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... off actively for awhile. I started suboxone 3 months ago and have been doing very well with it. ... (6 replies)
... Murphy, thats is why my doctor put me on is an opioid blocker, it will also make you sick if you take benzos or opiates while on it......maybe you could switch to that. Sub also gives off a euphoric feeling....which us as the addict likes....which could lead to a relapes... ... (6 replies)
... at literally saved my life by helping me get on Suboxone so please let me know what I can do. I'm always here for you no matter what. Just please keep in touch with us. ... (6 replies)

... banker..just drop down a should be ok..cos the sub will pull thru the depression aspect..start with one pill less.. ... (6 replies)
... or benzo's for whatever reason....and I have no argument with that at all. I was more talking about people that are trying this themselves.....self prescribing....fooling around with's just too damned "iffy". ... (9 replies)
... Use enough Valium or whatever to, if possible, sleep through most of the first couple of days. Then start decreasing the dose until your down to nothing in about 5 or 6 days. ... (19 replies)
... r coming off the Xanax, my sleep is still not regular and falling asleep naturally is something our brains have to reprogram after being on benzos like Xanax and valium for long periods of time. ... (16 replies)
... ze addiction as a medical illness. Many people make the error of considering drug addiction a personal choice or a personal shortcoming. "There's something wrong with any person who would use drugs," they say, and they don't mean it in an understanding manner. ... (8 replies)
... THis is when he told me to reduce yet again to 5mg Oxycontin twice daily and cover break through pain with pandiene forte. ... (22 replies)
... Hi! Yeh, I had the protracted version of withdrawal. Even at over 3 years off, I still have some sleep difficulties and those countless vivid dreams(the sign the brain is still healing) still rage on but now I do get enough sleep to feel like a human again, thank goodness but it did take 2 years off pills to finally get to that point. I think it was mainly because I was a... (128 replies)
... Thanks a lot. I sure could live with lethargy and insomnia for 3 to 6 months. I am an old hat with insomnia, have had it for most of my adult life. Very often sleep has come only at the point of exhaustion. ... (128 replies)
... mise i give you howard and jennita so much credit like i said i am not really that experienced in the benzo department but all of what has been written is really frightening i'm on klonopin unfortunatly and i'm really scared i went through the worst methadone w/d and 4 months later still suffering and and i don't need another nightmare in my life methadone was enough i have an... (128 replies)
... opiates. People seem to do withdrawal time and time again with drink and with opiates? ... (128 replies)
... benzodiazepine in conjunction with use of or abuse of Opiates is most likely something that should be avoided. ... (9 replies)
... Hi all.....was just reading through some of the posts and noticed that some people are trying to detox off of opiates using benzodiazepine's.... ... (9 replies)
... The head nurse put me in touch with a Dr. ... (14 replies)
... Sorry it's been so long since I've posted to you. I'm trying to slowly catch up with everyone. I've been reading everything though. ... (6 replies)
... I posted this as a reply to someone elses post but thought it might help those who are struggling with opiate withdrawl. ... (5 replies)
... believer. I know it's hard to argue with miracles, so I promise not to discuss the religious aspect of addiction and recovery any further. ... (26 replies)
... All I know Banker, is that the detox protocol was exactly the same as it was with vicodin in the past. ... (14 replies)

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