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... btw, 1.5mgs of ativan is NOT a small dose. it is a very powerful drug and 1.5mgs is equal to about 15mgs of valium. ... (11 replies)
... Have you actually ever talked to your doctor about the fact that you think you might be reliant on valium? ... (7 replies)
... but perhaps it needs to be done. ... (28 replies)

... I have only been off the Ativan for 7 weeks. ... (11 replies)
Ativan Addiction
Apr 26, 2008
... I totally understand what you are going through and what you are feeling. I was on Ativan for an inner ear infection. The most I ever took was l mg daily, the equivilant of 10mg Valium. I took this for 18 mos. ... (3 replies)
... You are in a delima, but I can tell you are not liking this at I agree with j2006....tell the doc you DO NOT want to take addictive stuff anymore and to do something else and get you off the stuff. ... (12 replies)
... hours. So in that respect it should be doable. The dosage will be the tricky thing to get right. 0. ... (1 replies)
... Of these, Valium and Klonopin are best suited for tapering since they come in tablet form. ... (41 replies)
... I am a heroin addict, but I've been off the dope for 6 years. I did it through methadone, then eventually got off the methadone too. ... (2 replies)
... I understand your frustration. I was on Ativan for 2 years and never took more than 1mg per day. ... (9 replies)
Benzo withdrawal
Feb 21, 2006
... This is my first post, and while I am now addicted to NORCO, and am hating myself for opening another trap to Hell...I will say that two years a go I kicked Ativan after being on it for four started benignly enough....02mg.s for sleep...the first one was the best sleep i had had in years.. ... (17 replies)
... How very strange.. I have a friend that lives in the same city as you and she is also coming of Ativan.. I am recovering from coming off Klonopin which is another Benzodiazeapan.. ... (2 replies)
... My heart just goes out to you! I had 4 children under the age of five when I had to battle addiction. And I so agree with Banker. ... (48 replies)
... Addiction is when you crave your next dose and you are obcessed with always having the drug with you, refills, etc. Dependence is when your body has gotten used to the drug and you start feeling withdrawal symptoms when you are ready for your next dose or you miss one. ... (11 replies)
... You are in cold turkey withdrawal and this can have drastic side effects. Seizures are not uncommon. Valium has a long half life, thus the reason you didn't feel it until Sunday. What you are feeling are typical withdrawal symptoms and this is only the beginning. ... (11 replies)
... Sorry it's been so long since I've posted to you. I'm trying to slowly catch up with everyone. I've been reading everything though. ... (6 replies)
... I tapered directly off the Ativan. I did not cross over to valium. Because Ativan has such a short life, I divided my total daily dose into 3 per day. ... (9 replies)
... hooked." They need the drug and more of it just to feel normal. Call it what you will, the bottom line is you are trapped. So what does one do? ... (23 replies)
May 25, 2004
... different drugs affect different people in different ways. For instance, I recently read where some DR. posted on his website that Benzos were the HARDEST drug to withdraw from. That is a pretty blanket statement and pretty irresponsible as far as I'm concerned. ... (16 replies)
... years of abuse. I've already been to prison twice and am a 3 time registered narcotics offender here in CA. No need to harass me I know I've messed my life up and have made terrible life decisions. ... (1 replies)

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