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... Hi Pam, As always, all the wonderful people here have given you their invaluable advice. This is a place filled with very special and compassionate people! ... (29 replies)
... erie, If you do a very slow taper, the withdrawals shouldn't be as bad as you think. I tapered off of hydrocodone over a period of two months, and it wasn't bad. ... (15 replies)
... I was on Cymbalta for about 6 months last year. This drug was prescribed to me for nerve pain as an alternative to narcotics. I had just gone through a very hard withdrawal from darvocet and hydrocodone, so my doctor put me on something that "was not addicting"!!!!!!! ... (4 replies)

... Who finally got off the hydros and oxys last year with the help of Subutex. ... (16 replies)
... My next appt is Tuesday when I think he plans to switch me to Suboxone. My understanding is that he'll keep me stabalized on that for awhile and eventually do a very slow taper. ... (10 replies)
Hydrocodone Advice
Aug 30, 2005
... for over a year. I had electricity sooting through my body for over a week, but after 10 days I felt much better. 2. Taper, Hydro is a very difficult drug to taper due to it's short half life, but I found that if you can get it to 40mg's a day and then go cold tukey, you will be saving yourself from alot of misery. 3. ... (6 replies)
... Sara, you addressed a very big question for me regarding trying to detox by switching to another narcotic, i.e. hydrocodone. Is it really just prolonging the inevitable? ... (17 replies)
... Lisa, I also start getting major anxiety when I start running low on my meds. I have learned to not let this happen if at all possible. Is there any way you can get more from your doc? The fear of running out is almost like the fear of "being out". I can't imagine being alone at this point. My husband is also in the same situation as I am. We are both doing this... (32 replies)
... of maintance as the bupe is also...they have there good points and bad points...they are both opiates also and since they are long acting opiates you have to get off them real slow...alot slower than the fast acting opiates such as hydrocodone or oxycodone.... ... (8 replies)
I feel so stupid
May 14, 2006
... d's. So I weaned off with 14 pills. But I didn't feel good for about 4 months after that. Then, at 6 months, it started back up, not as bad though, then again at 18 months. ... (10 replies)
... If you can get to a doctor or somehow slowly taper off one drug at a time your mind will be in much better shape. ... (11 replies)
... are Tylenol and oxycodone, and Vic's are Tylenol and hydrocodone, so there are 3 different things you can be reacting too....not to mention if your getting crap off the streets to "suppliment" your real prescriptions, there's no telling what your actually taking. ... (2 replies)
... routine of popping pills or whatever every few hours, and so on, but the brains receptors and endorphin production do not start healing until we are completely off it, according to my sub doctor and articles I have read. Some say the healing process may begin when we get to low levels of sub, like below 2 mg... ... (48 replies)
... hosing a day to go cold turkey. If you just stopped now I figure you'd be in for a few days of severe discomfort but it wouldn't be life threatening or anything. Taper down to a dose that staves off the withdrawal symptoms. How about taking 4 tomorrow instead of 5? ... (3 replies)
... We 'do' sound very much alike. I read your OP in "My New Day" and it was very touching. I got all teary. It really gave me a lot of inspiration. ... (11 replies)
3 weeks!
Apr 22, 2005
... that I really couldn't remember not taking them. For a variety of reasons, I decided a taper was the best plan. ... (18 replies)
... Actually, that 's very good advice to taper under a doctors' supervision...unfortuanately, finding one who even supports the idea might be hard, especially the doctor who has been prescribing the drug! ... (22 replies)
... It seems that you both have been on entirely too much. I went to detox in December to break me of my on and off again moderate 10 year abuse of oxycodone and hydrocodone. I started at 6mgs and that was only for a few days. ... (4 replies)
... I have been reading this board on and off for the last couple of years. I am a hydrocodone addict. I seriously tried to get off this crap a couple of years ago and failed. I have tried a lot of things...only to fail and fail again. The self loathing and guilt have been overwhelming. ... (16 replies)
Mar 15, 2004
... Tylox has oxycodone in it so you will find many oxycodone and closely related hydrocodone users on this board. ... (7 replies)

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