard i actually did by a pill cutter it was getting pretty annoying with my steak knife lol i did'nt realize they made wafers i actually read also that klonopin for some people had to be made into special sizes in order for them to wean off guess they were not to prepared like they say some drs are good at prescribing but not w/ding there patients is that why they made... (359 replies)
... he has no clue! And quite obviously no understanding of the nature of addiction to xanax and the hell it is to come off. This doesn't surprise me. ... (5 replies)
... Have a look at Ashton's taper schedule. I think that what your doctor is proposing may be too steep and difficult? ... (13 replies)
... Glad to hear you are still fighting fit! ... (25 replies)
... pt quite a bit. This is a good thing because after coming off the Xanax, my sleep is still not regular and falling asleep naturally is something our brains have to reprogram after being on benzos like Xanax and valium for long periods of time. ... (16 replies)

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