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... How would you know if you were truly addicted to vicoden and other related pain killers I.e percocet, lortab, ect? ... (8 replies)
VICODEN addiction
Aug 30, 2002
... Hi everyone,I,m new to forum but very glad I found this place. I have been taking vicoden es for about 2 years now due to chronic backpain(3-6 a day).I have been taking them for pain but feel that I am highly addicted to them mentaly also.I am at the point now that I have no choice but to discontinue use of these meds. What should I exspect from withdraws as I... (1 replies)
... I, too, remember when Brett F. went public with his problem. I'm a big football fan! I also read recently where Jamie Curtis went into rehab for Vicoden Addiction. ... (14 replies)

... If you keep taking it the addiction is going to get worse and worse and one day you'll laugh at people who say alcohol DTs are worse than hydro WDs. ... (59 replies)
... g8trg & taper so good to hear from you both! I am so glad you both are doing well. Sweetie welcome to our little family! Seriously everybody checking in on me here and letting me know how they are doing as well has been the biggest strength for me. I have never seen any of your faces and don't really know any of your real names, but having walked in one another shoes feel that... (59 replies)
Vicoden Habit
May 4, 2005
... my entire adult life. I've used V's regularly for several years now. Unlike my alcohol addiction, which gave me just terrible physical withdrawl symptoms, the Vicoden does not. It seems to be a totally phsycological addiction. My main problem with giving up this addiction is the fact that it causes me so few problems. ... (1 replies)
Addiction Help
Aug 24, 2007
... June. If you aren't on them, stay far clear of them. I believe a better choice in coming off the Vicoden would be a medicine like Clonodine, a blood pressure med. ... (10 replies)
... I'm 24yrs old. I'm here to just tell my story of my addiction I've had since I was 16 years old. ... (4 replies)
... My advice would be to stop the Vicoden immediately. There are many meds you can take for cramps that are not addictive. Also, narcotics are usually not the best thing to take for migraines. ... (3 replies)
... f the medication. Vicodin normally comes in 5, 7.5 or 10 mg dosage with acetaminophen of 325,500 or up to 750 mg. So you may have been getting 7.5 miligrams of vicoden with 750 mg of acetaminophen. ... (19 replies)
... I'm over the moon! I just got off the phone with a local methadone clinic!!!!!! I have to be there tomorrow morning before 8:30 and I'm on the program. It's $50 for the intake, they will do a TB test, blood test and urine dip (you have to be on vicoden to get the methadone that day) and then $50 a week there after. I live in Liberty***** and have to go to Glenview everyday for... (8 replies)
... the end of a taper. I don't want to scare you any more then you already are, but I am afraid what I have I am going to say might so I apologize ahead of time. My addiction to pills was an on again off again with varying degrees of severity thing for almost ten years. ... (59 replies)
Vicoden addict
Jan 22, 2009
... I'm doing pretty good and have been off of the Vicoden for a few weeks now. Feeling pretty good. I'm feeling more hopeful. ... (0 replies)
Vicoden withdraw?
Dec 12, 2007
... Tat, given AHickey's previous history with coke addiction and current desire to refill the rx in spite of tolerable pain, it is a problem. Addiction is not about how much this person took or what that person took. ... (35 replies)
Vicoden withdraw?
Dec 13, 2007
... I don't have a gripe with you, the person, Tat. I did and do disagree strongly with what you wrote. From what you've written, you've been struggling with using very recently. You've lost your job, are upset about the changes in your life which have occurred financially. You've gone sub and have looked at taking the rx's again. That's a lot to happen in a short amount of... (35 replies)
Vicoden withdraw?
Dec 12, 2007
... Yes, withdrawal feels like crappola, but the psychological part is the worst, IMO. Whether that's coke or pain pills or benzos or alcohol or any of it, an addiction is an addiction. Don't release yours again by refilling an rx you don't medically need. ... (35 replies)
... addiction.....My heart goes out to you as you seem to care lots about him. But the best love you can give him not enable him, do not let him justify his addiction to you. Took me years to figure that out. I was the biggest enabler! Has he ever admitted to having an addiction? ... (6 replies)
Why Vicoden??
Mar 23, 2007
... it differently on a depressed persons brain than those who are not depressed as well.just an observation based on different people i have chatted with on various addiction forums,and people i talked to in NA.this really does appear to be more the rule than the exception actually. ... (7 replies)
... If she doesn't want to be inconvenienced by being "locked-up in rehab", then she is not really committed to getting clean, no matter what she says. A lot of times, when an addict tells you they want to feel "normal" again, they often really mean they want to feel like they did when they first started using - getting high, but without the constant cravings. The chance of... (6 replies)
... I have a friend with an addiction to vicoden. ... (6 replies)

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