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... Hang in there and try to make a taper plan. ... (6 replies)
... I also have this shocking feeling that has been zapping me. the valium helps w that and of course the music. Today is much much better. ... (45 replies)
... e prize!! Sobriety is gonna feel so much better then these three nasty pills that might decide todays the day that they will cause me to seizure. Still taken the Valium at night along w half of my zoloft. I hink its smart to take the Valium right before bed. ... (45 replies)

... if i stay on schedule as well as i have i will have wnought to do my taper as planned. ... (45 replies)
... respond Carolyn, give it some time. People have been so supportive to me here. You are doing a great job and yes, slower is the best option. I would take that valium to be safe. Take it at night before bed. Even though it has expired, I am sure it is just fine and will aid in your recovery. ... (45 replies)
... pretty much sweat all night-regret not takig the valium--took a rosearm light sleeping pill instead-was affraid of building tollerance of the valium-should have tooken it anyway for seisure reasons. Stomach hurts today too. So much for feeling great today. (45 replies)
... I dont care for Valium never have. ... (45 replies)
... yes it seems they are given ya the most powerful stuff as soma an felexeral are , addictive too they may not say so , but we are getting lower , you could try robaxan , or some others that i mentioned , those three drugs are sought on the street , something like robaxin , will not be sought after , they will give you a drunk effect if you take to much, thats why they like them... (7 replies)
... d's after your last crumb. These drugs are nasty!! Just don't be a dummy like me and taper too fast. I finally went cold turkey 7 days ago when I dropped to 2. ... (2 replies)
... You are off to such a wonderful start here! Your thinking is where it should be. Keep it that way.. reread this thread form start too finish everyday to help do that. ... (16 replies)
Apr 10, 2007
... ryone has offered great advice on this board. There is no sugarcoating the fact that opiate withdrawal sucks... I am 7 days free from Norco and Morphine, and my taper was hell. And I still have to finish a Valium taper. But I'm alive. ... (7 replies)
... it has been that bad... I was on Morphine, Kadian, Valium and a host of other drugs... My taper has been a month. Every 4 days my dose has been reduced and its been pure hell. ... (9 replies)
... klonopin is a very addictive benzodiazepene. 1mg. of klonopin is equal to 20mg valium! soma is a remake of a tranquiliser from the late 50's called 'miltown'. if you've ever heard the song 'mothers little helper' by the rolling stones, this is what they were talking about. so basically you are taking two highly addictive benzos. i have come off of vicodin before-it's a walk in... (26 replies)
... ail" is abilify. I cannot find any information about how to stop this med which is for scizophrenia or mania of which i have never had neither. I don't know if i taper it or just stop it. On the safe side i am cutting by a few mg a month, but it is such a dangerous med that i would like to just stop it. ... (18 replies)
... Hi Jndls Good for you for realising your position. Suggest you read the thread on benzos, klonopin,xanax. Google, download, print and read "The Ashton Manual" - it's very manageable - but dont try to go too fast. About a 10% reduction per fortnight............... and ativan is no good to taper off - you need to change over to valium - explanation as per Ashton. I tapered... (22 replies)
Sub Detox/WD/Taper
Oct 11, 2005
... rrific withdrawals and didn't even sleep the next night. I discharged myself from the place, and the doctor there wrote me a script for a measly 4 tabs of sub to taper off of. Right now, I have been stabilized at taking 1mg for 4 days, I just took my last pill today. If I had more pills, I would drop down to . ... (34 replies)
... Wrote a text message to Nabumed, but havent checked back yet. I agree, I need to be careful with the valium thing too. Feeling real tired today, but hanging in there. ... (18 replies)
... d coming on. I really don't want to go back to the hydro but I was thinking I could restart that in low dose and taper from there. ... (18 replies)
... A nurse from my doctor's office just called me and said that the doctor wants me to pick up some valium too. Is the catapres and valium going to help? ... (13 replies)
... I need you guys to help me! How fast is too fast as far as tapering is concerned? ... (4 replies)

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