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... I started taking clonidine in '02 for blood pressure. I started Vicadin Sept. '03. I had left hip replacement in Dec. '03 and right hip in March '04. I continued to take the Vicadin for spinal stenosis until April '08. ... (2 replies)
... I've tried just about every otc pain killer, it just doesn't work very well. Even the vicadin doesn't take the pain away completely. There's a sharp pain every time I swallow that won't go away no matter what. ... (7 replies)
... Hey everyone, I need some advice about vicadin addictions. I had my wisdom teeth pulled a week ago and was given vicadin for the pain. I took one every four hours, as directed, for the first day or two, and I felt great, hardly any pain. ... (7 replies)

Vicadin withdrawal
Apr 21, 2011
... hi guys , this will be day one without vicadin in about 6 months, ive been on and off them for 12 years, with crohns disease, and back problems, however ive been on them every day now for about 2 months up to 10 10mg norcos a day, any tips or anything i can do to ease the with drawals, im already having pain in my knees and my back which is unusual.......thx for any help..... (2 replies)
... addiction does not always have a pill prefrence, its all the same. if your given percocet you will LOVE them even more than vicadin cuz there STRONGER and the high last longer. so what I am getting to is that its not just vicadin you have to be careful with, ITS ALL OF THE ABOVE...... ... (8 replies)
... thanks for that. I have tried therapy many times. psychiatrists and psychologists, & haven't found a decent one yet. last psychiatrist I had was horrible - continued to give me my anti-depressent & klonopin (low dose) but always wanted to pull me off the klonopin. it stressed me out to no end. i wasn't abusing it - never have. it gave me back a quality of life & allowed... (5 replies)
... cadin. it is a medication that can be called in vs percocet which has to be carried in with a signed prescription. anyone in the office should be able to call in Vicadin and this will get you buy until your Dr comes back in the office. ... (8 replies)
... I was addicted to vicadin and to get off of it, I switched to tramadol and now am addicted to that. It is less expensive but still sucks. ... (3 replies)
... of one to start my day. I got started on the vicadin for my migraines. And just when I think I'm not going to take a pill, I'll get a horrible headache. ... (8 replies)
... Best of luck w/ your taper & your health problems. I'm having similar problems getting off vicadin, except I'm not having physical symptoms, just cravings mostly. I don't know that much about your illness, but from what you said you periodically have to go on a bunch of meds... well tramadol, vicadin, etc. are not good for more than 2 weeks or so. Your doc prolly thinks... (13 replies)
... Hi I just read all of your post. Here is my concern. since you have been taking vicadin for a long time, I am afraid that it might not be enough for your post op pain relief. you may need something stronger like Percocet. ... (15 replies)
... D'S coming off it are worse than vicadin so how do you like that? ... (5 replies)
Now what?
Feb 22, 2007
... Syd I for one have horrible cramps myself and they can leave me bed ridden for 3 days when my P. hits. No narcotic will help my pain, Vicadin does not work nor does percocet or even oxycontin. I have recently tried Naproxen and it works REALLY good. I also use Advil which also is a big help. ... (6 replies)
Nov 29, 2005
... I don't think it's any worse than Vicadin or Percocet and its certaintly not worse than Methadone. you can't even compare it to Methadone. ... (9 replies)
... ing drunk and disorderly. I have heard of this method your dr. prescribed with the libs. You said you talked with her about the alcohol, does she know about your vicadin use? ... (12 replies)
Vicadin withdrawal
Apr 21, 2011
... you and I scare me!!!!!! we zeroed without implimenting other pain control measures....I have RSD which is in my back and everywhere mom has Chron's.....I feel your pain...... I wish I had better advice for you than what I am going to tell you...if this is the path you choose...dig deep, the dt's are nothing compared to pain, id gladly sit on comode for hours... (2 replies)
Vicadin withdrawal
Apr 21, 2011
... Hello:) Unfortunately w/ds are inevitable for all of us. We want them to be better, to go away, to ease, and to HURRY but the truth is we just have to face them. They will get better when they get better. I still ask everyday is today the day I will feel better & I havent had any roxys in 29 days or sub in 19. As a bunch of wise people have told me it does get better but your... (2 replies)
... sounds to me like you need to get off the pain meds - at least for a few weeks to get your head straight & stop taking them when you don't need 'em for pain. I've never taken suboxone, but people say it's as hard to get off of as the pain pills. i'm struggling too after years of pain meds for chronic back pain. the pain is much less severe now & i'm having a hard time... (3 replies)
... Tylenol 3 is codeine w/ acetaminophen. percocet is oxycodone w/ acetaminophen. the only difference I've noticed is that for me personally I don't get as much of the "high" feeling from codeine that I do from hydrocodone & oxycodone, but maybe that's just me. Codeine is a natural opiate, while the others are chemically synthesized. I have chronic back pain and IBS also, and... (6 replies)
... I've not had any problems with withdrawals yet - at most I was doing 50 mg hydrocodone/day. My problems come from so many different areas, that's what makes it hard. I have panic disorder, plus just generalized anxiety. And depression. And chronic pain (that's way better right now than it's been in years, hence the opportunity to abuse painkillers). And I'm a single mom,... (5 replies)

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