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... hi. Gosh i can totally sympathize with you as i have been on rx meds for years. First, i became addicted to large doses of valium, a tranquilizer as well as fiournal and darvon. This was when i was from 18 to 35 years old. ... (13 replies)
... Since I am new to these boards it gives me comfort that I am not alone. Yes, I was very upset to be back on meds after the struggle with valiuim and pain meds. I went through so much to come off of them and now this. ... (13 replies)
... Hi, I think at this point it is dangerous for you to try and do this on your own, it is extremely dangerous for someone to try and stop taking medication of this type without a professional detox and can result in death, stroke, and many other adverse reactions. I not sure what your experience has been with the VA, but you also have a problem of once you enter a detox... (13 replies)

... minated then I would do it. I am stilll debating the spinal cord stimulator to try and treat my nerve pain. If it worked then I would be able to cut down my pain meds or completely elimiinate them. ... (13 replies)
... My story starts out like so many: back surgery led to pain management with prescription pain killers. But unlike a lot of posters I haven't just been on the stuff for a few months or a few years. My surgery was on April 18, 1984. I've lived every single day since then, for the past 25 years, on one prescription pain med or another. I started out on Percodan for a few years,... (13 replies)
With draw
Apr 27, 2015
... Thanks Senior Veteran. I did cut back to much and have regulated it to suit my body better. The problem when you cut back on pain meds you feel all the other spots of pain that is hurting you. Put this together with with drawn pain and it even gets more temping to go back on meds. ... (6 replies)
May 25, 2004
... whatever meds they are. ... (16 replies)
... i told my doctor but he doesnt like to prescribe stuff for sleep. not yet he said. i should give the meds time to adjust. which is understandable, so ive been trying natural stuff. i cant take anything like ambien anyway because it makes me hallucinate. ... (35 replies)
... Is this true? In almost all the reading I've done it says that opiate detox cold-turkey is almost never life threatening, and is only so if the depressive thoughts cause suicide. Everything I've read says that although a cold turkey detox may not be possible due to how painful it is, it's certainly not life threatening in most cases. (13 replies)
... is a spinal cord stimulator the same kind of thing as a t.e.n.s. machine (transcutanious electrical nerve stimulation) they are worth trying, if you shop about you can get them for a few pounds in the uk (from pound shops that sell all weird stuff for under a few quid) failing that try downloading a trial or free software off the net, look up computer rife generators, blaster5... (13 replies)
... can u cut the patches down like u can with cigarette patches if so that might work but slowly slowly and always keep trying so at least u get used to the pain, and the average dose will be lower.u know how long the pain lasts roughly after a drop, so do drops when u are wellish and don't go backward(after a week at that dose, i don't after 3day ) no matter what ur body is... (13 replies)
... u know urself if u are ready, ie that pissed off at just existing and not truely living, i've been on 1gm diamorpine(heroin)/day then75mg methadone for 15 years, u see time wizzing by and ur time running out and ur health telling u so, u need to be on a drug that lends itself to being reduced over time but lasts 24hr so ur not up and down all day. I was someone, but opiates... (13 replies)
... Hi Barb/Artgal, to answer your questions -- the taper is still going well. I think I'm actually going to start a new thread about it. Even if it's not successful, it is helpful for me to read my old posts from a "lessons learned" standpoint for the NEXT taper attempt. I am avoiding suboxone or any other addictive drug. I was a heroin addict back in the 70's and was on... (13 replies)
... Thanks so much everyone for your replies... NotPerky - Darvon (also called Propoxyphene) is highly addictive, as I can attest to. I've heard that it also falls into the opiate category but I'm not certain. It's typically prescribed for migraines. Somehow I think the Drs look at it as a lesser addictive drug than oxy and the like, so they tend to prescribe it more freely.... (13 replies)
... wow I commend you for getting off the fentanyl patch which I am currently on. that has got to be very, very difficult as I have heard that it can be even worse than heroin withdrawal. I would say if you have made it this far (a week) then do not go back on the patches. As for the other posters comment about cutting patches (I think she meant nicotine patches). NEVER EVER CUT... (13 replies)
... hi personaly, i would do in house detox thats a long time ,why suffer anymore than needed, you could try suboxone , there is all kinds of info on that life saveing drug , it helped my friend , good luck too you , also you may want some councleing. or self help,hang in there scott:) (13 replies)
... Hi Artgal, and welcome. Geez, it's amazing (and sad) how similar all our stories are. I am in the midst of my third attempt at a taper now, so I feel totally inadequate to give any advice. But it does sound like you did quite a drastic reduction when you completely discontinued the patches. Does Darvon even have any narcotics in it? If not, you may be in full-blown opiate... (13 replies)
... your words were heard and much appreciated. You have tapped into a few things that I want to figure out. I am a veteran here, reach knows that. I have seen and responded to it all, but for some reason I cant make it. ... (7 replies)
... it. I stopped talking, I did not function at all, I was a mess. But it did finally pass! Yes, I had to be medicated... it took months to find a combination of meds to help me, but finally my brain began to heal. I am to this day on a maintenance dose of antidepressant. I am not suggesting antidepressants for you. ... (7 replies)
... w the worse is yet to come, all the crying,screaming for mercy and none comes.I don't want that again.I have an evil thing inside me that makes me consume all my meds premateraly.I know also I just swallowed some anti depressents, not enough nitros left.I am starting to get really funny feeling but it feels like mercy finally. ... (30 replies)

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