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... are essentially the same. Valium is booze in a pill and vice versa. They create the same effect on the brain in the same area of the brain. ... (18 replies)
... I have been reading your thread and want to applaud you for thinking and wanting to get off valium and booze. These are wonderful thoughts. ... (18 replies)
... look back on it now and remember how scared I was. So guess what I learned the gifted art of self medication. A little beer here, a little pot there and maybe a valium or 714 on a real bad night was my counsuling. I was Homecoming King, I could not chance anyone knowing I was hurting inside. ... (33 replies)

... f the valium, but I never mentioned alcohol. He told me that he really didn't have any experience with people coming off medication. He wrote me a script for the valium and a script for celexa. I've took just about every SSRI there is. Last one being lexapro, which from what i've read is about the same thing as celexa. ... (18 replies)
... ere to tell a doctor that you had quit drinking cold turkey, he would most likely tell you that it is much safer and much more comfortable to alcohol detox using valium or a similar drug for a few days. They regulate the central nervous system that is going haywire, yet they don't have properties that will prolong withdrawals. ... (4 replies)
... into 10 minutes at a time if necessary, especially if you are having a tough withdrawal or tough day. Just for today I can stay clean. ... (32 replies)
... and with booze withdrawal. ... (31 replies)
... Thanks for the replies. I have been off the booze for about a week now. I hope that it gets better. ... (18 replies)
... Any mixture of this sort affects different people in different ways. It only takes a small amount for some, while you see others do it frequently with 4 or 5 benzos. It is like Rush and Roulette never know when it will be the last time one mixes it together...... ... (12 replies)
... wow does anyone know if she had any health issues already? or how much valium/alchol she consumed? (12 replies)
... I was never a daily drinker but sometimes when i do drink I just keep going and cant stop! And end up being really hung over the next day and useless for about a weak because im trying to get my mentality & energy back AM I the only one that is so horribly effected by booze? Just one night of booze can totally ruin my weak increase my anxiety and ocd by crazy amounts its... (13 replies)
... ith a liver ailment and he said she told him that only happens with binge drinking, although I cannot recall what was wrong with him. So his wife is sharing her valium with him. THey take pills and drink... ... (6 replies)
... ve spring boarded from her are far more sure of themselves and engage in much embellishment, somtimes to the point of the bizzare. What I do buy for sure is that Valium is the best benzo to taper, that I need to minimize stress, and come off these drugs. That is all I need to know. ... (33 replies)
... Thanks. I always have good intentions with people I consider friends, but you are right, they do not want friendship OR truth. The first time he had a stroke he waited 3 days to go to ER because he took his wife's morphine pills and didn't want them knowing it was in his system. ... (6 replies)
Jan 5, 2011
... e on Marijuana but I didn't class it as an addiction because I am an alcoholic primarily and the pot was only an extra benefit. I had always been able to take it or leave it. But alcohol was another matter. I am an alcoholic and I don't call it drug addiction. I was addicted to it but not to drugs. ... (5 replies)
Completely lost
May 4, 2007
... screwed up, and figure I might as well use again. Also, I never quit everything, if I stop the heroin, I use coke to get by, or if neither of those then I drink. I've never made it more then a couple weeks without the H, the C I've been on pretty steady, the drinking I do all the time. ... (9 replies)
... OH THE MISERY..... However, it sounds like you have gone thru it before and are well prepared for this time around and your attitude is GREAT! I will say, the Valium should certainly be helping you thru it big time. At least if you can get some consistant sleep than you will have the mental strength to keep fighting. ... (10 replies)
Still lurking
Jun 28, 2007
... I've still been reading the board everyday. I'm still wanting to quit the booze and valium. I had a really good talk to my husband the other day about AA. He said it might be a hard first step, but atleast I would be making a step. ... (1 replies)
... (18 replies)
... a little crack, pills if i could get my hands on them, and a ton of booze to come down from the crack. by the end, i did not care what happened, as long as i could start over and get off all of it. i wanted my life back. ... (18 replies)

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