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... Hi! VALIUM!!I have been fighting with that one and Xanax and Ambien it seems my whole adult life. (I'll be 63 soon). Right now I'm trying to wean off of Ambien and it is giving me the devil of a time. Someone please write and give me some encouragement. I have a wonderful husband and doctor, but they can't begin to understand what I'm going through. I think my doctor is... (9 replies)
... Does anyone have experience to advise how long withdrawal from valium should take, like a few months to a year? ... (1 replies)
... Hi:) It is easy to get addicted to them if you take them every night for a month or so. At some point, you can't sleep without them, and if you quit cold turkey, your body goes crazy for them, but only at night. The withdrawal symptoms are horrible (night terrors, seizures, racing heart, little if any sleep, jimmy legs...) It wasn't long before I was taking a little more... (10 replies)

Mar 2, 2004
... but to prevent withdrawal symptoms. There is really so little reward from these drugs and such a large potential for trouble with dependency and side effects. ... (34 replies)
Tramadol addiction
May 11, 2014
... sed blood pressure, when your body doesn't get it's usual dose of self administered opioids, it moves into "fight or flight" mode, and is the reason during acute withdrawal that every 5 seconds you have a mood change. ... (12 replies)
... The other meds I take on a regular basis are Valium and Flexeril. 5mg of Valium twice a day and I usually take the Flexeril at bedtime because it really helps me sleep. ... (5 replies)
... t. Withdrawals from opiates are very unpleasant but they are manageable. If you go to the sticky topics, there is a thread with very good advice. The physical symptoms with subside in about 4 days, but you really must tend to the psychological symptoms or you will be right back to where you are. ... (13 replies)
... wn over the past month and a half and it's been difficult to keep myself from rushing it. I want to be off of this medication so badly and I just want the crappy withdrawal feelings to be over with that it's difficult to keep myself from stopping all at once. ... (3 replies)
Alcohol withdrawls
Oct 31, 2007
... izures, stroke, or other dangerous effects of alcohol withdrawal. Many docs prefer that you detox in a medical facility so any problems can be addressed. Alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous. I have heard of doctors actually recommending that you don't stop drinking cold turkey. ... (3 replies)
... this is gradual enough so as to not induce severe withdrawal. What bites is that one of the withdrawal symtoms is increased anxiety, probably at a level that is much higher than what you were originally treated for. ... (4 replies)
... d symptoms after taking the Buprenex and I was able to use it in a sublingual form. The pharmacy compounded it. ... (27 replies)
... do you have valium to help you thru this? ... (89 replies)
... I am writing this because i have had several experiences with rx withdrawal and hope i can shed some light and help you come to a well thought out decision. ... (13 replies)
Oct 24, 2004
... Hi howard, great post and very accurate. So, you still having some problems, that's not good to hear but you know the score and have come a long way already; and you do know that 32 days off is near nothing in benzo terms so I know you aren't freaking out about it. It's a damn shame it cost two jobs for you, it's not fair when people get into this mess without even knowing... (38 replies)
Oct 24, 2004
... d sensations, inner vibrations, panic, stomach malfunction, extreme muscle tension, etc. No information about a syndrome, that I did not know even existed, where symptoms wax and wane, go away for a few hours then come back, doing the cycle again and again. ... (38 replies)
... i'm not trying to make any waves i'm on klonopin right now tapered myself off nothing severe but my panic attacks came backand back on it i'm not all that experienced in the benzo department only what my friends howard and jennita have told me but i can tell you i have to agree with alot of what you are saying i came off 50 mgs of methadone and now 3 months almost 4 months... (128 replies)
... probably feel like you had the world lifted off your shoulders.I found that the Catapress, even though it really is just a blood pressure med, really reduced the withdrawal symptoms dramatically. ... (5 replies)
... It is possible you are not addicted yet. I quit after 9 months regular use of Xanax, for three months and had no withdrawal symptoms. I was on .5 mgs a day. Then though, I was entirely ignorant of the addictive nature of these drug and the potential for horrible withdrawal symptoms. ... (23 replies)
... d an incredibly terrible time trying to stop no matter what substance they were on. i just wish that many people could see that various people go through various symptoms when trying to stop different drugs. and again, it doesn't really matter what the hardest is. in the end, it only matters about getting clean and staying clean. ... (128 replies)
... HI, yinksy, Its been a couple days since we last posted to each other ,and I wanted to let you know how my "pill taking and insomnia" have been doing... When I called my Doctor and told him the TRAZODONE didn't seem to be helping (it was at 200mg) it seemed to be giving me severe head aches he suggested triing ativan (lorazepam,1mg.). take two at... (35 replies)

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